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  1. Yep, the wind can blow both ways, some of those raised in the ghettos become doctors and lawyers and some of those who have 'everything' end up on the streets.
  2. The results of fathers and mothers being so self centered that the upbringing and development of their kids has very little to no interest in their lives. What is important is their own self interest and entertainment and their kids can fend for themselves, and if bad happens it can be blamed on the government. On the other hand, what can kids do for proper development in cities? As parents we should be involved in their total upbringing, work ethics as well as play behavior and need to develop a system that addresses all those needs, but alas, it's all left up to the government and then it can be complained about and the responsibility is passed on and lives can carry on. Conclusion: This will lie in the importance of life itself, what we do on this earth counts, but life is short so we have little time. It starts at home! Now! In addition: The love of money is the root of all evil. For explanation: A poor man can be content in what he has, he finds shelter and food on a daily basis and can be content to be fed and sheltered. The other side of the coin is the person who desires money and works to get it, thinking that once he has enough he will be happy, but when he finds a little and puts it away, he needs more. Then once he has some more he needs to protect what he has and so desires to increase what he has and his whole being becomes centered on the defense of what he has. If he looses some, his world falls apart. If you have very little or nothing, then you have nothing to loose, but if you have a nest egg then you can very easily live to defend it, even though it might be useless tomorrow. At one time years ago our continent was poor and we all had to work together to survive, today we are in some ways much too rich and our dependence on each other and family has gone to dependence on riches.,,,,,,,, or something like that. JMT what are yours?
  3. Any cliffs around your area? just askin.
  4. Check out the members section, see if that will help. Or create a new post in the Watering Hole.
  5. Try: http://www.venturerider.org/manuals/RSVOwnersmanual.pdf
  6. Just a quick look shows me it has a lot of the Star Venture. Nice lookin scoot!!
  7. Put in the whole Barrnet system and be done with it.
  8. Super helpful that Don guy,,, makes an excellent tailgunner as well.
  9. It'll be soooo sweet when you do. Let us know how it feels, we be interested.
  10. As usual, well said. Thanks.
  11. Absence makes the heart grow founder, be patient, it'll be hot soon enough.
  12. Opps, guess I looked wrong, sorry about that, but if need be I will rectify.
  13. Last time I looked I didn't see anything surplus,, I did see some stuff in other categories though and I'm glad it's stored at your place and not mine.
  14. Try under the right side cover under the seat. Carefully and gently as possible pull and tug on the cover to remove it. It's held in place with plastic pins and grommets.
  15. Now you are kissing garmin's,, what's next?
  16. OOOOO looky that, you are now a Supporting Member,,,, Now how did that happen? WELCOME!
  17. You might have blown a fuse maybe due to a chaffed wire. Check the fuses and then check the wiring for bare spots,,, or maybe a mouse chewed through the wires.
  18. Only $12 per year works out to about $1 per month, so way less than 1 cup of coffee and that way you can feel that you belong here.
  19. Not everyone who is called a mechanic can properly tighten steering head bearings. I would loosen them off about a 1/16" and see if that makes a difference, often it will. They need to be tight enough to offer a very slight drag, but only very slight, a little too much and the bike will 'drift'.
  20. Road side kitchens for us, if and when we go, sometimes they even have places to sit and relax and those private things called toilets.
  21. Go ahead and mention who you think might fit those shoes, @saddlebum I'm sure won't mind.
  22. Thanks for telling us Don, you just don't know how important BOTH of you are to the rest of us. Will consult with the Great Physician and Master for both of you.
  23. Marcarl

    Trike Lift

    Can you bring that to MD?
  24. Well at least something is progressing.
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