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  1. So....I currently have the battery in the bike and hooked up to the trickle charger. The bike is in the garage which is attached to the house so it's not completely isolated but not heated. Am I ok leaving the battery in the bike on the charger over the winter or will it get too cold in the garage? I normally pull the battery but am getting old and lazy. Rooster
  2. I have a Garmin Zumo 590LM that I picked up used and have not mounted it on the bike yet, but am hoping to do that in the off season. It has the usual inline fuse in the red wire, and has the black ground wire but then it has 3 plugs that look sort of like RCA jack connectors and are labeled Audio in, Audio out and Mic in. I assume the bike will not have the corresponding hook-ups built in. Has anyone used this same model of GPS, and if so, how did you hook up these 3 connections? I have attached a picture.
  3. Time to pay it forward. I took this backrest off my bike and replaced it with a Utopia rest, which was GIVEN to me so I am returning the gesture with this backrest. It is FREE to a good home, you just cover the shipping. The backrest is in great shape.
  4. As we all know, this group of misfits has some amazing members and I need to take a few minutes to thank 2 of them. Big thanks to Videoarizona - David for paying it forward with a Utopia backrest. I installed it today and can't wait to go riding. I will be paying it forward in another thread with the backrest that I took off the bike. Big thanks to M61A1Mech - Steve for the rear light bar. I installed it today, and the quality of the work and all the plug and play connections made it simple enough that even an electrically challenged dummy like me installed it.....and it works! Thank you very much gentleman. Attached Sorry for the pics...they appeared the right way when I loaded them.
  5. Here are some that I recently had sent to me.........don't know anything about these things so I hope these are good. 2nd gen lift adapter.pdf
  6. OK, I'm guessing I will have to Mcgiver something......
  7. Yo!! Carbon One.......tried to send you a message but it wouldn't go through. Looking for one of your wired mounts for a Wolo horn. Rooster
  8. 2009 RSV....I can turn the key all the way to the left to the "lock" position with the handlebars all the way to the left, but then I can't pull the key out. I have to go back one position before I can remove the key. Should I spray a little CRC into the lock? I have a Wolo Bad Boy horn and I was told somebody makes a mount specifically for that horn. Can anybody hook me up? Thanks Rooster
  9. 2 1/2 weeks ago my hunting buddies and I were out scouting the bush and setting up a few ground blinds for this year's hunting season and clearing away some growth, A few days later it becomes obvious that stupid me got into some poison ivy! Now here I am on vacation at the cottage lathering up twice a day with calamine lotion and trying hard not to scratch. On top of that, it's our 42nd anniversary tomorrow......this will be REAL romantic. Some days you just can't win.
  10. I will never use a CD player on the bike so that cable will be free to whoever wants it once I get it out of the bike.
  11. My 2009 has a round plug in the left saddlebag that I was told was for a CD player. Anybody know if that is correct? I have no CD player and don't want one so when I get her apart, I will disconnect that cable if possible.
  12. Going to be at the cottage at Amberley for a little over a week starting this Friday if anybody in the Kincardine/Goderich area wants to get together for a ride. Rooster
  13. Thanks......leaving for vacation Friday for a week and a half, so we will chat after that.
  14. So I picked up my new to me 2009 RSV and took her out for a run.......she needs a carb sync and probably some new plugs as well. I am hoping somebody near me ( Kitchener) has a carb sync tool that we could do a quick sync. Thanks Rooster
  15. Thanks, I did make arrangements with the dealer to have them install a different backrest that mounts on a frame so I might want to change it out. What would be needed to mount the Utopia, and how much you want for it?
  16. So....I'm not too bad when it comes to the simpler mechanical stuff but am useless with electrical stuff......so I will be reaching out to some of my local RSV friends for some help installing some electrical stuff in the future. I pick up my 09 today. I will be needing to install a GPS, my satellite radio and I have a 2 camera dashcam type set-up as well. Hopefully somebody in my area is good with this stuff. Thanks guys. Rooster
  17. I have a Mustang seat on my new-to-me 2009 RSV that has the slot for the backrest......I need the backrest if anyone has one to sell. Thanks ReinyRooster
  18. Made a sweet deal today...traded in the Wing on a 2009 RSV with 30k on it. Has a Mustang seat. Now I need to find a backrest for the seat. Should be ready by Monday.
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