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  1. Just not happy with the increased seat height of the one piece mustang seat in my 08 RSV. This seat model claims a 1.5" increase. I'm 6 foot tall and find situations where I'm not able to get both feel down comfortably. Would be willing to trade mine, in flawless condition, with backrest, for good or better condition OEM or third party seat that has factory or lower seat height. I'd prefer to not mess with lowering. I can send pics on request.
  2. I've noticed this, if I hit the grocery store in just the leather jacket and jeans. I rarely ride without my jacket even when it's hot out - safety, right? I still get suspicious/questioning looks sometimes. I've just moved from Denver to the San Luis Obispo area, and both areas have lots of riders, so normally I feel that I fit right in. Restaurants, walking down the street, etc. It mostly seems to be the older, conservative crowd at the grocery store that gives unapproving glances.
  3. Appreciate all the feedback - I've opted to NOT lower the bike at all - I like the way it handles now and don't want to change that. I returned the Baron's lowering kit I ordered for a refund. I was able to sit on a 2008 with a stock seat yesterday - I was flat-footed, even with the bike on the kickstand, my right foot still hit the ground flat, easily, without stretching my leg out. So, it's obviously the aftermarket set (Mustang). I'm pretty sure it's brand-new, probably was added by the originial owner before trading it in at the shop where I got it. If the seat doesn't "sink in" after awhile, I may take it to an upholsterer to have some of the padding re-worked. It's soooo comfortable though. A few thousand miles in since November, and I've gotten used to being on the balls of my feet. Oddly, having my girlfriend on the back doesn't lower the bike whatsoever, and both front and rear are at 0 lbs of pressure.
  4. Appreciate the tips - I'm a Coloradan, so I'm learning my way around. I usually insist on going to Wooley's by the Piso pier - they have those giant calamari. Mmmmmm.
  5. I'll play. This shot is missing my childhood .410 (great for knocking squirrels out of trees) and my M1 Garand (non-CMP). Left to right - Luger Vaquero .45 single action, S&W .22, S&W Highway Patrolman .357 - my dad's service weapon of choice (he was a motorcycle cop in Bellevue, NE), and a Springfield Armory U.S. Model of 1911. The wear on the cylinder on the .357 is from a service holster. Can't imagine how many times a sidearm has to be drawn to wear down the blue.
  6. Thanks! Definitely some good views. In the week since I had the bike shipped out, we've been up to Avila twice. Next up is Morrow Bay and then I'm going to drag the lady up to Ragged Point to see how her bottom holds up. We were talking earlier today about heading to Yosemite eventually. I can't wait.
  7. My RSV been moved from Denver to the San Luis Obispo area, and I should be moved out there by next weekend. On New Year's Day, took my brand-new fiancee on our first ride up a pretty windy, often one-lane road, including about a mile stretch of dirt. It led us to the top of a "mountain" (I hesitate to call these mountains, being from Denver) with a view of the ocean and Morrow Rock. I was impressed how well the Venture handled 2-up, both on the 101 and going up pretty steep grades. Fuel economy, not so great. Under 30MPG, though we did hit 80+ on the interstate to stay in the flow of traffic. Looking forward to a longer ride up the PCH to Ragged Point when it gets a bit warmer
  8. I had a set of Baron's ordered at a local shop, but after putting a few thousand on the bike I'm probably not going to use it. Hit me up if you're still looking.
  9. Great info. I didn't mention that I actually DID fold the antennaes down before attempting to put the cover on, haha. TBH I don't think Mr Previous Owner typically had them folded down, as they were both pointing 180 away from the front of the bike. Both of the sliders over the pivot points needed some WD-40 to break loose and slide up. This one that broke had obviously already been stressed, though. There was maybe a pound of force on it when it broke. It's so unsettling to "break" a bike less than week after bringing it home.
  10. I was putting a cover on last night, it snagged on the CB antennae, and it snapped right off on the piece that pivots. I'm not mad about the ridiculously long whip antennaes anyway, does anyone have experience with the shorter flexible aftermarket antennaes? The CB is *not* critical to me, but I would like the best possible FM reception.
  11. Ahhh, finally got PayPal to work Here's the situation with mine. No risers, so the air plug is alright right against the throttle cable, brake line and wiring loom. That could be re-routed a bit, but there doesn't seem to be much leeway at all. I did order the baron's lowering kit, and depending on how that handles and feels, I may just go with handlebar risers and lowering the front end too.
  12. Here's the situation with the right fork, where the shop said they couldn't raise the tubes in the tree. The factory routing of hydralics, throttle cable and wiring would have to be relocated. Even then, I don't think there's a full inch there before the air jack would hit the handlebars. I can't post images yet - no PayPal account...
  13. Would you have a photo by chance? I noticed the throttle cable and the front brake hydralic line is right up against the top of the air input for the right shock... looks like those would have to be re-routed.
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