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  1. Okay. Local shop (local to me in western SD) has a couple oil seals in stock but not the dust covers. A word of warning, they are VERY proud of these seals but they are OEM! I PM'd you the business info. I hope this helps.
  2. I had a set of extras on my bike and ended up using one, I guess one of my fork tubes had an issue but I did some gentle smoothing and it's been fine for quite a few miles and a couple seasons. I should have a single new one left, I'll check on a local source that may hopefully have another or two in stock. BlueSky is right, nobody is going to come to work yet when they still have 10-15k extra saved up in the bank from being dramatically overpaid during the Bat Flu. I'm not going back to work as an RN, I'm going to stay home and answer phones for a national bank. Once I remove the cost and anguish of a commute through Black Hills traffic and nonsensical workplace politics/drama I'm further ahead. Maybe the same for the guy that should be taking orders and shipping seals haha.
  3. AllBalls is almost entirely Chinese stuff, they do make steering head race/bearing sets for our bikes that is made in India, but I think thats about it. Chinese fork seals are widely known to fail prematurely regardless of how impressively they are packaged and marketed. I highly recommend discarding the AllBallz items and instead using OEM Yamaha. If it's already together then do grab a set of OEM Yamaha seals and keep them in a saddle bag with you. Trust me on this one haha.
  4. What a crazy coincidence, I've got your Venture right here with me. PM sent.
  5. Liking the color and diet. Very cool. Also like the battery relocation, hope to see more pics as it moves along.
  6. I had no idea, I was bellyaching when some of my favorites were costing about a buck a click to fire. Time to start reloading!
  7. Bump. The price is now "best offer". If it dives below a grand I'll be hanging onto the Ignitek for my Vmax, but the OEM one will go with the bike. I also still have the Vmax heads/cams/intakes that can be worked in. My back and bones have gotten so that I cant sit long enough to justify keeping a touring bike. Regrettably it will have to go. If it's still here by fall I'll be parting out, which I hope not to do since it's a complete running bike with many of the concern areas already addressed. It's still in SD, outside Rapid City, close to Sturgis. All the bodywork is present and installed on the bike.
  8. She looks pretty darn good to me! I've never been to Scotland, a Scotlandless Scot. Welcome!!
  9. General experience, not Venture specific; Often enough an HID or LED element installed into a lamp designed for a halogen bulb will make significantly more light, but the way the bulb emits light is different, (unless tech has addressed this in the last couple years). When I was playing around with this and I found that a lot of that extra power was partially going toward blinding oncoming traffic and could not be focused or adjusted enough to be considered safe. light splashing out everywhere. I ended up returning to a halogen, the Osrams in every case except my offroad specific lights, where these results were desired. I did not try this on a Venture, but a handful of other vehicles with consistent results so far. YMMV
  10. I de-linked, did the R6 calipers, EBC HH pads and braided lines. Very happy, so much better. None of the OEM calipers I removed were working correctly. IMHO, a delink, lines and pads alone would make a notable difference, even on servicable OEM calipers. In the last few years I've done my Vmax and Venture and I've never removed an OEM caliper that was still servicable. 30+ years on a caliper is considerable, especially knowing how often folks skip the 2-year brake flush maintenance. Hell, even the R6 calipers I scored off ebay got taken apart when I got them home and I'm glad I did it. Even though it worked for me to reuse the old seals, there is no technically coherent way to recommend not replacing with new non-Chinese seal kits.
  11. Years ago, I got one of those little Craftsman 12 piece socket sets with reverse rifling cut into the ID specifically for backing out rounded bolt heads. Those have saved my caboose more than a few times. Tap a snug one on with a hammer and your golden, probably. Craftsman are now China made and have plummeted to Harbor Freight levels of quality so bast case is you get a socket that works once before it is dulled or broken. If the vice grip trick fails you could try a small pipe wrench and two hands. Food for thought.
  12. I'm not a trike guy, yet, but no doubt the Royal Star is an attractive bike with a lot to offer, I'm quite partial to the V4 and the solid build quality. Your infatuation is well understood. Someone local floated an 1835cc Type I mid-engine trike a couple years back $$$, sure not intended for touring but sexy as hell nonetheless. it got me thinking about trikes. The Royal Star looks like it was made to be a trike, it just fits the bill and looks right with either 2 or three wheels. I honestly dont think you can go wrong with a Royal Star trike, I've yet to ride one but I know from being on this forum that they are tried and true.
  13. X2, it looks precarious. I wonder how that would wear the rear tire if towed any distance. Even w/o torque applied I wonder if it would feather and wear it prematurely before you get it to the destination. A single place motorcycle trailer is light and usually cost effective, the HD guys have sure time/mileage tested them over and over again 😆 I see them on CL now and again reasonably priced.
  14. Happy Easter all, oh yea, and happy spring too!!
  15. Shes a beauty! I see round bales, so I'm guessing you also have some elbow room and open roads too.
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