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  1. I have been in conversation today with Ernie, one of the owners of Niagara Shores. He would really like\needs to know if we will have our rally there in July 15 thru 18th. They have had a difficult year and have no idea how this year will plan out for them, so they are looking to fill every desired and available spot possible. Can't say as I blame them. So far we have only 4 people respond on the calendar, which is great, but not great enough. I also realize that there are a lot of things still up in the air when it comes to covid as well as time off and other things, but I do
  2. Time is moving on, and we need to know if there is interest in the Niagara Shores Rally. The spot is right on Lake Ontario. If you have interest to attend, then please indicate that on the calendar, so that we have some sort of an idea. I know the covid thing has most of us wondering what July will bring, but we do need to plan a little. So please do your thing.
  3. So very sorry for creating the upset that my un-researched comment caused. Bet the calendar got some visits though.
  4. THE BOSS IS HAVING ANOTHER BIRTHDAY.!.!.! Sure glad he is, for the alternative would not make me happy. Happy birthday Don, and may the Good Lord, Shepherd and Father grant you many more in good health.
  5. Got me one of those there thingies about 10 years ago,,,, oooooo do I love it. Never out of hot water, can use hot water in my pressure washer if I want, and it's super cheap to run. When this one goes, IN comes another!!!
  6. Don't go swimmin just yet,, doesn't look very clean. Wow!
  7. Figured I'd be a nice guy and take that responsibility off of your shoulders this time,,, I didn't want you feeling bad as well.
  8. WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!.....LOL had to say it, because you wanted me to.
  9. Be ready to invest some money into it, there are going to be things that need to be replaced, afterall it's a 30 year old bike. Things I would look for: condition of the plastic, is it missing tabs, cracked, paint condition. Bottom of the trunk will crack out on some bikes. Paint condition. Age of tires, sure they may only have a few miles on them, but how old are they. Things I would plan to go over before I ride it: Brakes, including a caliper and master rebuild. All wiring connectors taken apart and cleaned and then coated with fluidfilm. Check
  10. I think it's an excellent choice for you, barring any issues that it has. Ridability should work premium for yah.
  11. Glad to live in Ontario, at least we know what to wear!!
  12. You might have a loose connection at the battery or a failed connection. Take the cables off, clean them and then try again. Testing voltage probably won't tell anything seeing as you need to see amperage, unless you test the connectors under load, then things might show up for you.
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