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  1. After 56 years of smoking, On April 9 I said I quit and haven't used them since. No more coughing and gaging because I could not breath. I can breathe a lot better now. The only thing I can't understand is why I could not do it years ago, and I did try. I didn't think it would be so easy this time. I put the empty pack in the trash and said that's it I am done.
  2. Don I am glad everyone is OK. I thought it would be totaled when I saw the pic.
  3. Woody is that the Wildfire lift? That is the one I am saving my pennies fore and I will get it little later this year.
  4. Junior have you found a seat yet? If not I have a Saddleman Road Soffa seat you could try. It does set a little lower and is not quite as hard as a Corbin.
  5. Steve I was the other person that made the bracket you are looking for. I used 3/16 metal and bent it into a 90* "Z". The metal size was 3"x4".
  6. I have bought several rifles this year in Remington 700 BDL's. And not one pistol but when I do it will be a Ruger 57 not for carry. I have a Springfield 45 compact or my Remington 1911 45. If I have very loose fitting jacket I could carry my 44 super red hawk.
  7. Celia and I will be there if every thing goes to plan.
  8. I had my eyes checked for new glasses on March 3 and was told it would take about 10 days to come in. Well they are still in the mail somewhere as I haven't got them yet. Called the eye doctor last Wednesday . They do not have a clue as what happened to the shipment of glasses for 8 customers. They contacted the lab and was told that they would expedite the order and ship overnight mail and that IF the other order was found that we would get both pairs of glasses. I told them that I wanted a refund of my money.
  9. I use improved cylinder and modified last week. I am going to use mod and full this week to see how it works.
  10. Our five stand is like trap but ours has six different throwers. One is a rabbit and another is set below a hill and you only see it the last five or six seconds of flight. Those are the tuff shots. Even harder after dark.
  11. Thanks Puc. It does shoot good. Shot my best score form our five stand last week. 20 of 25. Those darn rabbits had me stumped but I will get them with a little practice. OH I just got 850 rounds of shells from GB, they should be here sometime next week. After that we will start reloading them.
  12. Nice couple bucket list items Puc. Here is the one that I got a few weeks back.
  13. It is a shame that I am not close to where you will be. You could ride my V-Star 1300 tour for the month. I will be too busy riding a 6" mower all summer to ride the bike.
  14. Glad you didn't get hurt and back home safe. That is why I change my stems out every two years even if they look good. Had too many come apart on four wheels to take a chance on the bike.
  15. My son has a large Snap-on box that he paid over $9000.00 for when he was working for a local dealer. He is always getting new tools but now he and I deal with Cornwell there tools are as good as Snap-on and the service is better and a lot cheaper.
  16. Good looking peace there Puc. I thought about you while surfing Gun Broker the other night. I landed a nice one yesterday and I think I will sling a lot of lead with it. I plan on killing a slew of those old clay birds with it. It is in the mail as of today so I can try it out soon. It is a Weatherby Orion 1 O/U 3" chamber 26" barrel (Very purdy wood on this one). I will post pics when it comes in.
  17. Well you can tell her what I said to mine. Come on Grandma lets go for a ride.
  18. This story sounds so on track with me. I also took an 18 yr. hiatus from riding. Not all from family things but I just lost interest. In late 04 the itch got under my skin and in May of 05 I bought my brothers 03 Venture and put 96,000 miles on it so far.
  19. Sorry to hear this Ben. Prayers up for the family.
  20. Yes Puc I did post a pic of my 1911 a while back, and it is a single stack not double. Gmarshall that is a sweet looking Kimber. I had a Kimber SR 40C but I could not hit anything with it so I put it on trade for my Kimber 280 AI.
  21. I haven't seen too much 223 but the shops around here seem to have a lot of 556. I don't use them but I do have a few guns that I reload for. My problem is finding brass for one that I just bought. unless I buy loaded and then shoot for the brass, It is a Weatherby mark 5 in 257 mag. I am not worried about primers or bullets as I have plenty as With this cal. I load for two other riels #1 Remington 7mm mag. and #2 Kimber 280 Ackley Improved.
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