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  1. 10 Days! How exciting and awesome for you. Real living is days away. CONGRATULATIONS
  2. Great looking truck and even better you know how great its going to drive for you. Enjoy
  3. I just caught a bit on the radio that the 403 is closed both directions near Brantford, I thought i heard. Is Rest Acres before or after Brantford?
  4. Gary, you are welcome to stay at my house in Grimsby so you don't have a long drive home
  5. I hadn't thought of a plane, but possible another motor home
  6. Its ok Ben, I can be jealous and still your friend and you can be proud
  7. I may be away on the 16th, but they may change. If so I will head there on 4 wheels.
  8. Thank you Gentlemen. Carl those where the days crossing the boarder
  9. Thanks again Puc, I will let him know it will be safe to do that.
  10. Thanks Steve. He did take over my Virago when I bought the Venture, but it was a lower bike and he is a little shorter then I am so he doesn't get his feet flat on the ground while on the Venture
  11. My son is looking to get new front and rear brake pads and thought it would be better to have the saddle bags off while taking to a motorcycle mechanic so they don't get damaged at the shop. What are your thoughts or opinions on a short ride without the saddlebags? The guard rails will still be on.
  12. It is with mixed emotions that I passed my motor bike on to my son today. Like me, he is not a wrench so I am encouraging him to join VR, for knowledge and camaraderie.
  13. FANTASTIC, CONGRATULATIONS Earl. Nothing wrong with mixed emotions, in short order they will just be JOY and HAPPINESS. All the best to you.
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