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  1. When I got my current copy on my desktop I had to go to Best Buy and grab it on the hurry, just an expensive thumb drive with win10 home 64 on it. I see what you mean about the absence of bloatware. I bought an HP laptop a few years ago and it was maddening trying to clean it up, I vowed never to buy another HP again, and have not. I know they are mostly all that way. The next laptop I get will get Linux straight away. Same when I got my Samsung phone, it was rooted and de-googled in no time. Using anything that has anything to do with Google is a hard no if there is any choice on the matter.
  2. I cant imagine all he must have seen during such a great long life. Condolences.
  3. It's working for me only because the install and use is now so much like windows (at least the distro I got) that getting it on the PC and getting it up and running is quite simple. Getting it massaged into something that will do as I want/need, that is a little bit of a project after being with windows since 3.11 coming from DOS 6.22. Also the online support for it has given detailed instruction for virtually everything I need to adjust. I'm in the process of this and making pi-holes, VPN and stuff on a stack of Pi cards and kits I just got. I'm frequently punching above my weight class wi
  4. I've stepped into the light, no longer under the damp murky shadow of MS (sort of). I tried out Linux Mint, supposed to be pretty intuitive for windows users. I had to make a few adjustments to get it to dual boot with win10, and mount my FLAC library to be accessible in Linux. Thankfully there is plenty of documentation online and most of it is pretty easy to read and understand, even for a less techy guy like me. I run a GTX1080 so I had to get and adjust those drivers to get my sound and vid just as I like, although it worked right out of the box. Learning code and bash commands honestl
  5. Congrats! You got a blonde. On the leaking air up front I would first check the hoses that deliver the air to the top of the forks. Mine was leaking there but I no longer use air in the front so I may have some spare hoses, I installed Progressive fork springs and they work great with no air pressure. If your fork springs have never been replaced they are likely pretty knackered out, those Progressive replacements are about $100 off ebay and do wonders for the handling if in fact yours are shot. If you have any weeping fork seals make sure to use OEM seals only. These bikes are hea
  6. One way I keep from getting too worked up is I do not watch news, I end up yelling at the TV. I have to read my news, usually on Reuters as it has less partisan bias than a few of the other main sources. Watching mainstream news is like listening to a nest of parasitic insects gnawing through my blood brain barrier from inside my ear. Reading news is far less aggravating, at least for me. YMMV. Inner peace might still be a little out of my grasp, but I like the idea of unfinished projects, thanks to you I might now have to finish all this baseboard. Yup, thanks for that! At least your u
  7. Man, you guys have had trouble with them too. At least ya got one of them put where thieves belong. So I sent them a note, after a few tries someone came right out and said to block sponsored listings, use the "easylist" filter on any of the more common adblockers. I've been using easylist (among others) for years and it only just stopped working. After he said it then it suddenly started working again, I see no sponsored listings at all now. Odd, because I made no changes, just verified that I had that filter list as I have for years, those lists are auto-updated. But so far the end resu
  8. I've been on Ebay for about a decade and I've watched it degrade significantly. To be quick the issues I've had/having are; 1. Sponsored listings, hard to block effectively and intrusive as hell. My extensions keep the top of the list clear but the search results are still polluted with sponsored listings regardless of what I do. This with no better workaround will be a deal-breaker for me. I'm not sure how long this has been going on, but my extensions have just become less effective at blocking it, even with an added filter. 2. Sellers selling Chinese items are allowed to be
  9. Not bad, this will take some getting used too, it said it was still down this morning so I logged in anyway and got here. Time to explore.
  10. I realize yours is a Gen2, my experience with fuel smell is with my Gen1 89 Venture Royale, and my 99 Gen1 Vmax. Both had that fuel smell, especially the Max. It (Vmax) was jetted and tuned quite rich, as they seem to be from the factory, but someone put a DJ jet kit in and it was grossly rich. No leaks were found but it sure smelled strong. Sometimes walking by in the parking lot or a while after it sat in the garage it was a strong smell. I had to jet way way down and I adjusted the floats to the leanest end of the acceptable range. Fuel smell gone, and significant power gains noted. I live
  11. Gotta say puc, your Venture is the very coolest one I have ever seen anywhere.
  12. Depending on what popped I may have some extra stuff. I have an 85 VMX12 (Vmax) engine sitting in my shed for parts. It's also sans 2nd gear I believe.
  13. Welcome back, glad you got some decent road time! I do believe we have a member here who rode w/o 2nd gear for quite an impressive amount of miles. Gotta watch that highway speed, I have to set the cruise to keep from overdoing it. These V4s have quite a bit of snort, even at speed, glad you had a great time and love the bike!
  14. Price drop. My motivation increases as winter draws near. 1350 w/o vmax extras, 1500 with. Trades?
  15. It looks like you know how to use SD! Awesome with the plains as far as the eye can see, it recharges my batteries so I sure understand that. I'm glad still a lot of folks know how to do Sturgis/SD, I see more trailers and RVs than ever before, I know it's not anything like it was inside Sturgis, but the hills and plains are still all that they were when I got here. No words. There is something about this place that gets under one's skin and it wont let go. Every time I move away I end up back.
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