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  1. Ha! Come to CA, there are no rules. Anything goes. It was nice to be out of this insane asylum for a while. Still not sure why I broke back in.
  2. Is it the tube running from the bottom of one of the two airboxes that sit atop the carbs? If so, that's by design, to drain away excess oil vapor that collects in the airbox, via the Positive Crankcase Ventilation. Being careful not to overfill the oil will help. I installed a small, diy catch can inline in the PCV path to catch most of it. See last few posts here:
  3. In memory, honor, respect and awe, I close my eyes and bow my head for the pain of those who sacrificed their lives, their limbs and their loved ones for us. Forever and humbly in gratitude for them.
  4. Is that because they don't have to bend over as far to clean the oil stains on the garage floor?
  5. Regarding the dark oil...I read a recommendation here to add Seafoam into the crankcase, shortly before an oil change, to help break up any sludge. I now do that on my Venture and also on my other vehicles. I have a '98 F150 that mostly sits, sometimes weeks+ at a time. When I first added Seafoam about 50 miles before an oil change, I was shocked what kinda gunk was coming out when I drained the oil. Seems that the seafoam did loosen some stuff up in there. Also, when I change oil on the venture, I let it drain for at least 30 mins, put the plug back in then hop on the bike and lean i
  6. 😡 Helmets! Ok, I'll stop on that and give you props for having the little dinger bell on the handlebars. Make sure you use them to alert pedestrian and other cyclists when approaching from behind otherwise they are quite easily startled and then have bad things to say about cyclists - and we can't be having none of that!
  7. Are you saying that the fork tubes would move independent of each other, like front suspension in a car? That's an interesting concept, but as I stared at the front of my bike after reading this, I wondered how that would be possible. I'm not a mechanical engineer, but it seems that with a rigid axle connecting the bottom of the forks and the two triple tree clamps at the top locking everything in place at rigid 90 degree angles (i.e. the fork to the axle & triple tree clamps), in order for one fork tube to move independent of the other that rigid 90 degree angle would have to change an
  8. Yesterday I set out to lower the front end 1/2". About 5 hours later....after a break for lunch and looking in vain for the a nut that dropped into an abyss and finally making a trip to the autoparts store for a replacement...success! I'm ~5'9", and based on various posts I read, 1/2" drop seemed like the right amount and I didn't want a dramatic change. For flat footing @ a stop, I probably could have gone a hair lower but gotta say overall I couldn't be happier after a short test ride. I didn't expect to feel much difference, but it is noticeable, even w/ just a 1/2" drop. Movi
  9. Finally got around to processing from pics from my camera. Wow, it was fun to relive the trip for a few minutes in pictures! In order, the pictures are from: Sunset on Rockies, Garden of Gods, Royal Gorge Bridge, Black Canyon of Gunnison NP, Arches NP, & Zion NP
  10. As a relative newcomer here, and someone who is new to working on motorcycles, the way I was not only accepted but encouraged and taught is unheard of on the internet, in my experience. I quickly learned to shun social media and do not regularly share my life experiences online other than through communications to friends and family - which grew immensely upon joining this group. God Bless all of you and your families!
  11. Well, that's the least I could do considering all the help I've gotten here getting my girl running right & looking good! still working on those pics though.
  12. Prayers are up my brother! Stay positive and get well soon!
  13. Yeah, I know...working on it. Unfortunately, I was so in awe of the scenery, the Venture never made it into any of my pics.
  14. So, a quick update on this little project after ~4k miles. It has held up well and seems to be doing what I hoped it would - catching oil droplets before they get sucked into the airbox. Attached is the oil collected after the 4k miles since installing. I have not pulled the tank to inspect the airbox or #1 carb closely but just doing a quick visual look up under the tank, I do not see the buildup of oil residue that was previously occurring on #1 (left/shifter side, rear).
  15. I just went through Zion last week and spent two days there. Weather was perfect. Not sure if that was normal or an anomaly for mid-May, but I loved it. For your return ride, consider hiway 50 from Colorado Springs to Montrose, shoot up to 70 and then find 128 on the map and take it into Moab. You will not be disappointed. The ride into & through Zion was awesome! We came into Zion via the eastern route via 89 to 9. Ride Safe!
  16. Pretty cool idea! I just finished a 9-day trip and took some pictures along the way for memories, but there was much more to the trip than what was captured in photos.
  17. At the beginning of April, I rode my '07 Venture to KC to help my brother out after having back surgery. Due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances, I ended up leaving the bike in his barn and fly back home to San Jose. Fast forward a month and my son wrapped up his 1st year of college in St. Louis and wanted to drive home and see some of our National Parks along the way. We threw together a quick plan, made some reservations and my wife & I jumped on a plane to KC to pick up the bike and meet my son to start the journey. As it turned out, my wife never got on the bike with me as
  18. circa1968


    100% agree, Mike is awesome. He not only helped me get my bike running right w/ rebuilt carbs, he helped me getting it looking right too! He will tell you differently on that last point though as we seem to have a difference of opinion on how much chrome is too much chrome. 🤣 He's a standup guy and genuinely cares about helping a brother out. Between @eusa1, @Patch, @cowpuc and the many others who gave me advice, encouraged me and taught me, I'm enjoying the heck out of my Venture now that she's running right!
  19. Awesome @cowpuc! Sorry, not to be judgmental, bossy or controversial, but please wear a proper bicycle helmet when riding. I ride ~1300 miles/year, road and trail/Mtn. I average going down 1-2 times a year, mostly on the mtn bike but I’ve gone down on the road bike too. I track my rides on a garmin gps & have literally gone from 15-20mph to 0mph in an instant when crashing. It doesn’t sound like much but I can assure you the noggin is along for the ride at that point & will hit the ground hard. Look for a helmet with MIPS design. The outer part of h
  20. I've been told that getting old is not for wussies. I plan to find out. I'm 52 and turning 50 was a wake up call to take better care of myself. Cycling, working out and an occasional jog are part of my regimen now along with intermittent fasting, eating lots of fruit & veggies and drinking green tea. But damn, I still like pizza, a good ribeye, hamburgers and ice cream! Be well @bluesky and keep inspiring us!
  21. Words of wisdom and prayers for you to have a speedy recovery.
  22. I’m interested, about 500 miles from you. Just sent you a PM with my info.
  23. What I did to my venture today.... Gave her a bath after finishing a 5- day, 1900 mile road trip! BTW, does anyone else ever think about selling all other worldly possessions and spending the rest of your life just seeing the country on your Venture???? Couldnt stop thinking how awesome this is! Photos from middle of nowhere(northeast corner of New Mexico, Hiway54). Small town with three buildings, one of which was this tired old service station. After snapping a few pics, curiosity got the better of me & I had to peer in the garage bay windows. I was floored by wh
  24. Good for you @cowpuc Cycling is my other 2-wheel passion. I was once a naysayer when it came to electric bikes but I’ve seen so many people out enjoying cycling that otherwise would not be doing so without an e-bike. That’s a good thing.
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