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  1. Probably best to stay on the super slabs until you gat south and east of Buffalo. maybe make your way to the 16 south, make a stop at Pioneer motor sports in Caffee then south to the Pa line.
  2. Letchworth state park is the grand canyon of the north. you might want to stop at Spragues maple farm on rte 305 in Portville NY. great place to eat. big biker destination.
  3. I changed out the 99 seats for cushion top seats from a newer model and find them to be more comfortable. also have a airhawk cusion and dont find it to help all that much.
  4. not everyone checked in, we just got home around 5:30 pm. made it a two day run, just didn't have it in us to drive straight through. and yes i do know all about splitting those pesky thunder storms. got that science down pat.
  5. Your right, old age will do that to you. It no longer maters anyway. We went high tech this week, no more being tethered to the bike with cords. We went with Sena.
  6. if im not mistaken Buddy Rich was the guy who made the mic mute, I'm told he is no longer in business. Its to bad, i could use a set now.
  7. Just installed The medium Clearview, so far so good. did not get the vent.
  8. I don't see another WNY rally, Bigtom and motorcycletom sold their rides and we lost Bongbob couple years ago. Maybe the Canadians can put something together for the northeast area.
  9. the true tragedy is no one is taking about continuing this tradition and planning future rallies. sounds like the beginning of the end. Very sad.
  10. Robin and I have worked every WNY rally and attended 5 MD's at Freebirds. MD's were my favorite because I didn't have to work, lol
  11. Here's your chance! May18-22 at Kenlake, Kentucky. check it out on the calendar. its time to break loose from Covid and all the other Bull going on in our lives! Take a break and join us!
  12. Seem to be having problem with posting, anyway a ride around the lake on the pontoon would be cool.
  13. last i heard the boarder is open and there is a rally in Kentucky May 18th. Just saying.
  14. Ok, who is still going? I know of 2 couples for sure and one of them is us.
  15. Still don't know whats going on, but our room is booked and I know Joe and Deb are still going, so Kenlakes is still a go for us.
  16. Any updates? Is it still a go?
  17. just booked a 2 bd room cottage at Kenlake resort state park for 19th to 22nd. Joe and Deb will be staying with us. looking forward to seeing everyone and braking loss from this Covid crap. hopefully more people will take the plunge and join us.
  18. We broke down in the middle of Yellowstone, you don't want to ever brake down in a national park. It cost us $800.00 to get towed to the east entrance and thats as far as the park tow service will take you. So we were stranded twice in one day. Called AAA to tow us to Cody about 42 miles. By the way, no cell service at the east gate area, had to use a pay phone because the jerks at the Resturant/ gift shop would not let us use thier phone. friendly bunch of people. AAA said they would pick up the bike but not us because of covid we could not ride in the truck. We got the trike and us back to Cody thanks to some very nice people who help us get back to cody to pick up my truck and trailer.
  19. try mike eykamp, he salvages royal stars and is a good source of used and new parts.
  20. had the same problem on the 99 several years back. burned up the whole connector. by the way you got off cheep for the tow out of Yellowstone, cost us $800.00 to the east gate, we were on our own from there. totally different problem when we broke down in Yellowstone.
  21. So heres the thing about the tank vacuum vent line, down around the fuel filter or where the fuel filter is suppost to be is a tip over valve in the vent line. at the end of the metal tube coming out of the tank is a very small orifice, now take in the langth of the hose, thats a lot of stuff for enough water to travel through and contaminate several gallons of gas. the best way to see if you have contamination is to pull the hose off of the petcock, use a try clear bottle to collect a sample from the reserve position on the petcock. if you are getting water into the tank you will see water at the bottom of the sample. if you do have water you may look into the gas cap has being the problem.
  22. the 07 had a recall for head gasket. thats the only thing i ever heard of.
  23. she did and said she will be gunning for you next year at your rally.
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