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  1. Glad to see that you are back the forum wasn't the same with you gone.
  2. WIZ

    New to me bike

    While touring the Hannigan facility the owner showed us a gray one that they were putting a sidecar on. They haven't received any orders for a trike yet.
  3. Finally pulled the trigger on a 3rd Gen Venture to go along with the 99. So far we have put about 4,500 miles on it since Christmas eve and love it more every time we go for a ride on it. Averaged about 41 mpg going out to Western Kentucky Rally and back. So far we haven't had any real issue with heat but the warmest temp we have rode in was about 90. I won't be selling the 99 but most of our riding will be on the 2018. Ron
  4. WIZ

    Highway Pegs?

    Those are Yamaha accessory deflectors.
  5. The first rally that Tina and I attended was the WNY rally followed by the West Virginia international rally the same year. Never thought we would enjoy it as much as we have. We have since been to four WNY rallies, the last two maintenance days at Dons and Vogel last year. We are going to WKY rally and Ashville this year. We enjoy the events so much that we schedule all our vacation time to attend as many as possible each year. Don thanks for starting this group and keeping it going for all these years, without out it, we would have missed out on meeting some of the best people that we have ever met. Ron
  6. Looks like the piece that goes under the wires in the neck of the bike just below the rear tank mount.
  7. Tina and I will be there.
  8. The number on the original fob has to be entered in the bike with the bike in emergency start mode to program the new fob.
  9. Tina and I have a room booked also, looking forward to riding and catching up with everyone.
  10. Have you synchronized the carburetors since you reinstalled them? If not this is probably your issue.
  11. Sorry to hear of the cancer returning. Our prayers are with you. thanks for all you do to keep the forum going. Ron
  12. WIZ

    Vogel 2021

    I reserved our reservation yesterday as well.
  13. I mounted the amp in the location of the original stereo amp inside the fairing.
  14. Not sure if you plan to use the CB system or not, but I completely removed my stereo system and installed a blue-tooth amp. Here is the link to a discussion about it. https://www.venturerider.org/forum/topic/69258-2009-venture-stereo/?tab=comments#comment-795494 Ron
  15. I have a spare ignition switch that you can try if cleaning your contacts doesn't do the trick. Let me know. Ron
  16. You have to turn it backwards to remove the tool.
  17. They are holding up well so far. Yes the coil is contained within the caps.
  18. Tina and I would be interested. Ron
  19. I switched to coil over plug set up, here is a link to the discussion.
  20. Number 20. It is a spacer behind the plate, I think it is the number four carb.
  21. Puc I would check elsewhere for your prints, I work in a central booking facility and if someone has a finger that can't be printed there is an option to skip that finger with reason selected. Ron
  22. I did get lucky, just wanted to post this so if anyone else is looking to purchase these just found more on eBay for about same price.
  23. I just googled part number 5EA-1111G-00-00 and found them on e-bay for $47.00 for all 16 seals. Only took about 2 weeks to get them. Wasn't in a huge rush so saved about $150 by waiting. Ron
  24. Yes I completely removed the factory stereo and cb system.
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