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  1. Hope that we can get some people here, And get in a good ride and get to see one another, Here are the dates July 23rd to 25th, If you want to come and pitch a tent or camper we have plenty of room. There are camprounds close by with water and electricity if thats what you would like, there are 3 motels in Viroqua 6 miles away I will post them this week. If you want to come on Thursday you are welcome I am taking off of work Thursday to Monday. Hope we get to see some old friends and some new ones. Orlin and Sharon
  2. I took a look at the calendar and see that the weekend of July 23 to 25 is open. It can be hot and a little muggy, We have some nice big shade trees to set under or I do know of some nice shady roads to take a ride on. It will be good to have some old friends here and some new ones. We didnt get to have a get together last year. And sure missed it. Orlin
  3. After talking with Sharon, She said to pick a date in July, So lets see what we can come up with. Orlin
  4. Putting this out there, Not sure how this virus stuff is going to play out, We missed getting to have a get together last summer. It will be here at our place and will put a ride or two together and have a cookout and a bonfire for one of the evenings. Want to see if there is any interest for June or July. We have plenty room if you want to camp and there are motels in Viroqua. Orlin
  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
  6. Hope you heal up quick, and do what those Doctors tell ya. Does this mean that the snow machine is on layoff this winter. Or do you have it set up so you can control it from your nice warm spot in the house. Orlin
  7. We did have a nice evening with the kids and a couple of the grandkids so it was small, we did get to eat some really good food and played some cards and catching up. Orlin
  8. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Its a strange year and there are a lot of us out there that are going to miss the company of family, We are still going to make the best of as we can. We can only hope that this will be gone next year and we can all be together and it be that much more special. Orlin and Sharon
  9. That is sad news, Thoughts and prayers for his family. Orlin
  10. Its a great day when you get to walk away or ride away. Like its been said can always replace the bike. Orlin
  11. Sharon went in today to get her foot x rayed, They didn't think she had any broken bones just bruised. And was impressed with her story. I did take the other Venture out for a four hour ride on Sunday to get back in the saddle. Did go to work on repairs today, The lower fairing was pretty much all gone, Crash bar was bent past the point of getting useable again along with the plastic parts down there. I was able to get the rear crash bar pulled back into place along with the bag rails, not perfect but still decent, and got the nasty stuff washed off from the deer. Feeling pretty great full
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