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  1. Another eBay score...... although I felt like I paid through the nose for this one........ But when it popped up I thought ... "No way this is sitting here for long." So, I jumped on it and let some moths outta the wallet. Khrome Werks RSV Trailer Hitch with Receiver Hitch, Ball and Wiring Harness. Looks like a straight forward install. What are your thoughts on hauling a trailer? I live and ride in West Virginia and it's mountains. On flat roads I am 100% sure the RSV would have no issues with 400 or 500 pounds attached to the backside...... but up and down mountain roads might be a different story. Your thoughts? Thanks, Pete
  2. I make my living selling on eBay..... and I know its ins and outs better than most...... and doing so allowed me to score a mint condition rear shock for $27.00. I bought this unit hoping to learning how to open them up for rebuild. I will now pull my blown out shock off and put this nice looking unit on instead. I'll still cut my old one apart to see what's what..... if anyone knows how to open these... let me know. I have a machine shop and more tools than a man should have.
  3. I believe this is what David has on his bike..... Look at the bends, etc..... https://www.ebay.com/itm/165441695893 Pete
  4. OOppppsssss.... I forgot to add the photos to my earlier note.
  5. It's only been 11 year since this post was living and breathing...... so, I'm chiming in too. I JUST finished and R&R of gear lube in the final drive of my 05 RSV. The maintenance manual calls for 200ml of 80w gear lube, GL4 or GL5, etc... 200ml is 6.75 Fluid Ounces and I used the genenric Walmart brand of 80w90. Like others, I will change this each oil change too. It's too easy..... espcially with the following set up. Pictures are a couple of ubiquitous items every maintenance guy should have in his shop. I found the hosed funnel fits PERFECT from the back and the hose snakes down to the filler perfectly. I mean like it was made for it. And the funnel itself is tipped up enough so you can feed it a little, wait a few seconds, feed it, etc.... Since the FD only required 200ml...... I put 220ml in the Ratio Right and when the flowing stopped, I pull the hose and directed it to the drain pan, and put the plug back. (By the way, both plugs are 17mm.) The reason I use 220ml instead of the 200ml is...... I don't have to sit around for an hour allowing every drop to flow into the FD. The moment the majority has flowed in, pull the hose, add the plug and the job is done. I, like others have noted here, is a touch rotund and nearing 60yo and don't want to get up and down and up and down either. You can set this setup up prior to hitting the floor and go down and up ONCE ! You can thank me later. I hope this helps someone. Pete
  6. Bertha and I were chatting the other night and she wants a new rack attached to here truck. She's hoping to add a little more junk to her truck. My RSV is a 2005. I was looking at the trunk lid and it seems rather flimsy to me. I'm not wanting to haul firewood up there or anything like that. Add a sleep bag or a tent, etc... At the extreme, maybe a bag of dog food now and again. Who has used what and your suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Peter and Bertha of WV
  7. Does anyone know for sure what size oil filter wrench fits the OEM 5GH-13440-71-00 oil filter? It appears there are 65mm, 67mm, etc, etc, etc...... 2005 RSV Thanks, Pete
  8. A quick hello to my new tribe. Today I became married to my new love...... her name is Bertha, 17 years old and she's 868 pounds of the most beautiful liquid silver I ever laid eyes upon. Bertha and I have great plans of WV mountain meanderings, smokey camp sites, cool fishing holes and too much greasy roadside eats. This is going to be an epic summer! Bertha and I are happy to be here at the Venture Riders Org. Your info has already been a huge help.... and I suspect it will continue being so. Ride Safe, Pete and Bertha of WV
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