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  1. Well, we got the RK slipons installed on my cousin's RSV and also did the heat shield install that Freebird wrote about in the Tech section (Thanks Freebird). The slipons were off a 2010 Road King. After reading about some people having problems slipping them on, I went to Harbor Freight and bought a muffler spreader/pipe spreader ($9.99 plus tax) and spread the mufflers before we put them on. And it worked. They slipped on about as easily as the stock RSV slipons. We did use a wooden 2x2 and rubber mallet to tap the slipons into postion, but they slid rather easily. No problems. And the sound. They sound GREAT! My cousin is thrilled with the sound they make. At idle, it does have a deep rumble sound kinda like a V-8 engine with glass packs, and at cruise speed they are still quite enough to hear your radio speakers very good, but still hear a good rumble sound. My cousin did a couple "ride bys" at 60 MPH so I could hear them and then I did a couple for him. He's very satisfied with the sound and I gotta tell ya, it does sound good. And Thanks to RBurkeen, who gave us the brackets for the rear mount. Glenn
  2. I'm gonna try to install the slipons this morning. I'll let ya know how it goes. Hopefully no problems. Glenn
  3. Thanks everyone for the input. Some things I found out were that 2010 HD (touring models) and newer have the cat converter in the header tubes where they come together under the bike. They no longer have them in the slipons. The EPA learned pretty quick that most HD riders will change out those slipons before they even leave the dealership. So, now you have to change out the entire exhaust system, which most HD riders do anywany, now. Also, the slipons do look different down the tubes but should give an even exhaust. Thanks again, Glenn
  4. Hey Ya, Got some questions about Road King Slip Ons. I bought a set of RK Slipons from the HD dealer that came off a 2010 bike. When I got home with them I looked in the tubes and the baffles are different. I called the salesman and he said all the newer models were that way. So I guess I have to buy two sets to get a matching pair? I have the brackets to mount them, but don't know what type of clamps ya are talking about. The clamps that hold the RSV slipons won't work? Thanks. Glenn
  5. Hey everyone. Ya were spot on correct. He cleaned the cables and wire brushed the battery post and now it starts every time. Thanks for the help. It is much appreciated. I'm trying to get my cousin to join up but he's not computer savvy, nor does he own a computer. He'll be getting a computer pretty soon, so I'll get him going. Once again, Thanks tremendously. Now my cousin can reduce his blood pressure medicine a bit. Glenn
  6. I've got to agree with Chris on how the RSV handles in the wind. When I rode to work on my RSV on windy days some of the bikers would ask if it was a pretty rough ride, and I would shrug my shoulders and tell them I could hardly feel the wind. And that was the truth. After 40,000 miles on the RSV (in just over two years), not one time can I remember the wind giving me a whupping. On my HD Ultra Classic, I was actually shocked at the beating I was taking the first time I rode it on a windy day. No where close to being as smooth as the RSV. IMHO the RSV can't be beat for the ride on windy days. Glenn
  7. She could ride with me on my HD Ultra Classic! lol. Its so darn noisey I can't hardly stand it myself. When I tell the Harley guys I wish it was a little quieter, they look at me like I'm crazy. Maybe a set of RSV stock slipons would help? lol Glenn
  8. I've got one for you electrically inclined. My cousin's 07 RSV ( with 7000 miles on it) would not start. Let me give you the symptoms. When he turned the key on, the lights came on, the speedometer, gas gauge, everything came up and was doing its thing like its supposed to. When he hit the start button, everything goes dead. Well, he thought it was the 30 amp main fuse cause everything went dead. He pulled the fuse, installed another one and it cranked right up. Okay, this happened a couple of more times, so he ohmed the fuse and it was okay. So, it hadn't been blowing the fuse, the fuse is good, but the only way he can get it to start is pull the main fuse, like its resetting something, put the fuse back in, and then it will start. Its still under warranty and he's going to try to get it into the dealer next week, but I thought I'd run it by you all and see what ya thought. When he takes it to the dealer, I'll let everyone know what they find out. Thanks, Glenn
  9. Thanks everyone, I'll let him know. Glenn
  10. My cousin's 07 RSV keeps blowing the main fuse (30-AMP). Any ideas why it may be doing this? Never had that problem with mine, nor have heard of it before. Thanks in advance Glenn
  11. A 2000 model with 18,000 miles. Its still a new bike. Thats less than a years worth of riding or many of us. Glenn
  12. You're a tough oldgoat, James. I know you'll be ready to ride when the weather gets warmer. You might even suit up and go for a cold weather run before long. Eat healthy, take your meds, listen to the Doc and Nurse, keep your faith, and look forward to riding this season. Glenn
  13. Hopefully ya can see these. 2007 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic. Glenn
  14. I don't see a problem with guys and gals being friends and riding and "hanging out" together. My daughter has a boyfriend, meaning just that, a friend, who is actually a young man now. She has a steady guy that she dates and calls him the love of her life, and then she has Zach, who is just her friend. They've been friends since middle school and they're both 21 now. I see no wrong with that and the "love of her life" has no problem with it either. Glenn
  15. Venture owner. While my 08 RSV was in the shop getting the ignition switch replaced, I traded it on a 2007 HD Electra Glide Ultra Classic. My Uncle, who is a huge HD fan, talked me into going by the local HD dealership and ride one. So I did. And I was hooked. I wasn't even thinking about a HD. A GW, yes, but a HD, no. But I'm glad I did. The handling was superb, the ergonomics are great and it feels like a very well built machine. Fuel injection is great. Switch on and press the start button. And guess what, it has a CD player. My RSV had 1 mile on the odometer when I bought it and had nearly 40,000 when I traded. I enjoyed every mile I put on it and plan on doing the same with this HD. I don't plan on abandoning this web site though. I enjoy the forum, met too many good people and plan on making some more "meet and eats". Glenn
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