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  1. Welcome back Brakepad Glad your still with us
  2. sounds like a bad or dirty connection, be sure to check the ground
  3. Hope you feel better soon and I'll think about you today while I'm riding
  4. from what I can tell it does not take much to make a difference but I would put some miles on and see if it settles in before making anymore adjustments.
  5. Finally got a chance to address the death wobble on my in-laws trike, we tightened up the steering bearings about a third of a turn since I didn't have the proper socket to use a torque wrench on I had to go by feel and it must have worked he come back with a smile on his face and said it did good. I understand from Hannigan that you can't use the fall away method because of the way their rake is designed but I did look at that while testing it and with the front wheel off the ground I could not feel any play or movement shaking it forward and backwards but we tried tightening it anyway and it worked.
  6. pictures take several pictures from different angles. I found a pocket notebook the other day with some drawings in it of wiring I had taken apart I thought to myself it has been a long time since I did that now I just snap pictures.
  7. Woody

    Ride Report

    I was trying to picture in head you on the bike hauling a complete wheel and a fender
  8. Woody

    Ride Report

    What was you riding
  9. I'm having eggs for breakfast this morning
  10. Glad to see you found the thread and it will be great to see y'all again
  11. Hope you heal soon good luck
  12. Cool pictures keep um coming
  13. Woody

    Ride Report

    Not sure about the one dry side, this place gave me flash backs to the 70's 😎. gift shop up front, bar in the back and the hamburger was good but since it was the middle of the day they were busy getting ready for later. We walked out to the bikes and was getting ready to leave when a few rain drops fell on us, decided to go back inside and see what the rain was gonna do and about the time we got in the door the bottom fell out it rained so hard we could not even see the road from the front door after about five minutes it stopped like someone shut the valve off.
  14. Woody

    Ride Report

    8 May 2023 We rode from Cantonment Florida to the Flora-Bama Bar it's amazing to look at this place with high rises on both sides, we ate lunch and waited for the storms to pass. We rode just over 200 miles all together watching the radar and letting the weather direct our path we got sprinkled on twice but never did really get wet, We stopped at Culvers restaurant for ice cream and could see it storming just up the road but the bikes sitting in the parking lot didn't even get wet. Once we finished and the storm had moved on we were on the road again turned out to be a great ride.
  15. Can you pick them out of this line up
  16. Looks like a shameless bump
  17. Us too, will load up Tuesday to go home but Vogel sounds pretty good
  18. Woody

    Ride Report

    My brother and I took a ride from Cantonment Fla, to Greenville Alabama to the Conecuh Sausage plant and had Lunch the have a restaurant there. We rode all back roads and run a good 200 miles, was just the three of us
  19. Thanks for the pictures
  20. That's great keep us posted and remember we like pictures 📸 and be safe
  21. Looks good when are the roses going to be planted
  22. Woody

    Ride Report

    Took about a 80 mile ride today just letting the traffic dictate which direction I went, took the path of less traffic. we seen a group of about 20 bikes headed in the opposite direction thinking back I should have turned around and joined in we passed the same group twice. The Michelin Road Classic tire mounted in reverse is going to be good I think I have enough miles on it now to be satisfied
  23. Glad you found the forum and the bike so how is it running now?
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