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  1. Interesting topic. I have been riding bikes for a long time. Big cruisers with 1600cc and even now I have a 1600 RoadStar. Then I got the Venture and dropped it in two consecutive days. Both at gas stations. I then realized that I have been trying to pull up to the gas stations and stop with the handle bars not straight and turned left. Both times it went left. Rookie mistakes in handling these bikes. I fought it the first time but let it down the second time. You can stop a cruiser with the handle bars turned a bit but not a big touring heavy bike now I know.
  2. New rider from Canada here and I took my newly bought RSV out on a ride. It is not mountains as such but hilly and winding roads. As some have said, it is the guy behind you that was my worries. The big semis that they think are sports cars. I know that they have so many gear shifts that it is difficult to change gears but the the way they cut in front of you when you are already in the curve that is downhill is scary. The buffeting that I had to face every time a semi cut in front of me was horrible and I had to slow down. Slowing down on a curve when going downhill was something I did not want to do. It was also a zigzag. Coming out of a downhill left hand curve and then immediately into a right hand curve all going downhill with the semi in front of me and being heavily buffeted all the time.
  3. Interesting pictures. Is that what you call a tricycle? I have been on a few of them when I visit the Philippines and out in the provinces. I had a Keeway SuperLight 200 ( a cruiser) there to ride. Very comfortable with footboards etc but only good up to speeds of around 80km or so. The naked(barebone) bikes were a lot faster than that.
  4. Canadian rider here and it is a lot slower here. I just got my 2012 Venture S and took out on the highway last week. I used to ride cruisers before and I always notice the buffeting when passing a semi on the opposite way on a two way road, I never experienced the kind of buffeting that a semi would give just being behind it before. Every time, I got behind a semi, there seemed to be so much buffeting going on. So I had to drop speed, change lane and then over take it or if no opportunity arose just to drop speed and let it go away and then try to change lanes if possible. I did get it up to 140km ( I think it is 86 MPH. ) and it was purring beautifully. I do not have a trunk and only the fairing and the side trunks.
  5. I bought it used and the guy who sold me had removed the back seat and the trunk. I have the Venture S.
  6. I do not have the rear seat with the speakers as I only have the normal seat. Any advice on a two speaker system?
  7. Thank you very much Pastorcurt and Circa. Yes it is heavy I now know. As you said, the front brakes on mine seems to nose dive. I will try to get it changed to the R6 4 pistons. It is a beautiful bike when it is on the move especially on the highway. I really enjoyed my ride apart from the drops. Now I know for a fact that the handle bars were turning left both times and it was to the left that it tipped over.
  8. Thank you very much Circa. Yes the sound is not very good with just only two speakers ( I do not have the rear seat with the speakers) I will change it too by removing the cassette and installing an amp/bluetooth there if possible. I also saw a cigarette lighter connector in the fairing. Is this normally connected too and could it be used to charge the phone? But I guess these days the phone chargers are much faster than going thru a cigarette lighter charger. It certainly is cumbersome at low speeds. I have been used to a 1600cc Triumph Thunderbird and now a 1600 Yamaha Roadstar. Both are very nimble in compared to the Venture. I am 5'9 and around 194 lbs and have dropped it twice in two days at stops. Yes I know now I should keep the handle bars straight when stopping. But even at traffic lights and road works it is cumbersome and difficult to stop. I am now trying to stop it using a walking stop. But the experts here could please tell me how to stop it? Once it gets going is is a beauty. I thought that I would miss the 6th gear that the Triumph Thunderbird had but this was purring around 120km or so.
  9. Thank you very much everyone here. Yes I have found that they bike is ponderous and I have tipped it over twice in two days. Both times at gas stations and had to stop suddenly while the handle bars were turned and it tipped over. Lesson learnt. Does the lowering of the forks help with the C of G? Is there any side affect of the lowering of the forks?
  10. I have a 2012 Venture and would love to drop it too. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  11. I saw something like this today. I was riding on a two way local highway with a speed limit of 100km. (Canada) and there was a bit of traffic up ahead. Not going slower than the maximum speed limit but slow to some people. There was a couple of RVs doing the up to the maximum speed allowed. I was in the middle of two RVs and suddenly there was roar and two Harley's roared on the shoulder and overtaking on the right side over the shoulder. It was crazy. Not only did they overtake one vehicle they overtook about 5 vehicles all from riding on the shoulder. These kinds of guys gives riders a bad name.
  12. any updates on the sound system? I have just bought a 2012 Venture and do not even have the rear speakers with me. So looking to get a better sound than the two crap speakers in front.
  13. Any updates on this? thank you
  14. Is there any update on this? I am new to The Venture and the front speakers work but the guy who sold me the bike refused to sell me the rear seat with the speakers. Ikarus, did the Polk DB402 fit into the space where the factory speakers were fitted? How is the sound?
  15. Thank you very much. Do you use the stock speakers or did you install another pair of speakers? I have used the Boss Audio with the amp and 4 speakers in another bike and it was good.
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