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  1. Hello Everyone! I'm still here in southern California. I've had my GL1800 Goldwing just over a year now. Still riding two to three times a week. I'm hoping to move to a less populated area in 2020. When the freeways are five lanes each way and you're going 75 and getting passed on the left and the right at the same time, my little brain says "not for long buddy". Will turn 68 in December, hope to keep riding. The wife has been hinting at a Can Am, so I have that base covered for when the time comes.
  2. Congratulations on your retirement! That just moves work out of the way. Now the other three quadrants of life have more time: family, faith and friends. (of course, riding the motorcycle is included in all of those)! Have fun!
  3. I'm about six hours south of you. I haven't been up there in a while. If you are heading down this way, PM me in advance. There is some interesting riding hidden in this area.
  4. Well, my beautiful 2008 RSV Black Cherry is no more. I am okay, uninjured. Here is the short version. I'm camping in the mountains at 6500 feet. Wake up two Mondays ago to get breakfast at about 0800am. Obeying speed laws, use turn signal, slow to a stop to make a left turn on a two lane road. The motorist in a pickup behind me decides to make a whip around pass maneuver to my right. He does, I check my mirror, I see the SUV which was behind him, which appears to be stopping, then, BAM I get rear ended. I roll off wearing full gear uninjured. The mom in the SUV was taking her daughter to scho
  5. I had the dealer install a Barnett clutch and disc pack and I put a new AGM battery (310cca). This, coupled with last year's carb sync and valve adjustment, makes the bike ride like a brand new machine. Now if I could just dial down these 104 degree temperatures ... In all fairness, I just ride more early morning or after dusk.
  6. Here are some pbone camera shots from on the road in New Mexico then a sunset from Kerrville in the Texas Hill country. By the way, I got my first look at two jackrabbits running around chafing each other. Just like Bugs Bunny.
  7. Well, I decided to take the Venture out to visit the Texas Hill country, starting from southern California. I thought I'll take the trip in June to take advantage of "June Gloom", which means overcast skies and cooler temperatures. About the time I hit Tucson, AZ I realized that must be a California thing, cause there was a lot of Sun and temps near 100. I noticed my mileage was decent. At 68 mph I averaged 46 mpg with airtemps about 100 and not much crosswind. I tent camped most of the trip, Puc would have been proud, and I discovered three things you always want in the same saddlebag.
  8. Here are some shots of my first cross country trip with Run For The Wall, which includes my first time seeing a Piggly Wiggly, four days of rain in the southern states, and resting up at a friends home in Pensylvania.
  9. I took the RSV out on Saturday for a ride on some two lane roads in Riverside County, CA. I stopped at a point overlooking Lake Elsinore, CA. For lunch I tried a dry rub smoked rib platter with bbq beans and fries. It was a nice day for ridin'.
  10. I attended the Long Beach Motorcycle Show recently and checked out the new bikes. Royal Enfield has a nice lineup of retro bikes all in the $5000 price range. These are made in India and machined with robotic controls. Yamaha has the YF07 in the $7000 price range. If I was starting out, I would look in either of these areas for new. For used there is a glut of bikes flooding the market, but a new rider would need help sorting through the inventory so as not to buy too big.
  11. I took videoarizona's suggestion and went for a ride yesterday, just 'cause I can. I went to a favorite watering hole in Orange County, CA. Somebody put a Harley Country sign over the doorpost, but I took the Venture just the same. See the pictures.
  12. Best wishes for your recovery. Hope all heals well. Great job on wearing your gear every ride.
  13. Back in my day Pepsi bottle redemption value was 2 cents each. If you could find six of them you had 12 cents value and that was enough for a cold Pepsi. Wow, nothing like it. Back in my day the Sunday paper route required a wheel barrow provided by the newspaper company. It had a steel front wheel, and boy did it make a horrible racket on Sunday morning rolling over red brick streets. Back in my day there was an older neighbor fella with a Triumph 650 motorcycle with straight pipes. I think he mixed castor oil in with the gasoline and when he rolled past the bike left a really neat smell dr
  14. In California, I pay $257 a year for my RSV for full coverage, BI $300/300 comp and collision with $250 deductible.
  15. Your attention to detail is outstanding. The motorcycle is beautiful!
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