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  1. I would like to join you at Asheville 2022
  2. Yes there Reputable my parts were like new
  3. sounds great thanks
  4. does it have reverse does have the Auxiliary fuel tank
  5. Are you going to be able collect my dues or do i have to pay them like the old website

  6. ET Rider has a new 40171 Facet for sale it is a buy
  7. that is one beautiful bike congratulations
  8. Drews


    Happy Anniversary Marca And Carl
  9. Drews


    WE here in Michigan are locked down at home down so tight I have to stay Home and Destroy my own stuff maybe i'll try giving myself a haircut maybe COW PUC can cut my hair:rotfl::rotfl:
  10. :parrots:Yes we have to all shelter in place since march 10th we can come out when all the businesses are broke
  11. Drews


    sorry for your loss
  12. I can live with everything that's happening with this viruses but just the thought of Bubber not wearing anything i can't get it out of my Head it's worse than PORN it's living in my Head RENT FREE i'll have to see Doctor COWPUC and that will cost :mo money:BIG MONEY old puc don't work cheap if he is seeing any patients
  13. Happy Easter to all
  14. Thank You cow puc finally a language i can understand
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