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  1. Any idea where it is? I've had a little look in the usual places (frame, inside the panniers)
  2. Yeah I've seen this, thanks ... paint codes for the colours I think are 00TY 'elegant brown' and 0789 'Yellowish silver' Just wanted to confirm these are the colours. With it being an import, its seems mamma yamma didn't do these colors on UK bikes very often. Yamaha uk told me to go to a company called RS, even they don't have it ha
  3. Hi all Hope everyone is keeping OK Can anyone confirm the colour of my bike is Platinum/Titanium? Finding paint here in the UK is proving a problem, may have found a supplier, but don't want to order if its wrong ha. Also, wanted to say a belated thank you to @cowpuc, I finally got around to dealing with the problem I had with my neutral safety switch today (o ring was damaged so it was leaking a small amount of oil) , you video was invaluable (it was a while ago, so you may not remember) 'touch wood' it seems to have stopped the (albeit minor) leak.
  4. Hello all I've not been on for a while, hope everyone is doing well. Thought I'd share my sat nav mount idea This is a standard Garmin Sat Nav Drill a hole in the attachment piece Remove the star badge and drill a hole in the cassette deck cover Attach them both together and screw down Attach Sat Nav - id recommend a bit of gorilla tape on the back as a fail safe I also ran the power cable through the fairing to the power socket Looks really good in my opinion and can still be removed if you are worried about it being stolen (take your gorilla tape
  5. I've been working since the 2nd of January, I getting to the point where I didn't think I could make it to Sunday (my first day off this year) Was able to ride to work on Sunday, feel like a new man now! Ready to take on the world again. Riding is extremely therapeutic for me.
  6. Here's my winter weather gear.. Underrmour (the stuff runners wear - skin tight top and pants) Leather trousers Tshirt - Jumper - Fleece - Wax Jacket (oversized to fit the fleece under) Full face helmet - Snood - Winter Gloves Snug as a bug in a rug - it'll be about 3c (37f) tomorrow and I'll be nice and warm
  7. Just checked mine... I get the same lights as on your picture when turning the ignition on (before starting)
  8. I blogged about this... Nodding is more common here in the UK. Yes I nod at everyone... Or wave if cruise is on (riding on the left) It sets bikers apart for me.
  9. My latest blog piece if anyone needs a 'quick read'... Nearly got crunched on my Hayabusa https://bigvbikes.home.blog/
  10. I read stories like this and find them unbelievable. I guess we are lucky in the UK with the NHS... If you need to 'get to the chopper' it costs you no more than if you limp in to hospital on foot. Most of our air ambulances are charity ran, so the extra funds needed are raised from events (a large number by Motorcycle clubs) so no extra premium on insurance as appears to be the case in Canada (in fact UK motorcycle insurance is ridiculously cheap... But that's another story) I hope they can get everything sorted!
  11. Looks good... but at $30,000 we can assume sales may be slow
  12. I think you're wife could be correct on this one. I know for me personally.. Riding my other bikes coming to a complete stop means just putting one foot down... The venture means both feet down... The extra weight means braking earlier than feels normal. It may be a good idea to find an empty space like an empty car park (parking lot) and just practice bringing the bike to a complete stop?
  13. As I suspected... You are a gentleman
  14. The 'Helmsley TT' road is much quieter these days... No speed cameras anymore and you are lucky to see 'plod' at all in the UK these days... I think the main reason it's so quiet now is the road surface is appalling and probably hasn't been tended to since you left! Unfortunately there are still far too many people getting killed on that road (two collided just the other week) despite the huge warning sign as you enter from the Stokesley side telling you how many deaths in the last 5 years (its at about 90). If you take it easy it's still a great road though
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