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  1. Thanks guys I’ve been looking into the ram mounting systems. They look pretty tough.
  2. Thinking about mounting a hamm radio while I wait for the snow to melt. I both a dash mount and a handheld unit. Any ideas? Or pic’s of one some of you may have done? Also I’m hoping this post is in the watering hole lol
  3. I have both a dash mount and a handheld unit. Any ideas? Or pic’s of one some of you may have done?
  4. Yeah!!!!! Got r done. It’s finally in my name.......lol thanks again to everyone for the input and help
  5. Not the tail pipe, lol where it comes off the engine.
  6. Omgosh........ yes I found that number yesterday same spot. Mine was covered by the rear tail pipe just out of site. Also a little wired our numbers are super close, lol. I also just called it in to Yamaha corporate office and they verified it for me. Also for anyone who struggles with this in the future they can help us with factory original numbers. If engine has been replaced they can’t help obviously. They were supper nice, and helpful. I will hopefully get back to the dmv today and get and get title and registration done. I thanks to everyone for all the help.
  7. If this works on my next try, I’ll be sure and let everyone know where I found it. Maybe we can save the next guy some head aches. Same state transfer, not outa state
  8. Ok so I did call the local dealer they had no idea either. Making one up yeah, probably would blow up in my face, lol. I found 2 more numbers just now 1 matched part of the vin#. If one of these don’t work............... anyone wanna buy a bike? LMBO! Just kidding. Might try to find a way to register her in another state though............can’t believe how much Minnesota makes this stink for us.
  9. Ok so I just returned from another disappointing is it to the DMV. Seems they didn’t like the engine number I gave them, lol. So I’ve been trying to put this b8ke in my name since before joining this site. Apparently it’s 11 digits long with letters and numbers both. No body seems to know where it is, 5 try’s later the bike is still a struggle.........it’s also not the same as the vin #, folks at the dmv can tell me what it’s not, but that’s the extent of there help.
  10. This is my first big touring bike. Also it’s been 15 plus years since I have any bike. I’m super excited for the snow to melt come spring. I’m already looking at a mini camper trailer for it since it is all set up for that. Yeah, she definitely does not like the mud, gets a little squirrelly for sure........
  11. Oh yeah........ the rounds are for the horses and me mule. We are definitely out in the country.
  12. this is my “new to me” bike. Pretty excited for spring.....
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