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  1. Hmmm, can't add Kens pictures for some reason
  2. E9A4BD2D-BDF5-405F-888E-8834F56DF769.heicE9A4BD2D-BDF5-405F-888E-8834F56DF769.heicE9A4BD2D-BDF5-405F-888E-8834F56DF769.heicIn March I went up to SC to pick up a 2005 RSV trike. My friend Ken went up with me. A few months later we found another 2005 RSV trike down in South Florida and we made the trip, this time for Ken. For those who may remember him, He was known as LetHimRide with a beautifully mural painted 03. Well, lets just say that the tins are migrating over to his trike.......... B30CBE8F-B5D1-4B50-BD72-E73A850014B5.heic
  3. 1BigDog

    Ron Wise

    Wow, sorry to hear this. Jean and myself used to meet up with Ron once a year in Daytona when he came down to vacation with Linda. Probably 10 years since we last saw them. Good people. RIP Ron
  4. Just heard from Dray that a former member, Charlie E-Fishin-C from Canada passed away this morning. I’ll post some details later on as I get them. RIP Charlie 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  5. About 12 years ago a friend built and sold 1 piece polished aluminum fork deflectors to replace the plastic ones. About 60 sets were sold. I am looking to buy a set if there are any floating around. The pic shows the deflector in question.
  6. The backrest should have some type of adjustment screw, usually under the pouch if there is one, which will allow it to go back some. It’s a top heavy bike and you will need to get used to it. It really isn’t that bad and you can add a 130 front tire for easier steering although my personal preference was the 150. Baker used to make a deflector for the lowers as well as Yamaha. Hard to find now. Clearview makes a wider windshield that will help a little with the wind.
  7. I’m checking out Beachside Diner in St Augustine this weekend with a trike group. Clarks ain’t what it used to be.
  8. Only one is mine......Bought mine 2 months ago up in SC and the other one popped up in South Florida shortly after so my friend and I went down there to get his. Kens trike belonged to EDS and I believe he has one of your clutch kits in it. As far as the puppies go...see below
  9. I’m not too far from the Dames Point bridge. My daughter lives in Nocatee not too far where your talking about. Do I smell a mini meet and eat brewing?
  10. Wow, you left Sebring! I usually run down to Vilano Beach and sit on the pier.
  11. A little lunch meet up in Ponte Vedra Florida
  12. Turns out it was EDS old trike. I had bought his old final drive unit from him when he triked it up in Buffalo. And now my friend buys it in Florida. Weird how the venture community crosses paths . Needs a little TLC but otherwise it’s in pretty good condition.
  13. A friend is looking to buy this 2005 Hannigan trike. I saw that it had a Venture Rider sticker on the windshield but the guy was never a member. He didn’t know who the original owner might have been. I’m hoping that some of you old timers might recognize it. Just trying to track down its history before we make a 300 mile trip to buy it. Some particulars: raked tree, aux tank, no reverse. Chrome air box covers. Earlier rear brake set-up, not the upgraded ones. Any help is appreciated. Thanks I already checked with EDS. It wasn’t his🙄
  14. Prices of full sized bikes/dressers have skyrocketed. Dropping 40k plus on a bike is just crazy. The younger kids are more into sporting type bikes now. Wonder what the electric revolution will do to the two wheel landscape soon. Things ain’t what they used to be anymore
  15. Waiting on the return of my pillow top seats from Rick Butler. Should have them in a few days
  16. I paint the screw heads with yellow paint. Makes it easier to see.
  17. Zeus and Xena are no longer with us but we have Stella and Grace
  18. Welcome back David. Just came back as well on three. But you might remember me as Ruffy.
  19. I have two RSV fairings for sale. One looks to be off of a 2010 black. It has a flag wrap on it now but you can see the 2010 tribal flames outline underneath it. It looks to be intact but there are no missing or broken tabs on it. At some point I will remove the wrap but I thought I would leave it on just in case someone may want it wrapped. It would look great on either a red or blue bike as it would blend in better but I felt it stuck out too much on my 05 silver. Asking 400 or make a reasonable offer plus shipping. I also have the silver 2005 fairing but it does have scuffs and some surface gouges from being dropped. All tabs are intact. No cracks or broken sections. Asking 250 plus shipping. Local pickup in Jacksonville Florida.
  20. Today I was noticing just how sloppy the shifter is at it’s mounting/pivot point. Has anyone come up with any solutions? I heard a few times of people using some type of bushing in the bolt hole. Any suggestions?
  21. Appropriately named I see
  22. I know I’ve resurrected an old post but great info on the Hannigan aux tank. Something else to remember when using 🙄. Kinda like remembering to release the e brake first🙄🙄
  23. Just finished restoring a damaged Wagner grill I found at Pinwall for 49 bucks. About 20 bucks in materials including the JB Weld and it’s finished. Steve made a nice product but unfortunately he left us way too soon.
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