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  1. Hey Don, When you have time could you see about restoring these two threads, thanks in advance Rear Hub Lubrication Mr. Gasket Fuel Pump Conversion ***EDIT*** Now there really is no rush, I put my $.02 computer education to work and realized that the web addresses to the pics in the threads work, they just aren't showing up in the threads. So I'm all set.
  2. I have used a product called "plasti-mend" in the past and I can't say enough good things about it. When I bought the little cargo trailer I pull behind the bike the bottom of it was cracked on both sides by the wheel wells. I ordered this with limited hope and was more than pleased with the results. That was 6 years ago and it is holding up rock solid to this day. It did take about 48-72 hours to fully cure, but once cured it is as I said rock solid. The product was a bit more expensive than I expected, but given the results and durability it was worth every penny of it. Here's a link to the page where I purchased it if you are interested. I thought for sure I had pictures of the repair, but can't find them here at work at the moment. Best of luck whatever route you decide to go with it!
  3. I sure do miss seeing Yammer Dan's name on here. Never did get a chance to meet him in person, but felt like I knew the man pretty well just from interaction on here. I've often wondered how his brother made out with the situation he was going through when Dan left us. Prayers Up for Yammer!
  4. Casey, as a doggy dad I sympathize with you and my heart hurts for you and your family after reading about Jenkins. You can see how happy he was in the pictures you shared with your family! The way you described your relationship with animals reminded me of something that was said to me many years ago by a person who at the time was one of my closest friends but has unfortunately faded into memory at this point in life. Jacob would say, "I don't trust anyone who doesn't like dogs. A dogs only purpose in life is to love you unconditionally, and if you have a problem with that it says a lot more about you than it does the dog and I just don't trust you!"
  5. I've been running these since 2015 and have loved them. The set I have is the first generation which is no longer available, I have not felt the need to upgrade to the new FOBO Bike 2. The battery life leaves a little to be desired, I change them in the spring, and then again halfway through the riding season, but other than that I think this is excellent technology and a great investment for the price.
  6. Thanks for the detailed write up, I'm going to be doing this in the next day or two if the temps in the garage get below 95. Do you know what the 4 - 6mm allen screws are supposed to be torqued down to? I have not gone digging for the answer to that yet.
  7. Hi Rick, You worked on my seats a number of years ago and I'm still real happy with them. I don't have an extra cover laying around but if you don't come across one before then I'd be willing to send you my seat at the end of the riding season here in Boston as it is as you said, getting a little long in the tooth and thin in several spots. You could use the cover that's on it for the pattern and then recover it for me before returning. I've got to think you'll find one from one of the awesome members here before then, but if not my offer will stand come November. I usually put her away for the winter after riding in the Veterans Day parade here in town. Best of luck in the meantime finding one
  8. When I bought my RSV in 2010 it came with this style key. I really liked the look of it so I ordered these blanks and had the local lock shop cut the key for me.
  9. I put a Hagon shock on mine a couple years ago after my stock shock peed all over my garage floor. I think it was right around $500. I am very happy with the customer service from Hagon as well as the shock itself.
  10. Hey guys, my father and I ride almost identical 05 RSV. We both have oil leaks from the valve cover gaskets, mine on the rear cylinders only, his from both front and rear. I consider myself to be fairly handy around the garage but have never taken on a project that involved digging quite so deep inside the bike or opening up the motor at all...besides the very easy clutch replacement a couple years ago. So my question is, if I look real close at the valve adjustment walk through that details how to get to and remove the valve covers, and I take my time, is this something I should tackle as a novice mechanic? We are about 20 miles south of Boston and there really isn't a mechanic anywhere close that I am comfortable going to. I had one place that I thought was ok, but when I had new tires put on and tried to talk to them about the lack of grease issue that was causing my bike to have the infamous noise from the rear end they really didn't listen and didn't resolve the issue. So that kind of left a bad taste in my mouth and made me take on more of my own maintenance. In fact, she hasn't been in a "shop" since that tire change. My leak is not very severe, it's enough that there is an oil coating on the case and frame that I have to clean up a couple times a year (I spend a lot more time riding it than I do polishing it!). It has never been enough to noticeably lower the oil level in the sight glass or make me question getting on and riding several hundred miles a day for a long weekend getaway. Dad's is a little more persistent, but also has never caused a change in the sight glass oil level. Thanks for taking the time to read this, we both appreciate any input you guys have. I have learned a lot from this sight over the past 8 years so I know you guys will steer me in the right direction. Thanks again, Joe
  11. So I just averaged out the last 10 tanks of gas through my 05 RSV and it was 39.12 mpg. I ride in and out of Boston to work 52 mile round trip and that's where a lot of the mileage comes from, sitting in traffic on the expressway. There was also a trip to Maine in there pulling a pretty full trailer riding two up, that tank was 31.1 mpg, the worst I've ever gotten. I have an app on my phone that I put all the info into and it keeps it nice and neat for me. Been using it since May of 2014. Over the almost 4 year period I've averaged 41.0 mpg. Best mpg was 50.7, worst as mentioned was 31.1. When I see it dip below 40 it's almost always because I was riding it really hard or two up with the trailer. For what it's worth I run about a 1/4 can of Seafoam through the bike once a month just to keep everything clean. I also have a small oil leak around the rear valve cover that I need to find someone to fix. I don't have the confidence in my own skills to tackle that project, and I don't trust any of the local mechanics to do it. So I've just been keeping an eye on it the past year or so. I never notice the level of oil in the sight glass change, just enough to make a mess on the left side of the motor every couple of months. I'm riding her completely stock, except for my Baron's Nasty Boys exhaust. Also, like bongo recommends, when I'm riding around town or in the city I treat it like a 4 speed. I am never in 5th gear under 55 mph. Keep those RPM's up and your motor will love you!
  12. I saw these guys at Rolling Thunder in 2005 or so. It was a really cool set up and Nova (the puppy) really seemed to love it. The owner was trying to put something together to sell them but from the info I can find on it now it looks like it never came to be. Still a neat trailer to look at. I know I've got a bunch of my own pictures of it somewhere, but I can't put my hands on them right now. Good luck finding something
  13. Sending prayers for you and your family. May Terry rest in peace until you are all reunited again.
  14. This question made me smile! I learned many things from my WW II Vet Grandfather while growing up, the man who had a reputation of going on stage at graduation ceremonies or on the alter at a church service to properly adjust their flags. A lot of his traits rubbed off on me as I get pretty angry when I see the Flag displayed improperly. The National Colors when flown with a second flag should be on the "marching right", ie...to the right of the second flag as it moves forward down the street. Lots of good information here about the flag code and proper display of Old Glory!
  15. Yup, that's the one, they are still a Victory dealer and have a lot of new stock on the floor. They also carry Indian and Polaris / Slingshot. I'm not sure how long they have been with Yamaha, but it has been well over a year now. There was a large dealer down the road and across the street that started out as a small shop and tried to grow way to fast, they shut the doors about 2 1/2 to 3 years ago, I believe this is when Mom's brought in Yamaha. Staff is very friendly but that's about all I can tell you about this place, I've never done any business with them other than to chat up the salesman while my dad was taking a Slingshot on a test ride a month ago. They do pretty regular customer appreciation days, always advertised on the local radio with food, entertainment, and test rides. My 05 RSV is leaking oil from the rear valve cover, and having just turned 41,000 she deserves to get her valve clearances checked too, I think this is probably a bigger job than I have the time or skill for at the moment, so I may be getting to know the folks down at Mom's a little better in the near future. I've yet to find a dealer locally that I trust to work on my bike.
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