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  1. Freebird, you really do buy and sell lots of motorcycles!😀
  2. If you use a 130/90 the height is the same. If you use a 130/80 you might want to check the load rating to see if it matches the stock tire which the 130/90 does. The narrower tire makes it easier to steer at low speed.
  3. You probably know that carbohydrates, especially sugar feeds cancer. Talk to the doctor about a low or zero carb diet.
  4. Hopefully the cancer was caught in time to eradicate it. Sometimes you wonder about why things happen the way they do. Best of luck to your wife and you!
  5. If you do a search, you find a discussion of this. I bought some caps for my 89 several years ago and I posted what I got. I'll take a look tomorrow and see if I can find the numbers. You can buy copper core wire from an auto parts store.
  6. I haven't ridden in a while due to health issues but I hope to do so this year. I probably will give my bikes some needed TLC and sell both of the Ventures. I hope to hang on to the Kawasaki for a while longer but I'm almost 80 and the years do catch up to you.
  7. On my Kawasaki, I used a broom handle pushed against that inner tube to hold it enough that I could use the impact to tighten the lower bolt. I replaced the seals in that bike 3 times. I haven't done that job yet on my Ventures.
  8. I (79) took 3 Pfizer shots and got covid last Jan 2. I woke up with a bad cough and fever set in later that day. I took ivermectin. The next day my fever was high and I felt terrible. I took another ivermectin. The 3rd day the fever had subsided a little and I was feeling better. The 4th day the fever was gone and I felt almost normal again. The cough lasted about 3 weeks and my sense of smell gradually came back still not quite back to normal. My wife (63) who refused the shots caught it from me Jan 3. Her symptoms were similar to mine but her cough wasn't as bad. First time for both of us.
  9. I'm still around hanging out in Wilmington, NC. I still have that pristine 89 Venture Royale garage queen with only 6k miles on it.
  10. A hose to the ear moved to various places on the engine may locate the sound better. Or even remove the valve cover to see if it's valve related.
  11. I think most motorcycles produce little current while idling. Letting it idle for 1.5 hrs is enough to drain the battery. Remember the headlight is on and sucking lots of juice. It's typical I think or that has been my experience.
  12. I wish they operated in NC. At one point, I was insuring 3 bikes and two vehicles and in NC they price it like you can drive/ride all 5 at the same time. We need to be talking to our legislatures.
  13. The Wing engine has the same drawback as the BMW R engine for performance use. It limits the lean angle. For a cruiser it can't be beat overall for smoothness, lower cog and it lasts like a car engine.
  14. If that "little" K1600 doesn't bring joy to a motorcycle rider, I don't know what can! 😂
  15. Don, I'm so sorry. I wish you the best. I am so grateful for this site because it has been a great source of knowledge and entertainment for me. Hang tough!
  16. I was too dang immature at 19 to even think about marriage.
  17. What was the draw? It doesn't take a lot to kill a small motorcycle battery.
  18. You may have read my recent post about buying a new Nissan Titan Pro4X. The dealer that was 5 hours away discounted it $7k and then financed it a 0% with a doc fee as the only adder. Some dealers are giving discounts now if you shop around. I found this dealer by searching Autotrader. I think RAM is giving 10% discounts now. The CEO of GM shut down the production line for two weeks on their trucks to prevent an excess of supply and to keep prices up. I'm 79 and my last 4 trucks have been Fords but I'm fairly brand neutral in my old age. I bought my wife an Infiniti 9 years ago and it now has about 56k miles on it and it has had zero problems. I love my new Titan all except for the new price and the cost of the insurance and property taxes!! And the Titans have a 5 year, 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty.
  19. I remember reading that people living in southern USA are more prone to have cataracts than those living in the north supposedly due to more and brighter sunshine.
  20. I had my final checkup today after cataract surgery and I have 20/15 vision in each eye. I'm tickled pink! So, I recommend it if you have cataracts and are putting off the surgery.
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