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  1. the 07 had a recall for head gasket. thats the only thing i ever heard of.
  2. she did and said she will be gunning for you next year at your rally.
  3. thanks for letting the cat out of the bag, Ron. yep this is it, but in red.
  4. Thanks for the input. some great info here. The new owners are going to take care of it. they are also new members here.
  5. steamer


    Found a set, thanks to Mike Eykamp. Now I just need a bike to put them on.
  6. steamer


    I can not find a source for new armrests for the RSV. Thanks to Mike, I have a good used set coming my way.
  7. we have something in the works. Will know more next week.
  8. After 11 fun and interesting years, Rocking Robin has a new home with a nice middle age couple that is just starting thier riding adventures. I hope they have as much fun as we did.
  9. steamer


    anyone come up with a new source for armrests
  10. memory not what it use to be, I believe the person who did the pin stripe work said it would come off with laquer thinner. not sure about this.
  11. I have heard the same. just a little apprehensive to try it. hoping to find someone who has had success.
  12. to those members who had pinstripping done while attending rallys and probably had a few beers before making the decision to enhance your paint job. how do you remove it without damaging the paint?
  13. It was no worse then any flu shot we have had over the course of our lives. a little sore around the shot sit on the first shot and a little sleepy after the scond shot.
  14. I forgot to mention them, I also have delt with them. very good company and good prices.
  15. try mike eykamp. or pinwall
  16. sounds good. need to post the dates on the calendar with a sign up list.
  17. Robin says yes! so I guess I have to show up too. You might want to check with Don to see if he is going to plan a maintenance day for June so the dates don't over lap.
  18. remove the tank and check the main power connection to the ignition switch. it is the connection with 2 wires. see if it is fried. happen to me from corrosion. you might have fried it by putting 12v back through the ground when you touched the frame with your charger wire.
  19. Will not be attending this year. we have attended or work at every rally since joining VR in 2010 and have enjoyed everyone of them and very much enjoy the company of everyone of you who have attended. We have decided to spend some time this year traveling the country as much as possible. covid has shown us that life is short. we will see all of you at the next rally, or maybe another VR rally. We would very much like to see other members set up their own rally so we can gather somewhere other then NY. stay safe.
  20. Me thinks the map has a hick up or three. it shows Robin and me in Davenport Iowa, should be port byron ny.
  21. I believe but can not verify something very abnormal happen to this bike at some point long before i took ownership. Probably before it was triked.
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