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  1. 'Checked battery and noticed it was down to 12 amps. Its new but may of discharged it some testing things.' or 12 volt? Looks like a grounding problem to me.
  2. I ordered a used water pump cover in the USA and received it today. The part was 9 bucks and shipment 23........... It was all about this bolt, cleaned it and mounted it. Part number unknown....... But we're on the road again!
  3. Thank you! Without the tube/bolt in the cover, the pump cover will leak between the round plate on the front and the cover housing unfortunately. The round plate looks like an escape route for the coolant when the pressure is getting too high.
  4. It was a great year working on the Yamaha! Thank you for all the comments, tips, tricks and.....humor! https://youtu.be/xRiDV7FBavw
  5. We're missing a part from the water pump cover. Clymer and CSML doesn't show the part on their drawings. Any idea? On the left is our cover. Have a great weekend!
  6. Well, we had some rough weeks over here in Pays-Bas. Due to my ignorance using 10-year old yellow Aspen 4, the 4 carbs clogged up totally (on the left 'Aspen', on the right fresh '98). We renovated the carbs completely; removed all the parts and frame, cleaned them and ordered some spare parts. With some help of our local hero 'Danny's Motorservice' we put everything together and finally today: white smoke! (not literally.........) This weekend we will post a video with the Yamaha back on the road, exact a year after starting the renovation.
  7. The renovated carbs are ready to assemble again. Needles, gaskets etc. are new. Steel parts are powder coated and everything looks fine. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!
  8. Today we've installed a new fuel pump. The flow of the gas is perfect again. Starting the bike is not. The Venture only starts and runs when we put some gas in de carbs. The flow of the gas to the carbs is good. So we have a job to do this Saturday: getting the carbs off the bike and clean the gas lines. Keep you guys posted!
  9. Fuel pump died. De diode (semiconductor) was fried. We've ordered a new pump.
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