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  1. I think most bike wheel balancers come with cone shaped adapters that will fit most wheels.
  2. Thanks for all the pictures I will save them to my Vogel 2023 Album
  3. Heat index of 113 here today I need to go back to the mountains
  4. To the Venture Rider ladies that cooked breakfast every morning and got our day off in the right direction, everyone pitched in with food or donations and everyone got to eat a great breakfast so thank you Katrina, Bobbi and Marty and everyone who contributed.
  5. we made it home safe and sound got unloaded and started cleaning everything. Washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner is all running I'm telling y'all I run things around my house.
  6. Had another great ride today, we missed having the group with us but fun getting lost by ourselves sometimes.
  7. Bobbi and Joe pulled out this morning
  8. And then there's only two left me and Trina
  9. Come on back we had another good ride today we had lunch at HogWild and now we are back at the camp
  10. We have had three days of great rides and fine eating hope to be able to post pictures soon
  11. gonna have breakfast and head out see y'all soon
  12. we are all packed up and ready to roll, been raining every day I loaded the bike yesterday and it turned out to be a beautiful day today I could have rode and tried out my latest project oh well I guess it will get broke in at Vogel.
  13. I'm right there with you Ron I just wish I knew more and could help, but I really wish Don could get better. This was my first motorcycle site and I stayed on it even after I sold my Venture and went with a trike.
  14. I wonder where the body is?
  15. I need that APP, wait no I don't
  16. Woody

    Ride Report

    I hope you get to go cause I know we will get to see some pictures 📸
  17. I hope Tina remembers her ear plugs
  18. Woody

    Ride Report

    That's awesome
  19. Got the trailer out yesterday and checked the AC, repacked the wheel bearings, repaired some trailer light wires and made sure the refrigerators are working. that was an all day deal will start inventory and packing next week.
  20. We all appreciate all the things you do, you da man
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