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  1. Congratulations Sleepy2
  2. When I was working in the cotton mill I discovered left handed drill bits, so you drill the hole for your easy out with the left handed bit and about 50 percent of the time the screw comes out while your drilling.
  3. Woody

    Ride Report

    nope that would something else for me to keep up, I do hope you will enjoy it
  4. Woody

    Ride Report

    and the salesman said Got him
  5. Woody

    Ride Report

    Took a ride yesterday put a few more miles on the bike, nice country roads but as usual when I just follow the front tire I found a road I wish I hadn't, don't know why the county paves a road and then don't keep it up James was riding a two wheel and couldn't miss all the holes it would have been better to leave it gravel then the locals could keep it up. But besides that it was a great ride and yes we stopped to eat. Good day and a Good ride overall. Trina's Dad is having back surgery again so I figured I would get her out on the bike for a while it worked she said it got him off her mind for a while.
  6. not by me I let Trina handle my lite work
  7. Nope he showed me where someone was asking 7500 for the same bike so he said to ask 6000.
  8. I know how it is I was with a company for 24 years and had move on but in my case it was the best move I ever made job wise anyway, none compare to the job I have now retirement is great! Good luck in your new job
  9. Well no pictures of the trike because while riding it over here he changed his mind
  10. If it was a trike she would give you a hug
  11. had the volume on the radio up
  12. I'm not even gonna tell him that, don't want to hear his reply, 🤬
  13. we took a ride the other day and the bike seams to shift out better with less noise
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