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  1. Expecting some pictures! You know it didn't happen if there was no pictures. Don't forget the nurses,, we are very interested in the nurses!!!
  2. Do I hear and invite for a party in there somewhere?
  3. Good to hear you took some time for yourself Bro. I think I might have got more miles on in the last month than the rest of the season. Friday was nice, but it was all booked up and so no ride. Today looks like the Whitewasher took a shot at us and we have to go clean it up so the high-heels don't get their feet wet.
  4. The moon has taken some well deserved time off, you know of course that last month the poor thing had to go through a full cycle twice eh,, and so got a wee bit tired. Actually, the moon has totally disappeared, but in it's place there is now a 'theme' button at the bottom of the page. Go look!! Scroll to the bottom of this or any page, find the word 'theme', click on it and change the choice. It might work for you.
  5. Darn trouble is,,, once you start watching videos, there is no end. Thanks Patch for using up the last hour. Was good though.
  6. We can only hope that all those involved and spoke about will see the Light before they enter a dark hole.
  7. She just had a birthday yesterday, so another year wiser. I don't think you would stand much of a chance at the end of the line. So as to not get your hopes up, and be greatly disappointed, take my advice and find a French maiden,,, might find one in distress.
  8. OHHHH Marca will never be over me,, she is one bright lady,, she knows when she has it good,,,,, and she can't speak French, but can find her way very well in Dutch!!!
  9. Ahhhh nothing, guess I was just looking for somebody to gush all over my big effort,, it took me so long!!!!! (15sec)
  10. Super,,, save landings!! But if you need help, we've been know to offer suggestions.
  11. K???? All the research I did??? and all I get is K?
  12. Best just leave them there branches and park the car somewhere else. Those branches got put up there for a reason, and I wouldn't argue about the reasoning.
  13. I hope you have the nomenclature wrong, and are really meaning the valve cover bolts. If the head bolts are loose enough to cause an oil leak, you gots bigger problems. Now the valve cover bolts are a shoulder bolt, so they only got to: tight, you can't snug them up any more than tight or you will snap them off, so be careful.
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