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  1. My 83 venture did the same thing , and ended up replace steering head bearings ...Put front of the bike on a jack to lift the wheel off the ground if there is movement , good place to start are the steering head bearing
  2. As we are talking about brakes and we all need good ones .. A rider here lost his life here on a down hill curve in June 2021 ... I do not know any details than just that ..I have been on that same road and the same curve where this accident happened , and it is is a short down hill curve , you be have to be in full control of your bike .. I had to drop my speed a least in by half the bike or will go into a slide depending on how you apply your brakes ..When road stays a bit wet , it is not a good corner
  3. I have a question only ...Is there a O-ring leaking and sucking air ....That is what I found on my 83 ZVX1200 ...I noticed a wet spot on the front under the rubber
  4. Engine oil changes , flush cooling system, flush clutch lines , flush brake lines are things that make for a better running bike and a happier rider
  5. larrydr


    I do agree @saddlebum , I bought a new Stator for my 83 XVZ1200 from Yamaha and they sent a plate to mount with Stator to help with the oil flow at the Stator
  6. On my last visit to the doctor , was July 20 ...They starting to look into cases someone has been on long medication ....I has been on drug called Dilantin to help control muscle / seizures and stroke ...I fell 20 feet to concrete and ended up 5 sugerys on my head and years in rehab ...They now it is how Dilantin reacts to another med
  7. I did find on set of Perilli available , but the shipping itself was as much as the tires cost
  8. Talked to someone on July 20 and he had a severe rash down his down to stomach and blister about 6 inches by 16 inches and it was turning into a infection ...I know someone who cold not walk for 1 week and 3 weeks in hospital with high fever ...there at least 8 cases here from the last 2 weeks ..Many people are asking for answers ..Doctors are quiet and don't want to say anything..I cannot see them hiding the information a interactions and side affects .In one case the side affect itself was as bad or worse than Covid could ever get to be ..We are a small city 12500 people and the news of this side affect is spreading like a wild fire ...
  9. I have not been able to buy the right size to fit my ride in a Pirelli , I have heard that they are a good tire ...In 57 years of owning a bike I have found nothing better than the Dunlop Elite series ....I also found that when I need to buy a tire , is availabilty ...I have paid so much in shipping that it seems unreal ..Good Luck in finding the size you need
  10. I do know that at at least in my range of riding in 95000 kilometers on my XV1100 Virago up to April 2020 , I always like the Dunlop Elite series is a strong tire. and I rode the one set for 4 years and the second set for another 5 years ..$$$$$$$$ .....Since I purchased 83 Venture I have installed the Bridgestone .to save money.....I found that by installing one size over gave me more rubber on the road for better mileage /distance as in more miles traveled , but the only problem I have not been out on the road with it ..Maybe next season I can .
  11. I do know that if your knees don't work , there is a lot you can not do not most or 1/2 of time ...Drug interaction is something all doctors should be aware of when adding a new perscription to the mix ... I Spent 20 days in hospital in 1996 because of a drug interaction no one would talk about ..They had to stop all medications for 4 days then restart the long term medication ....The specialist the at H.S.C hospital in Winnipeg explained that anyone on a long perscribed drug is often in danger when adding another or new drug ....ON my last new perscription the doctor said you are under 65 and so then this should work ...I said no I am 74 ...The look on the doctors face said it all before a silence and a different perscription ...Looks like you and I have both been through a couple of things Be Well..
  12. Not to worry I will pull through this , but thank you .......I tell myself that I am in GODS hands and i will make it ...I tell myself there must be something else for me to do in this life and I will make the very best of it . What concerns me is that all the powers at be that control what happens in the medical system turn a blind eye to people who have serious reaction to a vaccine .. There should a medical done before a vaccination for someone with health conditions ...But the big push stays on to get everyone vaccinated even though no one knows their existing health conditions and how the drug they are already taking will be affected by this vaccine ... I enjoy playing with my bikes and I will never give that up
  13. My first one ...Pfizer ...I had a bad relapse last night and not doing well now , did not want to taken to the hospital and will try to make it on my own
  14. There needs to be an investigation done on side effects and interaction before anyone gets Vaccinated ...I had a bad fall in 1978 , I fell 20 feet to a concrete floor , fractured skull in 5 places and pins installed and I am on a drug called Dilantin for Seizures ..... I had a relapse last night and not doing well now , I did not want to taken to the hospital and will try make it on my own
  15. I am fine with injections..What needs to be done in the Vaccination field is an investigation into current medications being taken and possible side effects and interactions ...There have been 8 cases of serious side effects from the Covid .. vaccination here and it is the best kept secret here no one wants to talk about because of the media telling us that we have to have this vaccination ...I get 14 injections ( needles are 5 inches long , I am wide awake ) in my abdomen every 3 months and some in my spine ...I had Liver cancer in 2010 , they had to remove my liver and take a piece off it and then put it back in ...I have had 10 Surgery in 11 years , and one that went very bad...I have had so many injections I have lost count ..I am going for 14 more injections on July 28th ...They are going to install a heart monitor / pacemaker on august 24th
  16. On June 24 I received my first dose The needle went in and about 40 seconds latter my head went numb and I lost control .. Next thing I know is someone grabbing my shoulder and asking me are you okay , all I could say was maybe soon . My left arm made some erratic movements for 4 days , my doctor has ordered a whole bunch of tests .. They are thinking that it may have been a stoke caused by the injection , I have not been the same since .. The doctors put me on the non injection list Unfortunate because I wanted both Vaccine 1 and second dose
  17. About 3 months ago I repaired both forks on my 83 1200 On oil refill I used a synthetic blend oil by Torco I noticed a leak on one fork about 4 days ago , and I drained the oil and it came out black and ugly I have flushed the fork 4 times now and will flush it again on July 22 . The bike has not been run for at least 3 months and I don't understand why the oil would turn black with the bike sitting Have heard some comments about the seals not being compatible with synthetic blend oil I hope some can explain why the oil would turn to a dark black
  18. @saddlebum ..what you think about using synthetic fork in the 83 Venture front forks ..

    I did a repair on my forks on my Venture and I did use synthetic fork oil on refill ...

    I noticed a leak coming from bottom of the fork , the bike sat for 3 months and has not be on the road .

    The drained the oil to repair the leak , and it was black , black ,black .

    I then flushed fork 3 times with little improvement on color , would you use synthetic oil or non synthetic fork oil

    And is there a compatibility problem with oil and seals


    1. saddlebum


      To be honest I have never used synthetic fork oil so I really can,t say much about it. As a rule i do not tend to lean towards synthetics as I believe oil does not wear out but gets dirty. A fact pointed out to me by a Shell research worker I once knew. Having gotten over 300,000 miles on many engine on Dino oil and often running oil 4 times as long as recommended only changing the filter regularly I see no point in the added expense. Plus I find in these old bikes as I did try synthetic once in my 89 that the engine is much noisier on synthetic than on regular Dino oil which seems to do a better cushioning effect on the moving parts were lash is involved  

      My personal favorite for the forks  is Bel Ray, Have been using it since my motocross days in the late sixties on all my bikes. On my bike I use the high performance 10W20210722_180509.thumb.jpg.d0aa4f67a90b2a762a70c1edc8b19b5e.jpg

    2. saddlebum


      Also I can see were some oils may not be compatible with the seal material. The other possible cause is something not put together right and getting a  wear condition between two rubbing parts not installed correctly.

    3. larrydr


      I  rode the bike for about 10 minutes and put it back in the shop and it has sitting the same spot for 3 months that is when I noticed a oil leak (  O- Rings )  on the brake system

  19. Thanks for the picture ,,,found one with the same parts number ....I found out that my thermostat was sticking and I may replace it anyway
  20. I live 20 miles from the Canada ..USA border and at least till now we cannot cross the border ....In the past we used to make many trips to the C,omin in Grand Forks and had some great food at the Texas Road House there ....Have family and many good friends in the USA ...We miss the good times when did visit them ......I truly hope that all this ugly COVID goes away soon ...Have cousins in California and 2 other states we would like to go see .. You guys have a great time ...Keep it between the lines and the rubber side down
  21. Thanks I will proceed with caution ...I think my cooling plugged or the water pump is done/kaput
  22. I have been down this road many a time with automotive engine .....I have been warned not to use the regular cooling system flush as it may damage the XVZ1200 system . i was thinking of using vinegar and water mixture 50/50 ....Anyone have the right answer . I have been to find a thermostat here in Canada , that is near impossible
  23. My 83 xvz1200 had leak at the gear shift lever , I pulled the cover and pressed out the bushing and made a new one in my lathe and installed it and put the seal back in .. That was 10 months ago and still okay
  24. I do know of someone that lost a passenger ..did not end well
  25. My XVZ1200 ... has 150 80 16 at the rear ....Is there a 15 inch rear wheel that would fit
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