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  1. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people in a hurricane / tornado ...I live in Manitoba and get temperatures down to minus 40 degrees and piles of snow , and their is no way I would trade for the weather conditions I see on the news that the eastern coast line has .
  2. I agree with you on that one ...I the world in general has gone upside down , self respect , and others is gone ...It seems like unless their cell says it is okay everyone is lost ...Here in Manitoba , Canada we can see the civilization dumping their minds into media trash can
  3. I have gone from the narrow front tire to a wider front and what i will and can say for sure is that the wider front tire is more stable on the roads we have here in Manitoba ...Our road conditions in general are poor at best ...The wider front tire does not follow every crack in the road .
  4. My tools and tool box were bought in 1965 when I started to work for GM and have added metric wrenches ...It still needs everything put back in its place every so often and it seems that if I don't everything back in its place the size I need is always hard to find ...All the handy tool holders only work if I put everything back into the right place
  5. I rode a wing for 2 years , and I will say that what I do like about it is the engine is down low which the center of gravity down low .(1). My Venture has the fuel tank in much the same position , but the wing is easier to balance ..(2) .That also makes the wing easier to handle in a bad side wind ..(3) Sometimes the venture will show a side thrust on applying engine throttle / torque .
  6. If you are in crowed noisy room , the best way to have some quiet is to feed them
  7. Good topic ...I started my on ride on the street on Harley 45 in 1963 , and although I have a 1983 venture I do miss the V-Twin design ..I will be turning my XVZ1200 into a trike , I will keeping a old version of the Virago as a 2 wheel standby ..I spent time on dirt bike on and off the race track , where handling is a first ...The same goes for riding the 500cc flat track , and at 76 years old seat height and handling come first ...90 percent of the guys my age here in Manitoba have traded in their import version of touring bike ( Yamaha ...Honda ..BMW ) for a Harley ..As far as technology goes Harley has made a move to the electronics system for control ...Which has brought a bunch of growing pains for Harley , because of updates their control system needs...
  8. I can relate to not being able to ride ...My doctor pulled my drivers licence in 2021 for 8 months ...After 8 months of Hospital stays and more testing , a heart monitor they found nothing wrong ..Got my licence to drive back on January 4th 2022 ...Your health is something you cannot take for granted , my wife and I enjoy riding together but at today cost we have not been on the road this year ...I I turned 76 on September 5th and I do ride at times The fuel prices jumped to $9.97 a gallon here in spring , and about 1/2 the guys that were riding up to 2022 are still not riding because the cost of the fuel .... All the best to all out there and enjoy the ride ..
  9. What are your thoughts on extending the wheel base about 10 inches ?
  10. I would build it myself , I have welded steam and , air compressor tanks, uni body car chassis , truck frames , aluminum compressor tanks , W 31 grade aircraft tubing and have passed inspection on all ....I am retired and time does not matter ...I buy all material at a reduced cost , and I would estimate my total material cost at about $1000.00 ..The only thing that I am undecided abut is to build a solid rear axle unit or independent rear suspension .....
  11. I was thinking of going with 2 in the back , because that would leave me with more of 2 wheel feel while riding ..Some of the guys here are talking about independent suspension , although the solid differential would be a simpler build ..There is metal bender near by who tells that they can easily build me a aluminum body .. I was thinking of using a GM Chevite or Ford Pinto differential ...Like in any build there are probably going to be several things coming up that will require some extra input
  12. Started disassemble my 83 to make it into a trike ...Have had many guys telling me what to do ...None of the people have ever had a 83 Venture and turned it into a trike ..Many of the trike owners out here all talk about wheel base , but no one here has ever built their own ... Have heard about trikes role over in tight turn ..Would like to hear from some one who has a 83 trike conversion and their thoughts wheel base and some changes that might help ..Trike builders here will not say anything and that they only build them one way ..
  13. My meds are costing me $470.00 per month as a average and sometimes more .( I have stopped taking some of these medications )...The are many medications here in Canada that are not covered by government plan or any insurance we can buy , and most of the pain medications are not covered ...Any of my Diabetic test equipment are not covered and do cost $150.00 per month and any of my Asthma medication ..Symbicort and Zenhale cost me about $240.00 per month .. , mainly because of the health risk and side effects some of these medications can cause ... Symbicort will cause infections in the mouth and throat ....I Asked my doctor to explain shy these medications were being prescribed if can cause serious infections ...There times I think we are being used for or as a Lab Rat ....
  14. As you mentioned the right handle bars is important .. I do know because I always have to make my bike fit me , and if I don't , I will end up having trouble with my upper body ..And also my favorite handle bars do not fit everyone else ..Take time to find what you need to things comfortable for you
  15. I grew up on a farm in southern Manitoba , where there very little traffic of any kind ...Every farm boy by the age of 6 years has been driving a tractor and a farm truck by 13 years old ....At 13 I made many a trip into town to pickup parts ..When I turned 16 my mother took into town to the police station for a drivers test ..So happen the police chiefs son and I were in the same class in high school ..When my turn came for the drivers test the police chief and I got into my mother car and he looks at me and says have I seen you driving in town before ...He then told me me to do a series of parking and driving events ..The whole driving test took about 10 minutes ...He looks at me and says drive back to the police station , as he walked past my mother he says to her keep an eye on him he may want to go for ice cream before he leaves town ..
  16. I do know that fuel consumption weather it is LPG or gasoline depends on power demand ..I do know that if your home is using a 100 AMP MAIN Breaker normally often will have a constant 35 amp power demand on average day ...If you overload your generator chances are it will shorten its winding life .I spent 20 years in a industrial environment servicing a power grid ....I have learned never rely on the rating the unit you are planning to use ..They normally are peak rating , at a short maximum load .
  17. Backup power system is great to have ..The unfortunate part of it is that my system burns 5 gallons of gasoline per hour .. I have a 13 hp Honda driving a 5 KVA Commercial generator ...(.A 5KVA rating is 230 Volts running 40 Amps for a constant 1000 hours )...We were hit by a 3.5 level Tornado in 2018 which took out the power grid for a 5 day period ..4 years ago ..The fuel to run the generator had to hauled in by truck from 20 miles away because of the power grid being down ..
  18. Over the years of serving bikes , I have seen a ticking wheel cylinder cause problems much like that ....I like to mount the rotor in my metal lathe and take a power sander to the rotor as it spinning , sometimes tiny bits or road rash and bits of the pads stuck to the rotor cause problems
  19. Good information is what is often needed
  20. When you have good information for the trip you are on it saves time , and will keep you from making a few wrong turns into country side with only one way out .
  21. I have not replaced the fork bushings , but I will replacing them ...The guy I bought the bike from had similar problems till he matched the front and rear tires .....Have checked and rechecked the steering head bearings , and will be replacing them again only this time i will try to get them from Yamaha ..Have had a series of problems on other bikes when we use after market parts....More guys I know have had strange events after using after market steering head bearings ...
  22. When a friend passing from this life to eternity , the sense of loss is what we should feel ...Then it is a good time to celebrate his life , and to remember all the things we know about them...
  23. Boy that sure does sound good , only problem is I am miles away , you guys have a great time
  24. For me VentureRider is great , have talked to a lot of good people ... Have got some great information about my 83 ZVX1200 and I am a old longtime biker but it seems that I cannot quit learning . For me buying this basket case 83 4 years ago and spending months , weeks , hours to get it running , it seems like I have stepped into a while new line of bikes and that no matter how many bikes I have worked on or been riding , that not all bikes are exactly the same
  25. The front tire was a Exedra Max 120 / 70 r18 ..I first noticed the low speed at 35 mph and I first thought it was road conditions ...I did another not severe at 60 mph .. I put it back into the shop and went over the steering bearing installation and adjustments ....But nothing changed , I put the bike back into the shop and changed the front tire to a Dunlop Elite series ...It was much better and went for a hour ride and all was fine till I pulled to pass a Semi and at a speed of 70 mph and the speed wobble went very bad in strong side wind ...I thought this will not end well with semi on my tail and traffic coming from the front ..I gripped the handle as tight as I could , shifted down to 4th gear and opened the throttle all the way and as the front lifted a bit the front began to steady ..Holding the handle tight I slowed down slowly and as it stayed steady I head back to my shop where I began to pull the front apart ...I have many ,many front ends in my time ...I will check each piece or part on that front end and it may take a while ...I have 4 other bikes and I will ride something ....
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