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  1. I would put a bottle of Gumout for high mileage engines in the gas tank, or Chevron Techron
  2. The King of touring motorcycles!
  3. You might want to call pinwall cycles. They salvage a lot of bikes and usually sell the parts on ebay but sometimes they have stuff that doesn't get on ebay.
  4. Yeah, they are much easier to work on than the RSV in most cases. I think I removed 21 screws to change my headlight bulb and about 28 to replace the air filters on my RSV.
  5. You might want to check the valve adjustment. My ZN700 needed adjustment at 6,000 miles. A couple valves had 0 clearance. And the timing chain may need adjustment. Mine has the automatic adjustment and the springs in it needed replacement. This video may be helpful if you decide to adjust the valves.
  6. You might want to reconsider using Sintered brake pads for the rear. The RSV rear brakes tend to be on the too powerful side stock. Increasing the rear braking could be making the bike more dangerous to ride.
  7. The Ultra bulb only lasted a few minutes or seconds maybe so I don't think touching it could make it fail that quickly because it didn't have enough time to heat up. I put my volt meter on the battery connections and it was normal voltage at 14.2 volts and stable idling and revved up so I don't think that was the issue. Maybe it had been dropped as Marcarl said. Don't know. If I start riding at night, I'll probably get an LED like RDawson uses. Sylvania expects the Ultra to last 100 hours and the standard bulb 1100 hours so that's a big difference.
  8. Come on joe biden! 🙂He was asking about Korean made K&L parts. I haven't seen any yet, only Japanese. I would trust either.
  9. I've used K&L parts several times but they were made in Japan.
  10. I just finished installing the new basic H4 headlight bulb and I now have a headlight again on my RSV. The Sylvania Ultra bulb's both filaments were burned out. I don't think I even rode the bike after installing the Ultra. When I tried to ride it later, the bulb burned out. It couldn't have lasted more than a very few minutes. Don't buy an Ultra!!
  11. Today I checked the headlight fuse- good. I checked the charging voltage to make sure it wasn't super high-good. I tried removing the bulb from the back and got the wiring disconnected, the rubber boot off, but had trouble getting the spring flipped so the bulb will come out. I'll probably split the fairing again to make sure I don't break something. I went to Walmart and bought the cheapest H4 bulb this time that is supposed to last 1100 hours for 10 bucks. I checked the ultra package and it said it was guranteed for 12 months and most people averaged 100 hours of use per year. Anyway, I had thrown away my receipt and package for the ultra so I just lost that $25 plus tax. So, my advice is that if you buy the Sylvania Ultra bulb, save your receipt.
  12. Well folks, I backed the RSV out today to go for a ride and I noticed the low beam wasn't working. I switched to high beam and it flashed and went off. So, it appears that my new Sylvania ultra bulb only lasted a few minutes. I haven't looked into it yet. Maybe it's something stupid like the connection fell off. Don't think so. Fuse? I'll find out later.
  13. I don't consider my RSV to be top heavy. The steering is stiff at low speeds but some have put a narrower tire on the front to resolve that issue. I'm 5'10" with a 29" inseam.
  14. The rear brakes on these bikes are overly strong. They don't need any beefing up if in good condition.
  15. One of our members rebuilds rear shocks. Do a search and you should find out who.
  16. Hey, it's great to hear from you again! Glad you are recovering and doing okay! Hang in there our friend and keep the board hopping. I've been wondering what was going on with you.
  17. It could have been caused by the brake fluid boiling. Dot 3, 4, and 5.1 are compatible with our systems and can even be mixed. The higher the Dot # the higher the boiling point but also the higher the number, the more likely it is to absorb water.
  18. My smelly opinion, warning! Ha! B12 has acetone in it as one if its ingreadients. Acetone is known as a universal solvent meaning it will dissolve almost anything. Sooo, I'm afraid to use it. I use seafoam and mostly use Gumout for high mileage engines with PEA, polyetheramine, the latest and greatest fuel injector cleaner. I use Gumout in all of my gasoline powered devices, cars, truck, motorcycles, weedwhacker, blower, mower, boat motor. I've notice improvements in everything I've used it in, especially the boat motor, motorcycles, and lawn tools that don't get used a lot. Repeat! My smelly opinion!
  19. Check the spark plug wires at the caps for green copper wire.
  20. I got poison ivy rash really bad on my legs and arms as a kid from climbing up an apple tree that was covered with poison ivy vines. Every spring for several years it came back a little less each year for several years. No calamine lotion. I really suffered so I have a idea what you are going through.
  21. A common failure with the pump is the points that are available separately. Fantastic trip! I'm envious for sure!
  22. According to what I just searched and found, in the USA, Headlight brightness is primarily governed by federal law. The Code of Federal Regulations indicates that the luminous intensity of headlights must be between 500 and 3,000 candelas. A candela is equal to one lumen. So, LEDs up to 3,000 lumens should be legal. Use at your risk! Ha!
  23. Well, I got around to changing out the bulb. I made an attempt at removing/replacing it from the back but since I wasn't sure how to do it and seeing what I was doing was hard and it was such a pain in the ------ hand that I removed the front of the fairing. the fairing removal/replacement was easy. I just had to remove a dozen or so metric screws. Now, that I know exactly what to do, I might could replace it from the rear but I'm not sure I could.
  24. How bright is still legal in lumens? It appears that LEDs are available in many variations as far as brightness.
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