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  1. Yep. I was trying to find a picture for you, but didn't come up with one. It won't take a whole lot of effort to open it up.
  2. I believe that I think I might maybe have an explanation for you. At least I think I do. There are a number of different that wires are held in place by this sort of holder. If you take your peter-pointer finger and bring it together to the tip of your thumb you'll form an oblong circle/hole. That is kind of what that holder looks like. When first done at the factory the tips are very close together and can be thought to be one piece, but they are made to be pried apart so that the wires can be removed and then re-inserted later.
  3. You are soooo right!! seeing as I would not expect to have it for long, it would soon go the way of a 10m socket.
  4. I'm guessing that it is mostly in the doghouse then eh?
  5. Is that what you get to use when you get sent out to the doghouse?
  6. I could get me one of those text to speak thingies, or the speaking to typing things, but I'm afraid that it were to be got into the hands of somebody else there would be no end to any paragraphs written in this forum. I will just type, that way you all will undersatnd me better anyways.
  7. Well it takes at least 2 things to being an old fart, you are the one, now you get to practice the other.
  8. Axle position definitely will effect handling, actually all components have an effect, some to a greater degree some maybe lesser. Best to do a lot of research, 1 inch can make a hug difference. When that's all put together yo then have to learn how to load it properly as well.
  9. OOuch!! That could make a feller old in a hurry. Time to adjust to the new environment!
  10. OOOOOoooo that should turn out just super! Do I need international license to ride in Holland?
  11. I have the huge blessing of having a heated shop, but can understand what you have to deal with. Did that years ago, along with laying under cars to fix them in the dead of winter because it was too much to go see the mechanic.
  12. Striping is the word, stripping is not something that is suggested you do. So far it looks good enough for me to ride. Carry on!
  13. Darn, I typed it all in here figuring it was a safe place to put it, and now that's all gone. Guess I will have to get my rememberer fixed and trade in my forgetter for a second rememberer. Thanks for what you do Don,,, It's awesome!!
  14. Something is preventing the clutch from fully seating. Could be the spring not seated properly? or the torque on the spring? or maybe the slave not returning all the way,,?? or maybe there is one plate short in the pack, although I kind of doubt that.
  15. I don't think the onboard compressor would do duty long enough to accomplish what you are thinking, I think yo might burn it out on first attempt.
  16. The only time the clutch plates are loose enough to stop things down line is when you pull on the lever, push the fluid down to the slave cylinder which in turn pushes the rod to deactivate the clutch spring. So no fluid, and no can deactivate the spring and clutch stays in play. That's the simple theory. Now release the handle and everything returns to home position. There could be air build up in the system and as you ride the air can heat up and so cause the clutch spring to be somewhat deactivated and so cause slippage. So it is important to totally have the system bled, but if you feel that the clutch slips right off the get go, then I would look elsewhere. It could be a tightening of the spring would help, but if it's tight then more torque won't do anything other than some breakage. On the other hand if it wasn't tight enough to start with it might have loosen, so for the time it takes it might not hurt to take a peek. If you are going in there, maybe just for giggles take the plates out and install a full plate at the bottom and forget the ciri-spring. Some guys say they have better luck that way. Another thing that might be possible is that the slave cylinder doesn't return all the way. You can check that as well if and when you take the cover off again, but you'll have to look in the manual for the specs.
  17. If there is air in the system then you are more likely to find that it won't disengage rather than engage fully. My thought would be that you may have missed something on the install. Did you use the half plate or go with the whole plate in the back of the pack. Did you soak all the plates in oil before install? Which brand did you put in?
  18. Lookin good so far. I got me one of those hoists, lifts 600lbs and I just stuck it to my rafters. I can unload my truck and pick things up from the ground. I just have to remember it's there when I could use it. Yours looks quite handy.
  19. But it's not easy when you only have yourself to deal with. There just seemed to be no opposition and nobody even offered an opinion. I even took a nap to see if the feelings would go away, grabbed a coffee, had a cookie, checked the news and the feelings was still there. Even paid some overdue bills and that didn't help one bit. Maybe if I wait a bit more, maybe 12 months or 52 weeks, maybe even 365 days then I won't have this feeling anymore, but I got a feeling that it will reoccur again. You see, it happens every year on this date lately and it's all due to FaceBook, so not really all my fault,, it's their fault. I just have to do this in order to get past this feeling, sooooooooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREEBIRD!!
  20. Movin on, still looking good. Worst part will be when it's all together and there is this one part that still needs a home,,, and you just know where that will need to go eh?
  21. Best turns some wheels,,, poor thing, at this rate it will die before her time. Be nice and RIDE IT!!
  22. Put the valves and springs back in, turn head upsidedown, fill the cavities with water and see if there is a leak in an hour or so. I know it sound strange but it seems to work. Water will leak down if there is a gap.
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