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  1. Finished up the repairs to the wiring harness and put a fresh wrap on it. Now to get everything back on and connected!
  2. Here is a before picture of the clutch cover plate and the generator cover plate. I sent them out to be stripped and chromed. They turned out really nice, and look great on the black engine.
  3. No earth shattering progress this week, but I have a couple of pics to share. I did work on the new wiring harness I purchased. I spent an evening re-wrapping it only to find out it's for an 84-85 model year. So I decided to stick with the one I have. I worked on fixing the issues with it this afternoon and started to re-wrap it. I am also working on putting the generator coil back in the engine cover. The should be back together this weekend. Here are the two pics for tonight. I'm told it's in the details so even though these are small they needed to be freshened up a little. Not perfect whe
  4. I'm not sure if you are kidding or being serious Patch. I'm leaning towards you are kidding. Haha! I also have another project in the garage so one of yours would make 3. My wife is a great supporter of my fun, but she draws the line at 2 at one time. I mentioned adding another one before and it didn't go over very well. Haha! But thanks for the offer! What year is your 745i?
  5. Pasta Burner, it would be nice to finish this up over the winter, but there is just to much to do. My wife doesn't mind me spending time in the garage, but as I get older I am less inclined to spend a lot of time working on projects. I tend to get burned out much quicker than before. I like to try to keep a steady pace and work at least on something each week. For polishing the aluminum I bought a kit several years ago from Eastwood. It came with several buffing wheels and an assortment of rouge. I bought the smaller wheels that I use on my small bench grinder. It works pretty good and makes q
  6. Another pic from this afternoons work. Rebuilt the brake calipers and installed them with new pads.
  7. I know I must have read this at one time concerning the R6/R1 front brake caliper upgrade, but for some reason I guess it just didn't stick. If you go back in the thread a little bit you will see a pic of the front wheel with a set of R6 brake rotors on it. Well they look really good, but they are too big for the upgrade. The R6 rotors are 300mm and you need to have ones that are 282mm which are the same as the ones from a MKII Venture. I guess I missed that part. The R6 rotor seems to fit just fine on back and so I wanted to keep with the same hole pattern for the front rotors. The MKII rotor
  8. Finally was able to clean up the generator cover and get it painted. The two center plates for the generator cover and the clutch cover were shipped out to the platers last week. Looking forward to see how they look with some shiny chrome. I also worked on the side covers for the cylinders. Both turned out real nice. I ended up buying another wiring harness. The original one was to chopped up with a lot of wiring additions and modifications. I found a nice one that doesn't have any mods done to it. It looks like it just needs a little cleaning up and I can start putting it on. More to come lat
  9. No worries on hijacking the thread, all is good. It can actually be helpful because I can see where parts are supposed to go. Haha! Looking at the project it can be very intimidating. The best way for me to approach it is to hide all the parts and only work on one at a time. So right now the only thing in the garage is the bike and the part I am currently working on. If I bring in to many parts it becomes an overload situation and nothing gets done. The biggest investment is the time, which I don't mind, it gives me something constructive to do. It has been just over 4 years now since the
  10. Made some good progress this week. One part at a time, but it was a good week. Spending lot's of time looking at the manual, looking at parts diagrams and digging for parts. I have some duplicates and I am still finding parts that are missing from the pile. But still moving forward. Working on the foot pegs and pedals this week. Also still working on the cooling system. Still cleaning and painting brackets and other miscellaneous parts and bolts. Here are a few pics of the progress.
  11. Looking over the manual tonight and it looks like I have a couple of duplicate hoses, as can be seen in the picture. They were not on the bike when I got it but in a box all taped together. He must have included the extra's he had.
  12. Wow, 6 weeks has passed and not much to show for it. Took a short break and started back again about a week ago. Working on the foot pegs along with the shifter and foot brake lever. Also started on the cooling system. I cleaned up a few of the hoses, I thought I had them all, but dug a few more out of the shed tonight. Cleaned and painted one of the fittings for the coolant system, along with the spring clamps. And finally got the fuel filter bracket installed, along with a new nylon braided fuel line going to the carbs. Here are a few pics.
  13. Thanks Patch. It's what I love to do so although the time spent so far is a lot, it's all been worth it. Getting the chance to ride it will be the culmination of the effort, but the fun is in the build. Thanks again...........
  14. It's probably the best $30 spent so far. Thanks for sharing your experience with your upgrade.
  15. Got a few more pics to post. Picked up a four brush starter, cleaned it up, painted it and now it's mounted on the bike. Also got the rear caliper installed.
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