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  1. I just check it out and for some reason it list the service manual but when I checked on it nothing happened. Send me your email and I can email you a copy of mine (assuming it doesn’t violate forum rules).
  2. There is a downloadable one on this web site which I did down load. I also purchased the one from Service-shop-repair manual for $50 but is is now down to $40. I find it easier at times to use the hard copy, but have the electronic version on my iPhone and iPad for convenience for when the hard copy is not readily available. 2018-2020 Yamaha Star Venture / Transcontinental Tourer Part# LIT-11616-31-04 service shop repair manual RRP:
  3. Because of your comment on another forum on this, I purchased some extra fill plugs.
  4. True on that one, will put that caveat in when I do that torque spec. Thanks for the reminder on that one. Haven’t done the drain bolts yet either and have done at least 4 oil changes, did add the magnetic dimple plugs and magnetic sleeve(s) for the oil filter.
  5. I understand the manual is on line, ( I have downloaded the copy to my computer, phone and iPad) but can be a pain to find the info. I also have the hard copy of the manual. I look at this two ways: 1) it is a cheat sheet. Quick reference. 2) it is like when I was RPPO (repair parts petty officer) any time I spent more then 30 minutes looking up a part I put it in my little green memorandum book so I didn’t waste time the next time I had to order the part. Granted you will learn new information as you look up the info you need but sometimes you don’t have the time to look it up.
  6. I am starting a spreadsheet with various torque specifications for the Star Venture. It is a work in progress and will add as needed (i.e. I am doing some maintenance or someone asks for a torque spec). Star Venture Torque Specs.xlsx
  7. Just what I was going to say. Here is the page from the service manual. He is .4 qts low on yer engine.
  8. Cowpuc, Please give me a shout, pm or email, ecbaatz@reagan.com. I have some questions about a front end wobble I would like to get your input on. Thanks, Eric
  9. You stated that wrong. You took a shortcut to the shop. LOL
  10. Not intending it to be a snide remark. I have a wobble between 15-25 mph. My research shows it could be bearings, ($30 apiece) or the steering nut is loose. I have also heard that if rear is out of alignment it could cause it as well but am skeptical. It started before i changed the front tire. Thought it was the stock tire so put a new one on with balancing beads and still have the wobble. So I am trying to eliminate possible causes. I thought checking steering nut would be cheaper then replacing the bearings. Sorry if I offended you.
  11. I have the tech manual, that is where I found the torque after a search. Still trying to find the size. I think it might be 36 mm but not sure.
  12. Does anyone know the size and torque specifications of the steering nut on a 2018 Star Venture? Still searching but have not found that info yet. Update: Found torque spec to be 85ftlbs 2nd update: It is a 36 mm nut
  13. Back to school, now getting up at 0430 and need my beauty sleep, actually a lot of beauty sleep. (Beat you to it Cowpuc). and trying to get as much riding in as possible. Now have over 13,144 miles on Saphira.
  14. I have 12975 on my 2018 SVTC that I bought 1 Nov 19 with 34 miles on it. Did not get any riding in in Jan or Feb but am trying to catch you. LOL
  15. I had some foam that I added, hoping it will act as a lockwasher in the it will provide outward pressure on the screws to prevent them from coming loose. But will also check them periodically. The length of the screws did not seem to be a problem. I will be ordering spares though.
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