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  1. Thanks for the advice on the cam guides, at 60k on the Venture I will scratch that off my maint. list
  2. Will be checking the valve clearance my 1999 Venture with 60k on the engine. Been wondering how to check for wear on the cam chain guides and tensioners, and how would you go about replacing them.
  3. Replaced the Starter relay yesterday and used dielectric grease on all the connections. Took it very a ride today and the bike shut down on me twice. Tomorrow I will pull the tank and check the connections on the ignition switch. Tried to restart the engine with the key still on---crank no start. Turned the key of then on---started right up----leads me to believe the switch is acting up. Will keep every up to date. Thanks for the feed back
  4. Just got thru installing the second starter relay on my 1999 Venture 1300 TDF. It is located under the battery box on the left side. The problem starts with bike shutting down when riding or idling. Turn the key on and of and it starts up. Managed to get it home. Pulled the battery and battery box, checked all connections. Found the connections on relay loaded with corrosion, the entire relay was corroded, the plastic had holes in it, could look inside it. Installed new one, problem solved. With in 6 or 7 thousand miles same thing happened. Have been using a sealed battery, no signs of batter
  5. Got lucky today. Found a Bridgestone 702G White Wall 150/90-15 bias belted rear tire on E-Bay which is the OEM tire recommended in the O.M., and is the tire I have been using for many years. Looked at the Shinko tires and could not find a white wall tire in the correct sizes to fit on the 1999 Venture which takes a 150/80/16. front. Should have the Bridgestone here in about 4 days, will also be installing a Hagon rear shock at that time. Getting the Venture ready for my 9th year doing the Run for the Wall. Thanks for the feed back
  6. Have a 1999 Venture, Have been running a Bridgestone 150/90/-15 White Wall in the rear and a 150/80-16 White Wall on the front. Spent most of the day yesterday looking for a replacement tire for the rear. Seems like Bridgestone has stopped production of the rear tire in that size in a white wall. Spent hours today looking someone who has that tire in stock with no luck. the front tire is still in very good condition. Tried today to buy front and rear tires in a white wall from Dunlop, and Shinko, no luck. Did find a Dunlop in a 150/90-15 rear White Wall that will fit, could not find a Dunlop f
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Looks like I will not due the Run For the Wall with the old shock . Used one does not make a lot of sense either. Hagon seems to be the way to go. New Bike would also be a solution!!!
  8. I have a 1999 Venture Royale with 60k, just got back from a 5 hour ride parked it in the drive way. Noticed a quarter size puddle under rear shock, and yes it is leaking. Will be leaving May 16 to do the Run for the Wall to Washington D. C., about a 3,500 mile trip. Really can not afford to put a new one right now. Does anyone know if it would be possible to ride it that far with out any fluid in the shock.
  9. Have now replaced fuel filter and fuel pump and this has solved the cold start up and back firing ---now running like it should. Thanks for all the help and tips. Will be doing the Run for the Wall ride from California to Washington D.C. getting the bike ready for the long ride.
  10. The points on my pump on my fuel pump need to be replaced, could you tell me where I can buy a new set
  11. Thanks for all the help, I have changed the filter, not easy but do able. Next time will be easier. Old one was really dark and cruddy. Bad filter has probably been overworking the fuel pump. Checked the condition of the points in the pump and they are also in bad condition. Will be replacing them. Hope this cures my starting off problem.
  12. I have a California model Royal Star Venture 1999 and I am trying to change the fuel filter. Any tips on getting out of the bike, do I have to remove fuel pump to do it, shop manual says to remove it. Also the pump stopped making the clicking noise when you turn the key on a few weeks ago, I placed my hand on the pump and turned the key still no noise but I did feel a weak clicking feeling in the pump, could this be a sign of a weak pump. Have about 52k on the bike. Any suggestions wold be very helpful.
  13. Just changed clutch fluid a few days ago could not get the air out of the lines till I got a vacuum pump half price from Harbor Freight @25. Works like magic it will blow the air out of the system
  14. For the second time this week on the first start of the day, with the coke all the way out, engine fires right up with a good fast idle, when I drop it in first and start off it will stumble badly and fire off a few backfires, seems to running on 2 cylinders this will continue to happen till the engine is completely warmed up. Tried putting choke lever in and out no effect. The choke lever has had some issues in the past, sometimes it will not stay out when it is cold, but it does not fell like a choke problem to me, more like a fuel or bad coil problem to me. 51 k do not know when fuel filter
  15. Just finished changing clutch and brake fluid and front brake feels better not grabing as much. I think I will also replace the front pads in a effort to get rid if the crabbing front brakes. Any suggestions on which pads would be best to use.
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