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  1. check the start button on the handle bars for a short in it or the wires connected to it. A good test for this would be to disconnect the small wire to the solenoid and the wires to the negative terminal of the battery but leave the positive ones attached and do an OHM test with a DVM on that wire and the positive battery terminal and see what the readings are. If you get a open reading, push the starter button and see if it drops to almost zero ohms. then reconnect the negative cable to the battery and see if it still does it. if so, could be an issue with the solenoid and might need to replaced it. You could also do the above test checking for voltage levels by changing your DVM and measuring is there is voltage present on the small wire to the solenoid by inserting the test lead to the connection in the wire and the negative battery terminal. Voltage present without the button pushed would indicate a short, but no voltage present would be an open till you pushed the starter button then you should have voltage present. Good luck and I hope this helps. Rick F.
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Rick F.
  3. If you need to separate the lower tubes from the upper you will need a long tool to do that. This is what I ended using when I did mine way back when.
  4. What you are looking for in the screwdrivers is a JIS.. Japanese Industrial Standard.. search for them and you can find them. I have a set and use them on the motorcycle and a lot of other things.. Rick F.
  5. If you are going to have the forks apart, now is a good time to upgrade to Progressive Springs in there. There is a good chance the stocks ones are sagging and now performing that well. The Progressive part number is 11-1112 and are an excellent replace for the stock springs. Here is a link to a forum thread on making a tool you will need and I suggest you read the whole tread.. You can so a search and find out more information on doing the seal change out and replacing the steering head bearing and races. The tough one to replace is the bottom on as you might need a press to replace it. The races can be carefully cut out and to install the new races, stick them in the freezer over night before install and the will shrink up a bit from the cold and they go in easier. Good luck with all of it and if you have more questions, ask away. Rick F.
  6. you might check YouTube and see if you can find one. I am not aware of any others out there. You can also check the service manual as I know that the 86-93 manual has a section on removal of the fairing with the order in what to remove and a diagram to help to show you the parts. I am not sure if the 83-85 manual does but to be honest the fairing arent that different from each other. Manuals are located in the Tech Library section of the forums and can be downloaded to you computer. Good Luck Rick F.
  7. I replaced my Deka AGM battery a few years ago as it was 9 years old then and I was getting worried about it going away on me. Looking back I should have kept it but I did replace it with the same battery type in my 89 VR and yes I do keep it on a battery tender from about March till the first ride.. Rick F.
  8. The only diagram I am aware of is in the service manual on page 7-137 and shows how they are interconnected but not where they reside at on the bike. Most of the cruise control vacuum pump and vacuum autuator are located behind the left side fairing and it really doesnt attach to the engine at all. Service manual can be found and download from here.... https://www.venturerider.org/manuals/1986-1993 Yamaha Venture Service Manual.pdf Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions. Rick F
  9. Here is what you are looking for in part and this is a source for replacement parts if needed.. https://www.siriusconinc.com/products/detail/122566 Good luck. Rick F.
  10. Looks good Freebird.. Enjoy it for years to come or till you get another Venture that is... Rick F
  11. The pilot screws would be damaged before the seats would be. The screws are just brass and soft.. You can get replacement idle mixture screws but before I would replace them I think you need to clean the idle circuits in the carbs. One way to do it without removing the carbs is what is called "Shotgunning the Carbs". One of the guys on the Vmax forum has a write up on the procedure of what you need and how to do it. I was having the same issue you are having but not as bad. I just did my carbs on my 89VR and it starts now without choke and idles and rides so much better. I also just synced the carbs and will take it for a test ride tomorrow to see how it goes. Check out this URL.. https://vmax.lvlhead.com/tips/shotgun.htm Good luck and let us know how it goes.. Rick F
  12. What you are looking for is something with some stickiness to it so it would hold the grip to the throttle. Look for a hairspray that claims a lot of holding power or a spray on glue.. You are trying to make sure the grip sticks to the white throttle. When I installed my new grips, they included a small bottle of superglue to spread over the bars and inside the grip. Rick F.
  13. If you dont have the service manual for your 84 Venture, you can download one here. https://www.venturerider.org/manuals/1983-1985 Yamaha Venture Service Manual.pdf There is a page that shows the wiring diagram for your bike and it does appear that there is a connection to the monitor from the different items on the bike it watches. You will need to remove the dash and most likely the fairing to access the back of it. Check out page 444 of the manual and it shows the monitor and connection on the schematic as part of the meter assembly. Maybe the connector is loose or the contacts need a good cleaning, but at least you could take some measurement to see if the signals are getting to the monitor. Cant help you much more as I have an 89 VR and it is different in that department. Good luck Rick F.
  14. About the only that I know of left is the Slipstreamer replacement. https://slipstreamer.com/motorcycle/yamaha-venture-venture-royale-replacements/ I have the Clearview with the vent and it is a tall tinted gray one and really enjoy it but I did noticed that they are no longer producing that one. Not sure if you could call or email them about producing one for you but it might be worth a try. Good luck Rick F.
  15. I checked my stock 89 Venture Royale antenna and it does fold down when you unscrew the chrome knurled barrel just about the black plastic base. Once unscrewed up just pull it up and there is a swivel inside that lets the antenna fold down. I have since upgrade to twin antennas and separated the CB from the radios. I did install fold down mounts and Firecracker antennas. Check out Walcott CB shop in Walcott, Iowa for parts and prices. Rick Fink
  16. I would also look at the hydraulic rubber hose lines as they are getting very old and most likely swelling when the clutch lever is pulled in. I replaced the ones on my 89 VR about 10 years ago cause I could feel the hoses swell when I wrapped my hand around them. With the steel braided lines, not an issue now. But I would flush the brake and clutch lines with new fluid and see if that makes a difference also. Rick F.
  17. Brook, have you download the service manual for your 83 Venture yet or do you have a paper one? There is a link to a downloadable copy in the 1st Gen tech reference library section. I believe there is a troubleshooting procedure in there that might help you in determining if you have a bad TCI or not before spending the money on one. I would strongly recommend changing the spark plug wires and caps as they do go bad with corrosion. Just be careful when removing the wires from the coils as they use a small rubber o-ring to retain the wires behind the screw on retainer. You might also get some electrical contact cleaner and use that on the pugs and pins on the TCI and coils to make sure you have a clean connection. You are looking at 40 year old wiring and connection on that bike. Good luck, Rick F.
  18. Best bet might be to check Ebay and see if you can find it there or one of the other members might pipe in if they have an extra one. All of my parts are for the 86-93 Ventures. Rick F.
  19. Here are the instruction sheets for the Passenger Footboard chrome overlay and for the Chrome sidecover rail. Rick F Passenger Floorboard Trim 86-93.pdf Side Cover Rails for 83-93.pdf
  20. I cant say if it will or not but do a search in this section and see if there is any threads on this type of setup. I for one, havent done this conversion as I just rebuilt my calipers and install steel braided brake lines on my 89 VR. Rick F.
  21. Just a note.. there is a bleeder valve at the Triple Tree and after you do the above routines, you should bleed the rear, then the left front and then the triple tree bleeder as that is the highest point in the system and should be bleed last. You could actually let the bike sit over night and bleed the triple tree bleeder to remove all the air.. I hope this helps. Rick F.
  22. Here is a little cheat sheet on setting the floats with the float bowls off. Also check and make sure the rubber plugs in the bottom of the jet block are nice and tight so no gas gets by them when running. They should be very tight in the jet block. I hope that helps Rick F.
  23. I would start checking fuel lines to see if the mice have chewed holes in them. That could explain the gas going everywhere. Did they chew any holes in the air cleaner themselves to where they would have access to the throat of the carbs? Good luck. Rick F.
  24. The tach is driven by the Gray wire connected from the TCI unit to what appears to be spark plug #2 coil. The tach is also power by a brown wire that supplies power to the tach and is fuse protected so you would want to check the fuse also to make sure it is ok. The Brown wire also supplies power to the brake switches. I hope this helps.. Rick F
  25. Have you checked the owners manual to see what it recommends for air pressure in the rear shock? There should be one in the Library section of the forum on 1st Gens. Rick F.
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