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  1. No question here. Go with the Ignitech, programable CDI.
  2. Scott, you and Tip are always in our prayers. Your Mother will be now as well. God bless.
  3. A wild ride, but good news at the end! Enjoy the new truck! I too, was surprised at the insurance pay out when our 10 year old Spectra with over 200K miles was totaled. We had already replaced it, so it was a "spare" loaner vehicle and no great loss when a family friend got tagged in low speed altercation with an inattentive driver. The insurance check was seriously twice what I expected and a nice alternative to scrapping the old girl.
  4. Mike Eykamp(sp?), a member here(eusa1) used to offer a carburetor rebuild/exchange service at reasonable price. I don't know if he still does.
  5. I had this fuse pop at one of Freebird's Maintenance Day rallies due to a short in the aftermarket "Bling" lighting on my '83. I was able to get a replacement at an AutoZone or Checker, I don't remember for sure which one. It did require trimming the mounting tabs a bit to make it fit the holder, but worked and, as far as I know, it is still working.
  6. I had this style on my '07 F150 and loved it. Tonneau Pro from Auto Zone.
  7. You can try the "Shot Gun" method. Drain the carbs, connect a large syringe filled with carb cleaner(pick your flavor) to the drain port and OVER FILL the bowls with carb cleaner, close the drain and let it soak for a while. It might help, it might not. I've found, with these carbs having set for more than a few months, complete disassembly and thorough cleaning with new gaskets is really the only way to bring them back. The back fire is as likely to be ignition related as it is to be a carb issue. My '83 was missing badly and back firing a lot when I got her. It took a real thorough carb cleaning, new float valves, jet block gaskets, jet block plugs, needle shim kit, bowl gaskets, o-rings, 2new coils, new plug wires and caps, an after market (Ignitek) CDI, valve shim adjustments and carb sync to get her back to 100% . It was worth every minute and every penny!
  8. Carpentry finished. Ready for putty and paint. Kris wants to use a period correct finish with "Milk Paint" so I was able to cheap out on the materials a bit. 3/4" "Sande" plywood for the carcass, a couple cherry picked pieces of 1/4" underlayment for the backs and poplar trim. I made one mistake in planning. I neglected to check the floor for level before buying my moldings and did not account for the 1" out of level over the 84" run. Not a huge deal. I'll just cut some filler strips before Kris paints. This turned out pretty good, but up close and personal, you can see the 25 years of slack! Seeing as they will be painted, good enough is good enough. I have to say, the Hercules saws are punching way above their price point. It was a joy to work with them.
  9. I paid the bills as trim carpenter for quite a while. Custom kitchens, coffered ceilings, full room built ins, the whole shebang. After 25 years in the refrigeration world, I dove back into carpentry to start on our "new" house's( built in 1890) library. I went to Harbor Freight and got their Hercules 12" compound sliding miter saw with portable stand, the Hercules 10" portable table saw and ordered the Powertec rolling, folding table saw stand on Amazon and got to work. I have to say, the Harbor Freight tools I just got are so much better than the "professional" equipment I was using 25 years ago. At 1/4 the price we paid for the "pro" tools back then. It's actually ridiculous. They are really not even comparably in quality and performance. So, here is the start of our built in library.
  10. I've actually never owned a 10/22! I've wanted one of the take down models since they came out, just never pulled the trigger 😉. Closest thing we've got to the 10/22 is Kris' Daisy bolt gun that uses a similar magazine. Here's Daisy and her little family of 22lr siblings.
  11. Welcome back!!! It's been kinda' boring without you.
  12. Hello, and welcome to the forum. You will find this out shortly, but I don't mind saying the $12.00 donation to the forum will be the best money you will spend on your new Venture. First you will want to edit your profile and add your motorcycle info to your signature. That way anyone will know at a glance which model your question is about. Your 1988 XVZ1300 is what is referred to as a Gen 1, MK 2 and any technical questions about should be posted in the Venture and Venture Royale Tech Talk ('83-'93) forum. TheGeneral Tech Talk is for anything bike related but not necessarily limited to your model. The Watering Hole forum is for anyt topic, bike relate or not. Keep it family friendly.🙂 You will find the people here to among the most helpful and friendly folks out there. We like to consider ourselves a family and we have all been there. There's not likely a situation with the Venture bikes that one of us has not encountered and we are all happy to help. Again, Welcome to the forum!
  13. It's about time! I should talk, I got a ten minute ride in this afternoon. That's twice as long as the last and first ride of the season about 3 weeks ago.
  14. Looking Good!!! I wish I had the room(and patience) to go this deep in a resto. Love the kicks, BTW.
  15. WOW! This is the first I've heard this. I've bought from Bike Bandit many times over the last 10 years for several different bikes and have always been satisfied with the transaction. I wonder if there has been a change in management recently?
  16. Great score! No need to cut up your "Blown" shock. It's probably just a bad O-Ring. Dfitzbiz rebuilds them at a very good price and will even talk you through doing it yourself.
  17. You'll forget it's there. I've pulled a trailer behind my RSV on one lane gravel cart paths in the southern OH hills with no problems. Just be careful with your loading and keep your tongue weight where it needs to be.
  18. Ethanol free gas is going to have more effect on fuel economy and performance than high octane fuel. High octane is benneficial in high compression engines to limit pre ignition and allow for more high performance ignition timing. It stops "valve ping". My '06 gets 34- 40 MPG on my daily commute. This varies based on the time of day I leave for work. I tend to fly low when there is no traffic 1 up lightly loaded We average 30 MPG 2 up, loaded heavy and pulling the trailer.
  19. Hey VAZ, What deflectors are those on your Lower/Motor guard?
  20. I run them like this on my "'06 For a little stretch, I rest my heels on the planers and my toes on the highway pegs. For along stretch, heels on the Long Horns.
  21. Take a look at the header gaskets on the heads. My 83 had leaks there and it smoked and caused decel popping until I fixt it.
  22. Changed the oil and filter on the '06 and considered, briefly giving her a bath. Nah, she'll just get dusty again tomorrow!😁
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