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  1. UPDATE: I ordered the windshield on 6/22 and it was delivered on 7/23. (A little beyond the original 12-16 business day estimate but not too bad) I finally got it installed last night and went for a short ride and so far I'm happy with it. Installation was easy and it fit perfectly using the original fasteners. In the full up position the windshield comes to about the top of my forehead and in the full down position it comes to the tip of my nose allowing me to see over it when I need to. The full up and full down positions are about as good as I hoped given the limited 4" of total travel. The recurve at the top is very subtle and not dramatic like I've seen on some other windshields which I think fits well with the Venture's style. As others have mentioned, the extra width infringes slightly on the mirrors but it's not an issue and worth the extra wind protection. The real test will be when I can get out on the highway and get it up to 65-75 mph.
  2. Total quote for 22.75” tall, clear, no vent, with recurve was $162.37 including shipping and a 10% discount for being a Venture Rider member. 12-16 days lead time.
  3. That video was very helpful, thanks! Still waiting on a quote from Clearview Shields. Called and left a voicemail and replied to their email but no response yet, hopefully I’ll hear something back tomorrow.
  4. Thanks all! I finally heard back from them this evening, currently waiting on a quote. They’re available in 19.5” small, 21.0” medium (stock size), & 22.75” large, clear or light gray, with or without a vent. I didn’t think to ask if they all have a recurve but I’ll ask when I hear back from them. I have an XXL Clearview with a vent on my RSV so I’ll likely go with the large on my new SVTC. With the 3” of travel that should allow me to look over it when it’s all the way down and through it when it’s all the way up, which is what I wanted. I don’t care for the way the vent looks in the SVTC shield so I’ll skip that option.
  5. I can't find the Star Venture listed on Clearview Shield's web site, has anyone bought one recently? I've seen posts from several members who've said they bought them so apparently they were available at one time. Do they come in different sizes? I'd like to install a slightly taller and wider windshield, is there a significant difference between the Show Chrome 20-611 windshield and the Clearview Shields? Show Chrome says theirs is 2.5" taller and 4" wider than stock.
  6. Thanks all for the replies so far. I haven't made a decision yet, still weighing the pros and cons. I would hope that the dealer installed navigation wouldn't have issues but I don't know how to confirm that either.
  7. So I can assume that the GPS issue was resolved on the 2020 models? Yamaha sells a GPS navigator kit to upgrade the non-TC Venture, is it safe to assume that it doesn't have the issue that the 2018 models had?
  8. I'm looking at two Star Venture's to purchase and having a tough time deciding between them and was hoping for some insight. (sorry, buying both isn't an option) First bike is a used 2018 Star Venture (red) with TC package and 4,500 miles. It's the color I like, looks to be in great shape, the TC package is factory-installed, and it has a great price. I'd hate to miss out on any possible improvements on later models though. I've heard about navigation issues on the 2018 models but don't know the specifics. Second bike is a new 2020 Star Venture (blue) without TC package but the dealer is saying the price includes them installing all of the equipment that would come with the TC package. (Trying to confirm with them exactly what equipment they would install) My wife likes the color of the 2020 (I don't mind blue, just prefer red) and it's a good price, especially if it truly does include all (or most) of the TC equipment. (Honestly, the navigation is the only thing I really want, I rarely use the stereo and speakers on my RSV and never use the fog lights on my cars) I also really like buying new when it makes sense, but I prefer factory-installed equipment over dealer-installed. Were the navigation issues resolved on the 2020 models? Would dealer-installed navigation eliminate the navigation issues? Were there any improvements between the 2018 and the 2020 models that would justify spending $4,500 more for the 2020? Any thoughts or feedback you can provide to help me make a decision will be appreciated!
  9. Welcome aboard!! I have the same model/color, love the solid black cherry. Interesting speaker mod there on the side case. 🙂 Daniel
  10. Are the lift adapters still available? (Couldn’t send PM)
  11. The 2006 RSV I bought last December had Harley Davidson mufflers on it when I bought it. (I assume they came off of a Road King) Compared to the Baron mufflers on had on the 2005 I rode before I bought the 2006 I like the sound of the HD mufflers much better. The Baron’s were a little harsh and loud out of the box. Wrapping some fiberglass packing around the baffles on the Baron’s helped but it still wasn’t the deep sound I was looking for. The HD mufflers sound great with a nice low rumble that’s not too loud.
  12. I should’ve taken a picture when I had it off yesterday but the bottom of the plastic housing is completely broken out around the threaded insert that’s supposed to be there so I’m not sure what a machine shop could do. That does give an idea though if I can’t find a replacement housing. I might be able fill the hole in with epoxy and insert a new threaded insert into the epoxy. The other insert had pulled out of its hole on the bottom of the housing but a little super glue took care of that.
  13. I’m looking for a front audio remote control housing. (The one mounted to the left handlebar) The base of mine was broken when I bought the motorcycle and was being held in place with a zip tie. I don’t need a working unit since my unit works, I just need the housing. Anyone have a non-working unit laying around? Yamaha part number 4XY-88168-00-00
  14. Well that was pretty easy Looks like mine hasn't been lowered in the front. Woody, good point but I had both tires replaced when I bought it so I know they're both OEM size. (I didn't even think to see what size was on it when I bought it)
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