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  1. Hoping for the best outcome for your wife! Do some research on Vitamin K2, MK7. It helps the body use calcium for your bones instead of clogging your arteries. It has helped me a LOT. I can be much more active before feeling angina pains now. I started taking Doctors Best brand 100mcg daily and now I'm taking it 4 times daily. The stuff has really worked for me.
  2. The Venture has a fuel gauge and a warning when it gets low. When the light comes on and the gauge says empty, if the fuel valve is turned to ON, it will run out within minutes. So, I feel like it's best to leave the valve set on reserve.
  3. When my RSV says the tank is empty, it is about to run out of gas if it is set on ON. And there is a lot more than .7 gallons left when it runs out set on ON. I just keep mine on reserve so maybe nothing will collect in the bottom and hopefully the filter will take it out if there are any particles there.
  4. This is more like what I like in a retro bike. https://www.totalmotorcycle.com/motorcycles/2023/2023-kawasaki-z900rs 110hp, dual front brake discs, water cooling
  5. And hopefully the whine would be eliminated.
  6. Looks like it has the narrow seat of the old bikes too, ones that make your butt feel like it's going to break after about 30 minutes. Maybe the engine has balancers to reduce the vibration of the twin. I was toying with the idea of buying one of those newer Honda CB1100 retro bikes but after I sat down on one, I changed my mind. Update, I just read a review of the bike and the engine does have a balance shaft to reduce the vibration. It has about 50hp which might feel underpowered after riding a Venture. I love my 85 Kawasaki ZN700. It has a 74hp four, shaft drive, dual disc brakes in the front and a disc brake in the rear and it weighs the same as the W800. If it had a more comfy seat, it would be close to perfect. https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?p=kawasaki+zn700+photos&fr=yhs-syndic8-active8&type=sourceAUD1&hspart=syndic8&hsimp=yhs-active8&imgurl=http%3A%2F%2Fsuprememotos.com%2Fuploads%2Fpostfotos%2F1985-kawasaki-zn700-ltd-2.jpg#id=5&iurl=http%3A%2F%2Fsuprememotos.com%2Fuploads%2Fpostfotos%2F1985-kawasaki-zn700-ltd-2.jpg&action=click
  7. Nothing like being young and indestructible!
  8. Best wishes for a easy surgery and a great outcome!
  9. I think the early RSTDs had smaller carbs with less hp than the later models. I think the 2007 is the later model and I think that it's the same engine that is in the RSVs. But, I DON"T really know. Just remembering some things I've read over the years.
  10. Man, that is tragic! Heal quickly and take care of yourself. We just never know what life is going to throw our way.
  11. You can ride those bikes skipping 2nd gear when it goes out. But, that bike looks like a big project. All depends if you want a big project. If you decide to get it, there are lots of knowledgeable members here who could give you good repair advice.
  12. Good advice. Maybe even get the starter working and check the compression to make sure the engine is okay first. The tackle the carbs. I think there are a couple of guys who will rebuild your carbs for you. No idea what the cost would be. You can buy a video about how to rebuild the carbs from one of those guys. I have one but I don't recall the name of the person I bought it from. I'll find out if you are interested.
  13. If the carbs are leaking, gas might fill up any cylinder that has an open intake valve and if the starter attempts to turn the engine over the engine could be hydrolocked and bend a connecting rod. I think that is what they were referring to.
  14. I'm a believer in adding Seafoam or Gumout with Regane to the fuel on a regular basis.
  15. There are a series of maintenance videos on the Gen I bikes that you may want to watch or at least refer to when it needs something. https://www.yamahaventure.nl/xvz-maintenance-video.html
  16. Looks good! I've got an 89 the same color.
  17. 15 days ago I had a total hip joint replacement. The last two weeks haven't been fun, but I'm walking around unsupported now with no pain. The good surgeons are amazing. If you need one, go for it. I'm 78 and I'm looking forward to riding again.
  18. Would love to ride down but I'm scheduled for a total hip joint replacement on the 27th. How much fun can you have! LOL!
  19. I think you nailed it Puc.
  20. I just think an air cooled engine is the wrong choice for a big heavy touring bike. Years ago I remember reading a Los Angeles county police test of potential police bikes and they tested everything including oil temperature to see if it stayed within the manufacturers specs. The spec for the oil temp on the Harley was 400 degrees F! It was 300 for the BMW R bike and about 260 for the water cooled bikes. It just seems to me that 400 degrees is pushing it too far. And the Harleys came close to the spec limit in their testing.
  21. Well that wasn't it. I changed the setting to search for posts since my last visit and it still takes about 10 seconds to search. Oh well.
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