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  1. Follow the sequence to the letter. First of I think is the rear left, it doesn't have a sync screw and is only adjusted to set the idle and that would be the 'hidden' thumb screw between the 2 carbs and is your base carb.. Set that to 900rpm, then the other carb on the left side needs to pull the same vac. It seems you have that about right. Always keep the idle at 900 or you will change the vac draw as you go, and that is done by adjusting the idle screw only on the left side. Now comes the fun part on the right side, which screw does what. Look closely at the linkage, one carb is linked to the left side, the other has a link going to the other one on the right side. First sync the right side together, keeping the idle at 900, then adjust so that the right side 2 come together with the left side, always going back to adjust to 900rpm.
  2. Put in some methyl hydrate to clean out the water.
  3. Hoping you guys have many enjoyable hours on those wheels.
  4. Greasing the final drive spline is kind of touchy. I've used molly and found it didn't stick very well and soon the spline was dry, and then went with Lucas X-tra heavy duty and it kept the spline wet. Some guys also use a Honda grease and find that works.
  5. Good to have you back, hoping you can enjoy riding for a while longer.
  6. It costs me just over $200 to fill my truck,, maybe I will get a smaller tank.🙄
  7. I have heard they are out of business, but their website is still and seems they are attending some 2022 rallys, so I would think they are still in business. http://bakerbuiltairwings.com/index.php
  8. Yep, 'specially when you have a good tool to do the job with.
  9. Usually not a big item unless the gaskets need to be replaced. With the right sized allan wrench, bcak off the nut and retighten, it may take a couple of trys, if that don't work then the exhaust pipes will have to be removed and new gaskets put in, that's more work.
  10. Yep, for sure would make a difference in fuel mileage.
  11. You may have routed the choke line wrong, don't think there is an adjustment.
  12. Quick,, keep an eye out on Robin, if Bob is gone there is just holding her back from anything, and Debbie will be sneaking around as though nothing un-towards is happening. There's trouble at Kenlake I tell ya. Now for Joe and Bob,, now worries,, neither have any idea on where they might be going or how to get back on their own. I will keep an eye out for them and if they show up here I will put them to work.
  13. Something that came to mind as I watched. The proper procedure to set the rear wheel is to snug, not tighten, the 4 acorn nuts on the pumpkin, then to insert the axle and snug tight, then to tighten the acorns and then to torque the axle. Don't know if you did it this way, just thought I would comment seeing as many guys have no idea.
  14. Yep! Good thing to do when you get a used machine, give it a thorough go over.
  15. Hey,,, it's all downhill,,, what's with that?
  16. Welcome back, we just know you will thoroughly enjoy your choice.
  17. Gonna miss this for sure.
  18. On another look at your tool, I think I see little valves at each gauge do I not. If you close those valves down they will act as restrictors.
  19. Things were more pleasant when you were working,,,, what time do you start today?
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