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  1. Congrats on joining club!!!
  2. I agree with @steamer! Visited Letchworth State Park on one of our bike tours when we went to New York rally and it is worth the ride. Didn't camp so can't comment. Yes also to the route! And by all means visit Pioneer! Lots of great roads and elevations to ride thru! Loved riding down there and hope to go back as soon as I can arrange!
  3. Yes welcome back also!!!! Been a while! You've been missed!
  4. sleepy2


    @Marcarl I thought you new Phantom Wife better in the time you've known her that I try to do as I'm asked! She is hard to read sometimes!
  5. That first time that I get to ride every year feels GREAT.....Makes me remember why I enjoy riding. Just wish I had more time to ride whenever I want. Quote @uncledj I totally agree with this comment!! Now that I am retired I figured I would be able to ride whenever I want (which I can) BUT now government puts a damper on it by jacking up price of gas and everything else! Have a slight argument every time I would like to ride that is a waste of money!
  6. sleepy2


    Trip was last minute decision as someone else was going to show up but didn't so I rode right down. Sorry @ReinyRooster I texted @XV1100SE about the same thing and he had to visit his family and by the time I thought about anyone else Phantom Wife had things for me to do so I had to head home! She really didn't think I needed them and it was a waist of gas but couldn't pass on the price they were! I will contact both of you next time I am in the neighborhood and try to get together!!
  7. sleepy2


    Yes it was a great deal as every other ad wanted double or more for a set . Only thing wrong was he used them to get unstuck last winter and slightly bent a couple teeth but it doesn't effect anything.
  8. I also found mine in a bin in the garage when I was looking for camping gear last year and not the sock drawer but I did find a few dollars American from last trip to New York rally.
  9. Glad to hear this! You and her deserve it.!!
  10. sleepy2


    ⁸Went to Kitchener Ontario yesterday to pick up a set of ATV ramps to use with my bike repair table. Only paid $50can for them as they were too heavy for his wife to use.
  11. I have had a hitch on all my bikes since I restarted riding again in 2002. First an 87 Venture Royal till 2008 then a 2000 Road Star 1600 and now a new 2012 with around 115,000klms. I made the one on my newest one from the hitch off my wife's car and works great! The other 1 were aftermarket ones. Like everyone says hardly know the trailer is there. I towed a 500lb trailer from Ontario Canada to Illinois for a Venture rally and also half way into New York State to a rally there a few years. Just have to anticipate what is going on ahead of you. You have to remember you will take longer to stop and will effect taking off from stop but practice makes perfect(or as close as you can get)
  12. I'm not sure if they were a Yamaha accessory or the vent wing company(can't remember name) very hard to find as I think they don't make them anymore. I have been trying to find a set but if someone has any they are way out of my price range so have been trying to make a set but haven't had any luck yet. Supposed to keep wind on to cool and off to protect from wind and rain.
  13. Just did check on mileage app. and bike is getting 40mpg. Also checked truck (2009 Dodge Dakota 4.7 V8 Auto 4x4 crew cab) and it gets 13.5mpg.
  14. Have a few pictures of custom bikes from Friday The 13th if anyone wants to view! I am looking for my card reader so I can post here. If not OK!
  15. No problem! Was kind of last minute decision as I was waiting to hear from son. Getting used to this happening anyway!
  16. Will try and meet at the Tim"s just in Paris This was sent but didn't go but I stood by side of road outside Tim's north in Paris and tried to get your attention but you just drove by! So went and got bike and left. I was there around 10 and you were around 10:30
  17. Which way are you going to go thru Paris?
  18. Picked up spare mount for my Satellite radio so I can use it in my truck then transfer unit to bike without having to move everything back and forth.
  19. Sorry to about your situation and hope things work out so as to at-least enjoy your upcoming years here!!!
  20. Have 2000 Time Out that I took on rally rides (New York---2 Canadian rally's) and Freebird's maintenance days . Last year went with Phantom Wife to Bruce Peninsula camping(her first time in it)unfortunately it was in my truck and not bike!This was because I haven't ridden 2up since I lost 100lbs 2 years ago because of diagnosis of Diabetes 2(doctors opinion and his tests) Hopefully will get out this year too.
  21. Really sad that there might not be any more New York rallies! I really miss the original area they were set up across from Pioneer Motorsports and never made it to the new area around the lake. I think it was more like ridding around here at the new site. Mostly liked the hilly(mountain) twisty turns and roads to the different historical areas as it is really flat ridding around Woodstock Ontario Canada.Liked the restaurants like Chanderson's and Spragg's! It would be nice to have another rally up here in Canada EH! I would probably have more time to help out if the others think this is feasible! One problem is getting to any areas like New York rally we would have to have it around the Meaford or Collingwood area like was put on a few years ago. Good riding roads etc. But a major disadvantage for this would be that guns are NOT allowed across the border ! I would think there would be a safe place to keep them around the border then pick them up on way back(like UPS lockers or gun shops?
  22. Going but not sure when! Usually early but son is also thinking about going as he booked day off. Depends what weather is like Lite rain going but if heavy depends.
  23. Tanks @Freebird for all your dedication and help for keeping this informative and helpful site going!!!
  24. Won't be making this run mostly gas prices and harder to get away as well as I thought I would since retiring!
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