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  1. I'm about 10 minutes north east of Richmond, VA. Fire ants have been found about 30 miles south of here in Dinwiddie county so I'd imagine we'll have them by late summer or early fall. Something else that will try to murder me, yay.
  2. Hope everyone has had a good day. Looks like severe weather is going to ruin any riding tomorrow so I think I will focus on some little updating on the Venture. I'm still waiting for her to whisper her name to me so until she does, she's just getting called Venture. Anyhoo.... I've dug deeply into the archives and have come to the same conclusion as most of you: there's no way to do but so much with 4 inch speakers. I have upgraded them to modern speakers and hooked up Bluetooth capability and I'm ok with what it is. I can hear it pretty well at 70-80. I would like to add some speakers and an amp to the bags to bring some decent midrange to the package. I have found zero solutions for ready to go replacement lids for the Royal Star bags to just toss some speakers in so....it looks like I'll be butchering my bag lids myself and praying I don't screw up. Just curious to see if anyone has already done this and has any advice? Only way 6x9s are fitting good is to put them aft of the bag locks and that just doesn't seem like a good idea to me. 5x7s might go but the curvature of the front of the bag lid scares me. 6.5" rounds would go I believe but still have the issue with the curvature. Any and all ideas are appreciated. I think I can make the stock system into something pretty decent but before I start, I wanted to check with the guys who have been there. Thanks everyone.
  3. Greetings and Salutations from Mechanicsville, VA. My name is Erik and I am humbly grateful to be allowed to be a member of this community. I'm in my early 40s now and have been riding and turning wrenches on bikes since I was 9. That being said, I'm new to the RSV. I have an 05 Triumph Rocket III but was looking for something for longer hauling. My spine is busted so every piece of comfort I can get matters to me and so I wanted to turn to the fine folks who know these bikes in and out for advice. As I said, I have a 99 with the old style seats. It's pretty comfortable but compared to my RIII, I feel pushed up against the tank. I'd prefer not to have my boys cooking from heat rolling up from the engine. So my questions are: Are the pillow top seats more comfortable than the original and does the pillow top allow you to scoot back any more than the original or do I need to look at an aftermarket seat? I've got a Corbin on my RIII which is hard as stone but is sculpted perfectly for my body type. I saw where people on here suggested handlebar risers to put the bars back further but that doesn't seem to be my issue as the bars aren't what's not allowing me to scoot back, it's a lack of seat due to it being so fat at the rear. The seat is 5 or 6 in. shorter than my Corbin. Your thoughts on this are greatly appreciated. Y'all will be seeing right much of me on here as I'm full of questions. Thanks again for having me.
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