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  1. Marcarl


    Who said anything about bribing? That is totally your idea!!!
  2. Just so you are aware, the oil tat drained for you as you pulled that bolt is none other than engine oil, the very same stuff that you pour into the engine on the other side. When you do an oil change there will be some oil left in the pan for the pan has 2 wells. The 2nd well can be drained by removing that bolt and waiting, waiting, waiting. Don't loose the sealing washer (copper) from that bolt or it will drip.
  3. I hear oven cleaner does it nicely without damage.
  4. Now don't you go putting a label on that bottle, it will for sure be misleading.
  5. Marcarl


    Amazing what a few peperettes can do eh.
  6. Marcarl


    It worked for them I guess,,, we did leave didn't we?
  7. It's made you into who you are today, and I'll say no more,,,,,, at least for now anyways.
  8. Good to see this discussion is being held without anybody shooting at each other. Don't mind following this at all,, but now I'm going to through a monkey wrench into the whole theological theory. Time will come when this world will come to an end. Scientists will back that thought. We all like to remain blind to that fact and refuse to deal with it, but the signs are there. I'm not on climate change, flooding oceans, drought in areas and floods in others, all that stuff. I'm not one to delve into that stuff much. Rather I see things a bit different and the events kind of point in that direction. We can complain, fight, vote, rally, or whatever, to try and direct bosses (government or companies and know-it-alls) in the direction that we think they should go, but it doesn't seem to work. Why not? They are not the ones really in control. We live in a world that is governed not by mere people, but by the unseen 'bodies' that rule and guide us, evil vs good if you will. Presently evil has things going his way and so we are getting deeper and deeper into kaka. That's why I don't oppose any of the myriad of conspiracy theories that are being brought out. Anyone of those could be true. What I do see though is that man is being primed to follow what ruling bodies decide, as well as swallowing any 'white lies' that are being pushed around. It in advertising, government, political correctness, packaging and thoughout all our systems. We are so immune to it all, that we don't pay pay attention to it anymore, fact it, often times we will even support it. This may not be you and I, but thee general population where of I speak. Our moral fabric is going to shreds, our governments (that's us by the way) are so far in debt that there is no way out. In order to bring this around and be able to carry-on at all,,,, there will have to be a one-somebody to take it all in hand and fix it,,,, somehow cancel all debts of the countries, set 'new' rules in place that we need to abide by and still somehow make sure that we follow his lead. This won't be an easy thing to do, but a lot easier than it was 100 years ago. There is now enough of the population that will follow anyone that can make some wild ass promises, it doesn't take 50% plus one,,, it only takes 15% of the people to vote in a new government. Kind of scary I think, and like I said at first,, we don't want to deal with it. As a closing statement: Do we know which con theory is right? True? Can we trust what we are told by our rulers or bosses? Really?? Where is the truth? Who has it?
  9. Don't think I removed mine when I did the 85. Maybe the book thinks you are a paid mechanic and so you could use the time involved, and you never know, there maybe be something you could break and then charge more.
  10. Marcarl


    I bet they seen me comin', and thought to themselves: we got more to do today than to listen to this Canuck, bet he learned his talking from the guy that's stranded over there. How soon can we get these speechifiers otta here?
  11. So I am assuming then that it did turn over well enough. Did you check to make sure all the electrodes were still on the spark plugs, thinking that one make have broken off and started bouncing around inside a cylinder.
  12. What do you mean by 'wouldn't start'. It wouldn't turn over or it turned over but wouldn't fire.?
  13. Marcarl


    Correction: Queenston Lewiston Bridge should read, Peace Bridge.
  14. I don't see anything correlation (big word for me) between the cracks in the front and what's on the back. No way should a tire crack like that under any circumstances. (another big word, but this one I've spelled before)
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