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  1. Couple question here first.. have you delink the rear brakes from the left front brake caliper or is the brake system still stock? If it is stock you will need to bleed the rear caliper first, making sure you get brake fluid to come out. Once you have clean brake fluid out of the rear caliper, move to the left front caliper and repeat the process till clean brake fluid is coming out. Of course make sure to keep the reservoir for the rear master cylinder full while bleeding. Next you need to remove the false tank cover and you will find another bleeder valve up by the triple tree tubes. You will need to bleed this one last as it is the highest point on the rear master cylinder lines. If there is a lot of air in the system, this is where it most likely is. If you are not getting any fluid or pressure out of the rear master cylinder, then you might need to remove it and rebuild it or clean it. There is a small hole in the master cylinder that does get clogged and will effect operations of the brakes. In my humble opinion with the age of the bike and it has been sitting a while I would look at rebuilding the complete braking system and replacing the rubber hoses. You might have issues of the hoses deteriorating and cause the clogging issues but I and sure you will find that they will swell when pressure is applied in them. I had the swelling issue on my 89 about 10 years ago and replaced all of there with steel braided hoses and havent had any braking issues since. If you have delink brakes then the rear caliper is the only thing connected to the rear master cylinder.. Let us know what you find please.. Rick F.
  2. How long ago has it been since he asked for your mailing address? Rick F.
  3. I would look around and see if you can find a better bike for a little bit more money as you might be better off with that. The question is how mechanical are you and do you want to take on a big project. Good luck.. Rick F.
  4. The gentleman that sold the Vmax carb rebuild video is named Damon Ferraiuolo and his email is Damon_Ferraiuolo@msn.com . This address is from a post from 2017 Venture Rider post. You can check out this forum and there is a link to a PDF file on rebuilding a Vmax set of carbs. They are very similar to the Venture 1300 carbs. https://v4musclebike.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14681 it in the first message in the session. I have his video and found it very informative to say the least. I hope this helps Rick F.
  5. before I would do anything with the carbs I would make sure the engine will turn over. I say this because rebuilding the carbs is not a cheap thing to do. There is no true carb kit available with all the needed parts in it. You will have to piece meal the parts you need and of course you will need at least 4 of everything. I am not sure of anyone that is selling rebuilt card for the 86-93 Ventures at this time. There are some articles on how to do it in the Tech Library you can look over to help you get familiar with the process.' Rick F.
  6. First figure out the gas spillage issue, then I would suggest you remove all the spark plugs from the engine, and open up the lower left access cover in the big engine cover and you can get a socket and ratchet in there and spin the motor by hand and see if it will turn spin for you. This will let you know if it is ceased up or not. Also if you check the Tech Library you will find a PDF of the service manual that will assist you in trouble shooting the starting issues and there are numerous safety switches that need to be working properly for it to start.. Good luck and let us know how it is going.. Rick F.
  7. When getting a new stator for a 90 - 93 Venture Royale, you need to make sure it is for those years of bikes. The 83-89 Ventures use a different stator and ignition system than the 90-93 do and will not work properly in the 90-93 Ventures. The difference is that the earlier models use an analog system and the 90-93 use a digital system. If you looks at the parts diagrams from Yamaha, you will see they carry different parts numbers and that is a good indication they parts are not interchangeable. I hope this helps. Rick F.
  8. You might try Ebay and see what they have. I do see complete system show up there from time to time. Yamaha has discontinued most everything associated with the Leveling system. I have not heard or seen anyone who is marking replacement hoses for it either. I wonder if one of the custom hydraulic hose shops couldn't come up with something for it. Good luck Rick F.
  9. I would be interested in this Steve. I hope to be able to be riding my Venture by then and it is only an hour or so away from me. Rick F.
  10. You could also check out the Vmax forums and see what they are doing for their bikes. But the 86-93 Ventures do not share the carbs like the Vmaxs do. Rick F.
  11. Those Can Am bikes where they bikes to have in their day. You should get it fired back up and I am sure there is a collector market for them also if you went to sell it. Rick F.
  12. Check out this website and look for the washer there.. http://store.speedandsportinc.com/ The show having 2 in stock at $9.40 each. Use the Global Search box to find them. Rick F.
  13. You might want to look at the Web Bike World website, https://www.webbikeworld.com/motorcycle-helmets/ , as they do reviews on different helmets and give their thoughts on what head types the helmets will fit the best one. I have used them for when I go helmet shopping and have thought they were right on. It would be a good place to start and maybe narrow down your search. For me I have an older Nolan N-104 modular helmet. I wear glasses and found that the modular made it easier to deal with them then a full face. I also remove my helmet shield and carry it with me in the saddle bag as well as a yellow tint one for night driving. I found the yellow helps with the bright headlights and starring issue I get around them and street lights at night. With the windshield and Wing like vent I have in it, I find I ride more comfortable with the shield off plus the Nolan as the built in dark shield for my eyes if need. I been thinking of getting a new one as my is at least 7 years old but sits in the garage with my bike when not being ridden or in the basement when the season is over up here in Minnesota. Hope this helps Rick F.
  14. Standard NGK Spark plug is DPR8EA-9 as per the service manual. Gap is specified as 0.031-0.035 inches. Rick F.
  15. One other hint is to NOT move from position 4 directly to position 1 or vise-versa as this will screw up the dampening. Always go up or down in numerical order, ie 1 2 3 4 3 2 1. Mentions it in the owners manual for the bikes. Rick F.
  16. I have not heard of any plans but have seen a set listed on ebay from time to time for sale. Rick F.
  17. Little update here.. 1988 Yamaha did offer a standard Venture and a Venture Royale edition. The standard Venture was painted Salt Lake Silver and the VR was painted Creamy White or Graceful Maroon according to the website I referenced. Hope this helps. Rick F.
  18. I am using the shield to hold my COPs in place by making bigger opening for them in the shield. I have read of a few guys having with the COPS grounding out to the engine by leaning against the engine. I would also verify that the COPs are fully seated on the spark plugs but it does sound like that maybe the fuel could be an issue also. Yep here in Minnesota we can buy premium non-ethanol gas for motorcycle and boats and small engines. I usually fill all my gas cans with it along with some Seafoam to help keep the gas fresh and also use it as the final fill up of a day of riding with a little Seafoam as I dont get to ride my bike daily as I have a company car for commuting to and from job sites. Just keep riding it and enjoying it and see if things improve as you do. also a nice run thru the gears at high RPMs is very enjoyable IMHO... Rick F.
  19. Well the logos indicate that you do not have a Royale version unless the owner replaced some of the body parts on your bike. So yes he did remove the airpump and its assorted equipment other than the controller in the right fairing panel. Up to you if you want to try and get this working but I think I would just use it as it is for now. Good luck and keep the question coming.. Rick F.
  20. Just curious, does your bike have the plastic shields that sit on top of the valve covers? There are use to direct the air flowing thru the radiator out the back of the engine or thru the vents in the side panels. They help to keep some of the hot air away from the carbs., Just wondering if you had those still in place. Enjoy the riding and the bike. Rick F.
  21. Seafoam might help some but if sitting for 10 years then I would say you need to go thru the carbs and be prepared to spend some bucks. Also make sure you have fresh gas in the tank also. But like Luvmy40 said, check the plugs, caps and wires as there could be some corrosion in there also that will need to address. Just a note here also, you will not find a complete carb kit for these bikes as one has yet to be made for them. You will need to piece together the parts from Yamaha and the aftermarket to get everything you might need. Rick F.
  22. If I recall, only the Venture Royales had the Class system on them. I also think that by 1988, you could only get the Venture Royale and not just a Venture. The Royales came with the Class and radio system on them. So first question is on the side bags, do you seem a emblem that says Royale on them or anywhere else on the bike? I am thinking the previous owner removed the compressor and control valves from the bike. I can see the mounting legs that held the plate with the assemble on the bike under the front part of the rear rack. So people have converted the Class to the non-Class system which is a schrader air valve that is usually located on the left side of the bike where you can adjust the damping for the rear air shock. The also place one up near the center of the forks to adjust the air there. You might have to do some searching for them and see if you can find some black air hoses that use to run to the back of the bike on the right upper side of the frame. I think the previous owner left the controler in the fairing just so he wouldnt have a hole to fill. Good luck and keep up the good work. Rick F.
  23. Sounds like the fork springs are just plain wore out.. I would suggest getting some progressive fork springs for the bike and you will see a major improvement on the ride. Rick F.
  24. You will find the air pump and selector valves underneath the travel trunk behind the seat under a black plastic cover. Looking at my service manual, the plug for the CLASS controller is a 9 pin white plug. Pages 7-73 to 7-96 explain how the system works and how to test the system if it isnt working properly and shows the shape of the connector to help you locate it. Also the CLASS system, air ride, only works when the bike is in the accessory position on the ignition switch. Hopefully the previous owner hasnt cut and removed any of the wires and connectors. On the clutch system, I would rebuild the master cylinder and slave cylinder and and maybe replace the hoses with steel braided ones. You be surprised how much those hoses swell when applying the clutch or the brakes. Let us know if you have other questions Rick F.
  25. Congrats.. one of these days I hope to be joining those ranks myself.. Rick F.
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