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Found 18 results

  1. Just watched Motoring 2012 on TSN and they were talking about Ethanol fuel in carburated engines. Ethanol causes deterioration of rubber carb parts. Any ideas as to which gas stations sell regular gas with no ethanol in Canada?? Learned something new today!!
  2. Is anyone familliar with any of the CRC fuel conditioner products? I came across this product http://crcindustries.com/auto/?s=06141 and this one http://crcindustries.com/auto/?s=05068 at the local Canadian tire store. With all the talk about ethanol spiked fuels lately, I went on the CRC site and found the following bullitin. http://www.crcindustries.com/files/Ethanol%20Fuel%20Stabilizers%20PR.pdf Has anyone used these products? How would you compare them with seafoam? Here is a link to a comparison of three of their own products as well http://crcindustries.com/auto/marine-products I also attached a PDF data sheet.
  3. Just this past month Marathon Gas Stations in Palm Bch County started selling 90 octane, ethanol free gas. It is aim.ed at the boating crowd but everybody is taking advantage of it. The store clerk said they are having trouble keeping the tank full, and guess what? It is cheaper then 87octane with ethanol by about 7 cents, go figure. so any of you folks in the south fla area, check your local Marathon station on the coast, you might be pleasently surprised. And one last thing, my bike runs better, but can't tell you how mauch better the mileage is, right now it seems to be about 4 mpg better, but ask me in a month after I have run a few more tankfuls thru the bike. Also I talked to a guy who works for Sunaco gas stations, he says that they are gearing up for............15% ethatnol!!! Says the government is getting close to mandating it, don't know about you, but my feelings is that ethanol is C##P, pure and simple, and don''t know how it is going to affect these bikes, can't be good, cause my bike runs way better on the gas without it
  4. While we were marching on Rome, my stepson, Sean went for a 'bout 100 mile ride with a friend. They both ride the rattlecan brand, 'xcept hers is new and his is a customized job (barhopper). I'm told they were hitting 80-90 mph and turning of on the exit for home his bike died - totally, No loose battery connection or out of gas, just dead. Now his friends are saying the bike wasn't built for that kind of riding and that it was the ethanol at those speeds. :think::confused07::confused24: We probably all agree that ethanol is not good for most any engine other then a racecar maybe, but I've never heard of a bike flat out dying because it was driving too fast for the type of fuel you buy. Oh yeah, the "friends" are saying he should only buy plain gas, which of course would really turn this puppy in a bar hopper. So, I'm calling BS. (in spite of the fact that it's a Harley)
  5. Be careful what you put in your bikes. The EPA has now approved E15 Ethanol. At this time, they are saying that it is good for vehicles made in 2007 and later but they are saying that they will likely revise that to 2001 models and later. MANY small and large engine manufacturers are warning that you should NOT use E15 in your vehicles because it will damage rubber parts and plastics and can cause fuel leaks. Some environmental groups are even saying that it can cause increased pollution because ethanol contains only 66% the energy of gasoline so fuel mileage will likely suffer. The good news is that, for now at least, it is voluntary and many stations are likely to not add pumps for it or switch over from the E10 that many currently sell. Still, some will likely do it and you don't want to put it in your motorcycles. I don't want it in my cars either. It is absolutely crazy for them to do this. There was a story on the news earlier this week about meat prices going up due to the higher cost of corn. Looks like it is only going to get worse. Let's not let this get political. I'm thinking that it probably will and will then have to be deleted but for now, I'm just saying to WATCH what you put into your gas tank.
  6. info to cut down or cut out "gasohol" http://capwiz.com/amacycle/issues/alert/?alertid=51059636 http://capwiz.com/amacycle/issues/alert/?alertid=54681921
  7. Just got back last night after a 6 day, 2000 mile trip from ATL to PA and back, with lots of stops in between, and while the '99 RSV ran great with no mechanical issues, my MPG's were awful. The best I got was 32 on straight stretches of highway riding at an average speed of 72mph. The best overall mileage I got on combined highway/local roads was 35. Either my carbs are way out of whack, or the 10% ethanol is really killing my performance. All other maintenance areas were addressed before the trip, including all fluids and filters. And since the fuel injected Ultras I was riding with all got 42+mpg's on ethanol gas, I'm guessing I need a carb tune to determine if this is the problem. Any north GA area members that have a carb tune kit, I'd love to hook up with you!
  8. This web site may have already been mentioned on VR,,, but it's worth repeating. Just like there is a "gas buddy" site to tell you the gas prices in your area ( gasbuddy.com ) there is also a non commercial web site to help you locate gas stations that sell non-ethanol 100% gas. It's user updated, so, not necessarily guaranteed or certified. I happend to look the other day and found out the Shell just down the road from me has just started to carry it in 87 octane!!!! Green politics aside,,, my Venture runs a whole lot smoother and better mileage on 100 %GAS. The local guy actually put in a new pump/tank to carry it. His main island is still ethanol. He charges $0.10 more than ethanol 87, but that's okay by me. We have a lake in the area so it's good for the boaters too. If you go to web site, click on your state then look for your city (alpha). Update it yourself if you have worthy info. http://pure-gas.org/ Mike G
  9. http://www.motorcyclistonline.com/features/122_1103_corn_ethanol_as_fuel/index.html
  10. I know some of this may be repetitive and I apologize. I talked to a gas hauler today during an inspection and asked if he knew which service stations gets the ethanol and which ones don't. He told me that when a driver loads the fuel he has to enter if he wants the ethanol blend or not. Some stations want it and some don't. From what he told me (take it with a grain of salt) the stations get a tax break on the ethanol they buy versus pure gas. He also mentioned to what Freebird had stated before on another post about how it will prematurely eat up rubber fuel lines especially on motorcycles. They have to preplace rubber seals in their trailers pretty regularly due to it. I noticed that when my bike was in the shop week before last for the valve adjustment, they had replaced the fuel line to the filter (now I know why). But, basically the fuel drivers know who is selling it and who isn't. I'm not sure how accurate pure-gas.org is ($ changes people's minds). I'd rather know from the guy that just loaded it. Hope this helps some of you guys out and maybe its been addressed before...
  11. Wonder if any have seen or used this yet. http://www.compacc.com/p/STA-BIL-Ethanol-Treatment Looking for different options as it's getting to be a little to chilly for every day riding here. I try to keep her road ready through out most of the winter as I have been known to ride to work when it's even a little above freezing, because even a cold day on the bike beats a warm day in the truck! Thanks for your input.
  12. I called my local dealer yesterday to ask about a problem I'm having on the bike. When I get up to cruising speed is when it is most noticeable, 70 mph, set cruise it feels like it has a miss or is trying to flood. Thought it might be a plug not firing but all pipes are hot. The dealer told me they have been having alot of this happening. It stems from the ethanol enhanced gasoline we now have to use. The gas is eating up the gaskets and rubbers in the carbs. Will have to have carbs rebuilt 5000 miles. At least its under warranty:bang head:. Big brother sure knows how to stick to the people.The ethanol dries out rubber and cracks and comes apart screwing everything up. Asked him what can we do to prevent this from happening again, he said he wasn't sure, have to add something with lubricity every now and then might help.Just thought everyone might want to know.
  13. gibvel


    Well, I just read that those stupid ethanol producers are petitioning the EPA to up the amount of ethanol at all pumps to 15% So, what do you think? I know the 10% makes for crappy mileage but it seems to be "okay" for the system. Do you think any problems will arise with our bikes if they mandate 15% ethanol?
  14. On the post about 10% ethanol affecting/harming/benefitting our bikes, the subject of different brands, octane rating, and additives in fuels came up several times and it was interesting. Since we are scattered all over the globe, it would be interesting to observe various experiences both good and bad with what we are running through our engines. What's your experience/opinion? Please contribute here! JimBob5 added below:
  15. Does anybody have any experience with (accidentaly) putting E-85 in their tank?I ride an 89 VR,and up here in Frozen Northern Minnesota there's a state mandate coming to have all gas with 20 percent ethanol by 2012.May or may not still have the ol' 89 by then,who knows,but if I dont I'll still be riding something,Lord willing. But my question is about what will this ethanol do to our old bikes?Are we gonna be SOL?Or are we all gonna have to move south,so we can ride year around? Snowing and 15 degrees here right now,so that doesnt sound too bad!
  16. Ethanol Blended Gasoline...(Ethanol etc) ___________________________________ I'm wondering how the Missouri Riders are doing burning E10 in their bikes? I remember one year coming home from Sturgis, I filled up in this little one-horse town in Colorado with some E10 and my gas mileage dropped about 10-20%.....have you noticed any difference? (Big Brother is watching!) http://www.mocorn.org/news/2005/News%20Release%20Blunt%20Makes%20State%20Ethanol%20Standard%206-6-05.html
  17. I just got thru reading an interesting article in one of my boat mags about the use of ethanol added fuel and water. California being one of those states that require ethanol laced fuel brought the article close to home. It might also apply to your state as well. Apparently Ethanol attracts water and octane is actually increased because of it. As long as the gas/ethanol/water stays mixed. The problem occurs when the H2O content rises to over 3% by volume. Then the water will seperate from the fuel/ethanol and settle to the bottom of the tank. Lots of ugly things can happen when it does. Poor running conditions to plain stalling, rusting tanks, loss of octane are a few. It you are storing your scoot over the winter months it might be prudent to keep the tank topped off...reduces air circulation...and use a dry gas product to keep things mixed. It's something I'm going to start doing......
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