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  1. I will be praying for his family. Please post more when available.
  2. I found a chapter in Cookeville, TN, and plan on joining.
  3. Praying for your Grandson, and the family. No surgery is minor when it's happening to you or someone you love.
  4. Good point. My bike is an "I dare you" midnight. Here's my picture of Midnight in the afternoon - [ATTACH=CONFIG]112568[/ATTACH]
  5. Good point. My bike is an "I dare you" midnight. Here's my picture of Midnight in the afternoon -
  6. Thank you, I appreciate it. I'm afraid I hit the "rats, they will put me in jail" speed way before I hit what will feel is my top safe speed. The 80 MPH and over I've already hit felt comfortable. However, when I read the manual and saw the cautions, well I've never owned a touring bike before. I did a 150 miles on it yesterday by accident. I only meant to take a short trip. What an INCREDIBLY comfortable bike! Yeah, the Raider was cool, but I don't miss it.
  7. OK, I messed up and read the manual that came with my New-To-Me 2007 Venture. I've had it up to 90 MPH on an Interstate and noticed no problems except the expected buffeting when passing 18 wheelers. However, in the manual, it stated you should not exceed 80 MPH when the saddle bags and trunk are installed. Is that a liability thing or has anyone noticed handling problems? I don't intend to ride any faster than 90, I just tend to use a little more throttle when passing so I can clear traffic and... yeah I went there... find a safe space when I'm riding.
  8. Well, sadly, I can't tell you for sure. Turned the bike off using the key, not the on/off switch. Took me longer than 45 seconds too pick the bike up by myself, so any wait time was more than met. Once I had it up and the kick stand down, I caught my breath and assessed the situation (no gas smell, no obvious damage) before I started it back up. It might not have required anything special, or I may have lucked up and got the right sequence entirely by luck.
  9. That chips away much more and you won't have anything holding the snap ring! If it was mine, I would replace it.
  10. I have gone to great lengths to verify this, for the good of the group. I would never have dropped my bike like a dummy because I was going uphill on wet grass and then got back on a gravel driveway... Any way, moving at a very slow speed when the bike went over. Stopped at a 45 degree angle, not to bad to pick up if you do it right. My recommendation is to take my word for it rather than experiment. "I'm a professional" and "Don't try this at home".
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