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  1. Thanks much. Great bike at a fair price. I have that get in the car and go buy it feeling now. I pm'd you.
  2. Red1 I'm so glad you asked all the questions about sidecars. I've never driven one either. Tomorrow, I'm going to look at 2 different set ups, bike complete with sidecars. Since I've never driven one, I'm hoping they will take me for a ride, so I can hear, and feel and hope to make a good decision. MJ, Labelle, Stick, everyone else thanks for answering. Lots of valuable information here. I'm going to check out those other sites you mentioned also. I'm so glad I joined this site!
  3. Nice bike at a Great price! I'd like to find one low priced so I can pay to trike it. So how are you liking it so far?
  4. Exactly the bike I'm looking for. But triked. If you feel you've made a mistake let me know and I'll take the train over then ride on to visit my girlfriend in Montana. Ha!
  5. Ha ha! I guess I'm already in the watering hole. Do I need to make another intro then?
  6. Thanks for the encouraging words y'all. I agree about they look like they need to be triked CaseyJ955. The Goldwing Aspencade is another that caught my fancy. I'm a vintage/ retro fan. I really hope to land an 09 or newer RS though. RDawson, I'll look for that trike section. Do I need more specifics to find it? Marcarl, I will make my way to the watering hole. Thank you again!
  7. Thanks Marcarl, much appreciated. Everyone must be out riding.
  8. Predictive text can be insulting. Of course I meant Royal Star. Can we edit?
  9. OMGosh! I saw a beautiful 07 RSTDeluxe conversion trike. Low miles, Low price $7500 in Madison Indiana. I hadn't sold my bike yet and don't like to borrow money. It sold within an hour of me leaving. I never knew what the saying beat myself up till that happened. I've been on the hunt since. I've found an 09 Venture, Hannigan trike. Mileage is 81,000. $10,500.00. Reverse, The long Running boards, beautiful paint. Will need Trike tires. Front tire looks good. What should I ask/look for? Is there a site to check it out with the VIN #? Thanks for the add. And all the pictures, every
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