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  1. In the attached pic, If Washer #2 is missing, then the Clutch will bind when the Clutch Nut is tightened. Check to see if this washer is missing. Hope this helps, Earl
  2. Hey Randy, I didn't realize you were looking for a new seat for your bike!?!? Just an FYI, I can offer that seat for $305.00US. There would be some shipping costs added to that of course. If I can help, Let me know, Earl.
  3. Good Morning Herman, I just wanted to take a moment and personally Thank You, my friend for documenting this build for the Forum Members! While NOT everyone has the ability to dive in as deep as you have on your custom build Herman, I am hoping that this build will inspire the other Forum Members to work on their own bikes to keep them on the road! I find myself checking the Forum daily to see what headway you have made on your latest project. I am excited to hear this bike run, and drive in the near future. Keep up the "Good Work" Herman, I'm sure you will be putting on the miles very shortly! Great Job, Sir!! Earl
  4. Hey Chris, WELCOME to the Forum! (and Thank You Rick, for the kind words about my Fuse Box Upgrade Kit!) Now Chris, I know this all looks like a nightmare at the moment, BUT I can assure you that many of the members of this forum started out with their First Gens, looking very much like yours, if not worse! LOL!! Rick posted an excellent suggestion, download the Manual for the First Gen. MKII motorcycle. What I would suggest would be to work on the mechanical/electrical items FIRST while searching Ebay and Facebook Market Place for a "Color Correct" Fairing Half. That's Right, the fairing on your bike is in two pieces, a left side and a right side. If the right side is undamaged, then you only need the left side fairing half. I personally have ALL of the pieces you need, (turn signal, dash cover, LS mirror, and the LS Fairing Half) BUT the LS fairing half is NOT color correct, it is from an 87'VR. (It is Light Blue) All of the other pieces I have would be color correct. I do not have a problem sending you any of these parts Chris, but the shipping might be the deal breaker here. If you get this bike running, while you are shopping for that fairing half, the progress you make will inspire you to spend the money for the color correct fairing half to "Finish Off" this project, in my opinion. If you spend a "boat load of money" on the fairing, and can't get this bike running, this project will SOUR very quickly, I assure you. If you happen to know someone in the lower 48 US states that I can ship to Chris, that would save you a bunch of cash on this project. I have attached pics of what a "Usual" Fuse Box looks like, what one would look like after you install the Fuse Box Upgrade Kit, and a diagram of the electrical connections to the fuse box. If I can help you with parts Chris, let me know. If you are interested in the Fuse Box Upgrade Kit, let me know. If you need help collecting parts from US sellers that would need to be shipped to Canada, let me know. We are here to help YOU Chris, don't be afraid to ask for help. Also don't be afraid to shop around for just the right part. No matter where it is located, we will do all that we can to get your bike up and running again! That's what we do here, that's what any family member would do for another family member Chris! I hope all of this info inspires you to bring this wonderful machine back to life! WELCOME to the VentureRider.ORG family Chris, you're HOME, brother! Earl
  5. Hey Ben, The first thing I would check would be the function of the Cooling Fan! As a rule, these bikes will run pretty close to normal if you were making a highway run because of the air flow over the radiator. Around town, (stop and go traffic) is where your cooling system depends on the flow of the water pump and radiator fan. Are we to assume that the coolant is 15+ years old? Another thing to consider is your bike poorly tuned? (Carb. Sync., "Crusty Plugs", gummed up Carbs., etc.) You didn't mention mileage. Even things like low tire pressure will put extra load on the engine while riding, and tax the cooling system. All things to take a look at. Good luck with this project, Ben! Earl
  6. Hey Ryan, WELCOME to the Forum! Far be it from me to get back on "Topic" here, But I have a few suggestions. First off, with the trunk removed, (Makes it LOOK much sportier!) you need a set of R1 Calipers up front. You didn't mention the mileage Ryan, but if you don't have Progressive Fork Springs in the front fork tubes, then I would look into that project. (Great time to do the fork seals) It's sorta' late, (early) in the season to do a Frame Repaint! LOL!! If you want a bit more "Pep", swap in a VMAX Final Drive! That ought to blow your skirt up a bit, so to speak! If you tour a lot, and are looking for better MPG's then Re-Shim the Carb. Main Jet `Needles. Super Easy, projected MPG 48 to 52 empty. There are other things, PM me if you like. Earl
  7. Hey Ronnie, Thanks for the kind words! WELCOME Saad! Just about the time you THOUGHT you had seen the LAST Pristine MKI First Gen., another beauty like this comes along! You will be hard pressed to find a motorcycle with all of the features that this bike has in the current line up of modern bikes. Not to mention I am willing to bet that you paid a FRACTION of what a New Gold Wing or 3rd Gen. Royal Star Transcontinental costs!! Take some time Saad, check the fluids, brakes, tires and clutch, and come back to us and share what you have found out as to the condition of the items I have listed. We will be more than happy to guide you thru the process of getting this beautiful motorcycle in road worthy condition again! Welcome again, and congrats on a great score on your "New To You" touring motorcycle! Earl.
  8. Hey Jerald, Welcome to the VentureRider.ORG Forum! Your bike appears to be an excellent example of an MKI Venture Royale. And at $700. I for one don't think you went wrong picking this bike up! Because of the limited amount of "Run Time" the Starter Clutch is exposed to, lubing that assembly is not a "must do" item. The weak link of that assembly is the 3 Sprag starter clutch. There is an upgrade where the upgraded assembly has 6 sprags, and this solves that issue nicely. Another upgrade is to install a 4 brush Starter Motor from a VMAX to solve the "Hot Start" lag issue. Check the "Member Vendor" section of this Forum to find solutions to all of the projects you have in mind. Here's a link: https://www.venturerider.org/forum/forum/103-member-vendors/ I noticed in your profile you mentioned that you are a mechanic, this will serve you well when bringing this wonderful machine back to riding condition. Keep the questions coming, Posting in the "Venture and Venture Royale Tech Talk (1983 to 1993) Forum might get you better results because the First Gen. Owners browse this part of the Forum more than the Second Gen. owners. Here's a Link: https://www.venturerider.org/forum/forum/10-venture-and-venture-royale-tech-talk-83-93/ Don't forget to give yourself "The Gift That Keeps on Giving", and become a Subscribed Member! It will be the best $12. you have ever spent on your bike! I see that you don't have an issue posting pics of your scoot, I for one LOVE to see pics, as do many other Forum Members. It also helps when looking for parts or describing an issue on your bike as it takes all of the "Guess Work" out of trying to figure out what exactly you are working on. In your profile, it was a great idea to list the year of your bike, if you added that it is the "Royale" model, that would be helpful as well because in 1984 there was a ""Standard" model offered which is somewhat different. Just a thought. I will say it again Jerald, WELCOME to the Forum! With your mechanical background, I'm sure you will be a valuable asset to the other First Gen. owners in no time at all! Here's hoping that I see you out on the road sometime in the future, Earl (skydoc_17)
  9. Hey Jeff, You were already here when I joined in 08'! Your bike was one of the first "Second Gens." I ever saw on this forum. I was truly impressed with you and your bike from the beginning! 160K is nothing to shake a stick at, my friend. You will always be welcome here. There are days when I pass by my garage and just look at my bikes, when there was once a time when I would have been ON my bike! What ever you decide to do in the future Jeff, I am sure you will do it in STYLE, just as you have do it here, Sir. The best of luck to you from Jean and myself! Earl and Jean Harrell.
  10. Hey Steve, WELCOME to the Forum! My first ever First Gen. was an 86'VR, Boy did I love that bike! (By the way Tom, Thanks for the kind words!) Because of my "Little Shop By The Creek" here in Pennsylvania, I buy direct from Yamaha at a "Jobber" Discount. I share that discount with the Forum Members. I am more than happy to quote you pricing on ANY item that Yamaha offers. If my price is better, I am happy to order parts for you. If you find a better price, then "Nothing Lost"! Because you are planning to spend some serious money on rebuild kits for your calipers, this is an excellent time to consider the R1/R6 front brake upgrade, and possibly De-Linking the front and rear brakes. I can steer you in the right direction on either of these projects, or just help you get lower cost rebuild kits. It would be my pleasure to help you with this project, Steve! (And Thanks again Tom!) Earl
  11. Hey Ron, This is a VERY Good Question! I am more than Happy to adjust the length of the Brake and Clutch Lines to accommodate Risers or Handle Bar Changes! Feel free to PM me with ANY adjustments you would like to make to one of my Line Sets! Earl.
  12. When talking with both Mark and Glen, I could tell that both of these owners were concerned about the "Future" of their bikes! In many cases, this would have been the "End of the Line" for these First Gens. When it happened to me, I was "Kicking Myself" for spending good money on a bike that turned out to have a major electrical problem. My own 87'VR almost became a parts bike as a result of the Fuse Box Issue. As luck would have it, I didn't give up on the Old Girl, and neither did Mark or Glen. As I have said MANY Times, I applaud ANY member that has the courage to keep their bike on the road, and I try to help everyone that has that courage. My hat is off to Mark, Glen, and of course Marcarl for his generous help in keeping these wonderful machines on the road! There are very few places on the internet, (Or in real life actually) where a group of people from all walks of life come together as a "Family" to share their stories and their "Fixes" to keep their bikes running. I am sincerely Proud to be a part of this Family, and am Honored to share my knowledge of these bikes with the other Forum Members. I have NEVER been much of a "Joiner" when it comes to being a part of a group. The "Magic" that Don Nelson has woven here has transcended my ability to resist the temptation to be a part of this group! Believe me when I say that I have tried to NOT click on the Forum every single day to get my "Fix" of the latest updates on who went where, who repaired what, and even what other bikes the Forum Members are buying and riding. As it is with my own "Family", I want to KNOW that everyone is safe, happy and able continue this passion that we all share, THE RIDING OF OUR MOTORCYCLES! No matter what you ride! Thank you again Mark and Glen, for reminding ME of just how lucky I am! To be able to be part of something MUCH greater than any single one of us! I wish that EVERYONE had a group of people that they could count on as much as I have been able to count on the members of this group! That remains to be my hope for the future. Even my wife Jean said "Great Job"! She was VERY impressed that you saved your bikes Mark and Glen! (Yep!, She's a keeper!) Earl.
  13. Saddlebum is correct! When you screw a steel fastener into an Aluminum Case, the expansion/contraction of the steel is different than the Aluminum. I personally use a touch of Anti-Seize on the threads of the bolt to insure that the bolt can be removed later on. I believe that the cartridge filter is of a much better quality than a "Spin On" filter. Out of all of the Maintenance items on our Ventures, this filter will punish you the most if you get "Heavy Handed" during the install. FWIW, I have had really good luck drilling the head off of the bolt, removing the canister, and vice gripping the remaining remnant of the bolt out. Here again, if you get careless with the drill bit, (I always center drill the pilot hole first) you will not only destroy the bolt head, but also the canister as well. But there are NO special tools needed using this method. My brother is an electrical genius, but you can't let that boy tighten ANYTHING on a mechanical assembly! He has the "Paws" of a bear, and unless you NEVER want that fastener to come off again, I usually do the final assembly work, and leave the "Heavy Lifting" to him! Just sayin'. Earl.
  14. This is GREAT news, Don! We lost one of our two Bichons last year. (The female) She had Diabetes, which up until then I didn't know a dog could get. Fortunately, my wife Jean is a retired nurse and was able to give her the Insulin shots. We have not fully recovered from the loss, so I am VERY glad that everything turned out OK with your Fur Baby! Coming from a farm/wildlife background I never thought I would be so attached to an animal. NEVER! When our male Bichon passes, I am not sure what the future holds for my wife and I as far as animals are concerned. It was as bad as losing a child! I still find my wife weeping from time to time because of a picture, toy or feeding dish left from our female dog. Very Glad that this all worked out Don, Earl and Jean.
  16. Hey Sajmon, Welcome to the forum! I feel bad because I can't communicate in your language! But here is the answer to your question. On the MKII VR's (1986 to 1993) motorcycles, the left front caliper is in fact a 32MM pistoned caliper and is "Linked" to the rear brake caliper, (Rear Caliper is 34MM also) which is activated by the foot pedal. The right front brake caliper is 34MM and is activated by the lever on the right side of the handlebars. The left front caliper has smaller pistons because it works in conjunction with the rear brake caliper. I hope this answers your question, and I apologize for not being able to express this to you in a language you can understand. Earl.
  17. WELL Don, I am SOO Jealous! You NEVER called me "EARL DARLING" when I first joined the Forum! OH, and WELCOME to the Forum, BILL DARLING!!, So There Don! LOL! Might be a bit of "Cabin Fever" going on here! Earl.
  18. Hey Don, I'm STILL not sure how you ever made a living sellin' stuff when you have the Subscriptions hidden so well! JUST KIDDING! Thanks for helpin' a brother out! Earl
  19. Somehow, the vision of you in a cowboy hat, boots and a vest on at a "Pink Floyd" concert is going to take a few therapy sessions to remove from my addled brain!! LOL!! Just kidding Don, have a great time, don't eat any mushrooms, and don't forget to practice making the "Peace Sign" before you go, By Golly! (Jean just smacked me in the back of the head after reading over my shoulder, I hope you're happy!) Love ya' Man! Earl and Jean
  20. Hey Don, Sorry I was late! Well, surprisingly enough I'm sorry I was late to the party on this one! Having had to remove a few of these over the years, you did the right thing. The pic indicates that NON- Distilled water was mixed with the Anti-Freeze. The Phenolic material that this pipe is made from is a Strand Reinforced Plastic. Unfortunately, minerals like Calcium and IRON attach themselves to the Strands at a molecular level, and cause the Phenolic material to expand. This is why you are seeing "Rust" in an Aluminum Block with a "Plastic Tube" inserted into it. If this is an MKI Bike, you are going to want to have a good close look at the Water Pump as well. My guess is you will put this back together with a new gasket, it will overheat, and you will think it is the head gasket again, when in fact it will be a bad water pump. Of course, this is just my Opinion. These engines are known for being dependable, so "Something" took that head gasket out. Here again, "Just My Opinion. It would be worth a water pump gasket to check the Impeller of that pump. Just an FYI, the mixture ratio for the coolant is 60% Anti-Freeze to 40% Distilled Water. The other issue I have seen that will take out a head gasket is if the CDI from another Venture has been installed in this bike. (A 1983 or a 1991 to 1993 CDI will not function properly on a 1984 to 1990 bike) Just thinking out loud here. Let us know what you find out Drew, you have peaked my interest. Oh, and don't be afraid to call "Bull S***" on me if you replace the gasket and it turns out fine! I am here to learn, just like you are, my friend! By the way, WELCOME to the Forum Drew, It appears as if it didn't take you long to get to the "Meat and Potatoes" of it all. did it? Earl
  21. Hey Mark, Thanks for the kind words! And Thank You Marcarl for installing that Fuse Box Upgrade Kit for Mark! When I first joined VR.ORG some 14 years ago, I had chatted with a few members on the forum and was going to meet them in Gettysburg Pa. for a "Meet and Greet". I live close to Pittsburgh and this was going to be a pretty long ride on my newly acquired 87'VR. about half way there, I went across a set of railroad tracks, and my old style glass fuse box just fell apart. I was stranded on Rt.30, miles from home, with few tools on a bike I had just purchased! I never made it to the meet, and had to call my brother with a trailer to come pick me up. When I got home, I decided this was NEVER going to happen to another VR.ORG member, ever again! I created the Fuse Box Upgrade Kit, installed it on my bike, (and my 89'VR as well) and have offered it to hundreds of members over the years. This was one of the first "Kits" I had ever put together, and the rest, as they say is history. Every kit that I offer is "Battle Tested" before I offer it to the forum members. The fact that I can contribute to keeping these wonderful machines on the road has been a passion for me all these years. It has been my mission to give the forum members the courage to work on their bikes to keep them running with replacement parts and upgrades that have kept MY bikes running for so long. When I hear stories like this, knowing that this could have been the end for such a beautiful motorcycle, and it being the original owner to boot, it makes me smile. Thank you Mark for sharing this story with me, and the other forum members. This is what drives my passion, and it is a victory for EVERY First Gen. owner, knowing that they too can repair their bikes, and continue riding these amazing machines. As my Dad would often say, "It's not the destination Son, it's the Journey"! Earl
  22. Hey Dallas, I sent you a PM with my PayPal info, Please let me know if you got it. If you didn't, my personal email address is: skydoc17@gmail.com. Let me know if I can help you with this project! Earl.
  23. Hey Bret, I admire your courage to share this issue with us! Here is what I did to install arm rests on my Venture to make MY wife more comfortable. I went to Home Depot and purchased several pieces of GRAY Electrical PVC Pipe and fittings in 1/2". The 90 degree sweep "Elbows" worked really well and gave the supports for the armrests a nice look. I then built the armrests with the PVC and found a place to connect them to the mount for the seat. The PVC was easy to work with, and if I made a mistake, I cut the bad part out and replaced it with more PVC that worked better, or looked better. When I had what I was looking for, I took the "Mocked Up" PVC armrests to a local Fab Shop and had them made out of metal pipe and plate. Chrome Plating was out of my price range, but a nice powder coating from a local shop made the armrests look like they came with the bike. I hope this gives you some ideas on how to tackle this job, Bret. Also welcome to the forum. I hope this gets your wife riding with you again, it worked for me! Earl
  24. Thank you gents for the input. I usually take ANYTHING on the internet with a grain of salt. The thing about this YouTuber is that after he presents the "Story" he then debunks the Myth in the end which is different from most "Info Guys". He doesn't appear to have an agenda, but I am willing to admit that I might have been mistaken about that, and that's why I asked for your input. Thanks for all that commented, and please feel free to express your opinion if you see a pattern here that I am missing. Even at my "Advanced Age", I try to keep an open mind and always welcome constructive criticism. Earl
  25. As I have mentioned before, I retired after 53 years from Tool and Die Machining in the Aerospace and Petroleum Industries. Now being retired, to say the least has caused quite an adjustment in my life and the things I do day to day. My wife Jean, is the typical "Early to Bed, Early to Rise" type of person. Up at 4AM, and usually to bed around 8PM. I on the other hand, am a bit of a "Night Owl". Staying up sometimes well past midnight. During my adjustment period, I have turned to YouTube for my evening entertainment. Now that I finally have time to investigate things that interest me, I have taken advantage of this block of time between when my wife retires for the evening, and when I can finally "Turn my brain off" and get some sleep. I have my favorites as far as content goes, a few motorcycle channels, some off road channels, but the one channel that has peaked my interest lately, is a channel called "The Why Files". The Narrator, who goes by the name AJ, does an excellent job of explaining many "Hot Topics" that I find very interesting, using a format that reminds me of the days when reporters just stated the facts, and didn't "Cross the Line" between stating the facts of the topic, and NOT adding drama, or personal opinion to cloud the issue at hand. This has been refreshing, and allows me to come to my own conclusions based on the information that has been researched and is presented. I am going to leave a link to a random Video that will allow you to see for yourself ALL of the episodes he has produced. He also takes suggestions on future episodes he is willing to investigate if there is enough interest, but his list of things that he touches on is vast, and his delivery is very high quality. I have NO vested interest in this channel, but this forum has some very astute members in it, and I thought you might enjoy his reporting style, and the topics he covers. If this is not "Your Cup of Tea" so to speak, I apologize for interrupting your regularly scheduled programming! LOL!! Here's the Link: I would be interested in any comments you would have about this style of reporting. (Don, if this belongs in another part of the forum, please forgive me!) Earl
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