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  1. You mention about testing the stator leads, did you verify with the engine running that all 3 are putting out AC voltage? Also too when you unplugged the rectifier, how did the plug end look? they are notorious for getting corroded and burning up the ground wire on them. Have you done a load test on the battery? just because it's new doesn't mean it's good.
  2. The '99 and 2000 models had an issue with this. In '01 they put a support plate kit on them and that helped. The kit can still be purchased I believe. As far as repairing it, there are a couple of options. Seeing it's ABS plastic, you'll want to use something specifically for it. One of the products that comes to my mind is Plastex, there are some write ups here on the site about it and it's generally viewed as a good product to use. Like Tom mentioned above, some folks use fiberglass, and that's ok too as long as you keep it very clean before you try to repair it if you go that route.
  3. Watch out for this guy Matt. He's a retired Navy Chief and knows more ways to get in trouble than you can imagine!
  4. If you can find someone close to you that has an RSV with pillow tops, and they'll let you sit on it, I would try that. I like my pillow tops.
  5. You will have to swap the forks with a MKII '86 thru '93 to be able to use the R1 calipers. Stainless brake lines and EBC HH pads will do a world of good for stopping your MKI without doing the swap. Delinking the brakes will, IMO, give you a better feel, I never cared for the linked brakes on the 1st gens.
  6. I have located an auxiliary fuse block under the seat of my 02. I run a couple things off it as I have a 10 gauge wire feeding it directly off the battery. I run my passing lights from that fuse block and an additional horn as well as a 12 volt power source that is fed directly from the block into the trunk of the bike. It's constant hot so that I can plug in a phone even when the bike is off to charge it. I used a larger fuse and heavier wire for it as I wanted to be able to use one of the 12 volt air compressors in the case that I needed to fill a tire up.
  7. Mike Eykamp EUSA1 on the site does carbs. There is lots of good info in the 1st gen tech library section of the site as well.
  8. It's good to hear that you're still making some of your items. I'll keep that in mind when I hear of folks needing anything you make. Hoping you and Joyce are doing well my friend 👍
  9. I've also had success with getting a big horse syringe, a clear tube and force fluid from the bleeder up.into the master cylinder (which will need to be empty). Make sure to have all your painted surfaces covered incase on any spillage.
  10. They should fit, I don't believe HD changed much on their big bike mufflers in the last 15 years. I have a set of slash cuts from a 2005 Road King on my RSV. You'll have to get a special clamp that will adapt from the metric pipes to a HD muffler. I know their is some posts about it on the site, You'll just have to do some searching.
  11. That link that I provided can be downloaded to your phone or computer, it's a pdf file and is the complete owners manual.
  12. Brian, I found a PDF online of an RSV owners manual which is in the post https://www.yamahaventure.nl/pdf/ownersmanualxvz13tf.pdf On page 3-20 it gives the pressures, but in kPa which I converted over to PSI. It states 400 kPa is max on the rear shock, which translates to 58 psi maximum rear shock pressure. The front shock maximum pressure is 7psi
  13. Jim, Here is the part numbers for the gaskets and a parts break down from Yamaha, this is all the same throughout the years, I just brought it up for my 02 https://www.shopyamaha.com/parts-catalog/parts/street-mcy?ls=Tour#/Yamaha/ROYAL_STAR_MIDNIGHT_VENTURE_-_XVZ1300TFSPC_-_2002/RADIATOR_HOSE #28 and #30 are the ones you're looking for 28 Part # 26H-12428-00-00 30 Part # 26H-12427-00-00
  14. I'm not positive, but I believe the max is at 50 or 55 lbs. I'm sure others who have an owners manual will chime in.
  15. You might want to think about taking it up a bit, try 25 to 30 psi and see how that feels.
  16. That is commonly referred to as the twinkle. There are 2 gaskets associated with it. I need to replace mine as I've got some oil in my coolant. I'll try to post the part numbers up after church.
  17. Unfortunately I don't think Larry is making any of his products any longer Rooster.
  18. When was the last time the oil was changed? What weight oil do you use ? The bikes will tell you they need an oil change when neutral becomes hard to get into.
  19. If I don't break it, y'all surely won't lol, until we meet again my friend be safe.
  20. That looks like a very cool museum 👍
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