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  1. And the rear brake grips really well, maybe too well!
  2. I checked the rear pads on my 07 and they were wearing evenly.
  3. Could the uneven rear brake pad wear be related to a rear wheel alignment issue? Just wondering?
  4. My only experience with TPMS is with a 2013 Ford Focus rental car that warned me of a tire being low at 30psig. And my wife's 2013 Infiniti gave her a warning when one of her tires got down to 30psig. So, they worked okay in those two instances. It's hard to check the rear tire on a RSV so a TPMS on that would be convenient for sure. I've never had a vehicle with TPMS. My truck is 20 years old and my car is 17 years old. And I love my old clunkers! 2002 F150 4x4 and a hemi powered 2005 Dodge Magnum.
  5. Yeah, Puc has enough worn out MK I's that he could supply most anything I bet..
  6. Skydoc was looking for some rear brake parts.
  7. If you are concerned about it, stick a tygon tube down the fill hole and syphon a little out. Or use one of those hand held mity vacs if you have one. I used a long tygon tube to syphon trans fluid out of my car when the dealer overfilled it. It was easy to do. My car has as dipstick tube, no dipstick came with it but it still had the tube. Of course the after market came through for me with a dipstick.
  8. Unfortunately, all new car dealers have come up with all kinds of things to charge extra for and it's at its worse right now due to the shortage of cars. Almost all the dealers around here add a couple thousand to sticker prices for all kinds of "add ons". silicon coatings, stripes, ceramic coating, nitrogen in the tires, running boards, bed liners, plus the documentation fee.
  9. Air pressure will change at the same rate as nitrogen with temperature changes unless it has water in it. Air from compressors usually has a little water in it, condensed, saturated, or both depending on if the compressor has a tank. And a nitrogen molecule is lighter than an oxygen molecule. Check the science.
  10. Nitrogen will expand and contract with temperature the same as oxygen. It has a lower atomic weight but I don't know if the molecule is smaller or larger than oxygen and if it will leak out less because of the molecule size. My downstairs Goodman 2 ton split heat pump/air conditioner needs a new evaporator coil. The company that installed the system 14 years ago quoted $2650 to replace the coil. Sounded outrageous to me so I've been watching youtube videos on how to replace the coil. Saw where you are supposed to use Nitrogen to check for leaks. I think I could do it but it's under the house and at 78, I'm not going to torture myself that much. Another outfit quoted $2200 and another quoted $1334. Got the last recommendation from Nextdoor ap and I'm giving him a try.
  11. Well now, you forced me to google Aspen 4 to find out what it is. So you made me learn something.
  12. Well, air is about 78% nitrogen. And when a tire is originally filled there is a certain amount of air in the tire already so it's impossible to have pure nitrogen in the tire. Soo, it's just a way to get a few more bucks out of you. They say things like it reduces corrosion of the rim inside. I used to change my own tires long ago and the steel rims inside looked new so there's no corrosion going on. Nascar uses nitrogen bottles for their tires but I think they can more easily control the pressure with nitrogen bottles and nitrogen doesn't contribute to a fire. Just guessing on their reasons. I never pay extra for it. One thing I do think about though is if you use those gas station air compressors that do not have a tank there will be a little water in the air. A compressor with a tank collects the water in the bottom of the tank and the air going to the tire has no liquid water in it because the tire pressure is lower than the tank pressure and the air going to the tire is not saturated and the water will not condense out of the air.
  13. Nice truck! Years ago, I bought a one year old Ford from a Ford dealer. The numbers on the contract didn't appear to be correct to me. It was late, the finance lady was getting impatient with me and she and the salesman assured me the numbers were correct. When I got home, I looked at it again and realized they cheated themselves out of $300. I was so honest that I let them know and signed a new contract..... I think they fired the finance lady.
  14. 95 gph sounds like a lot since a bike uses about 2 gallons per hour. But what do I know?
  15. One of my uncles about 50 yrs old had a persistent cough and said the doctors had told him to quit smoking. His response was that he had been smoking all his life and it hadn't killed him yet. 2 yrs later he died from lung cancer. My father in law was a heavy smoker and died of lung cancer at age 72,
  16. There isn't much of a selection in helmets at the two motorcycle dealers where I live (Honda/Suzuki and Harley) and most of them are black. Black helmets in the summer seem to me a bad idea for heat and visibility.
  17. Dennis Kirk will allow you to return helmets and they pay shipping. I ordered a helmet from Bike Bandit one time and it didn't fit and had to pay about $32 to ship it back and then they almost didn't give me a refund saying there was a sticker missing. I told them to check the box because everything was in the box and they finally agreed to refund my money. That is when I stopped shopping at Bike Bandit and it seems that was a very good idea.
  18. What insurance company was that?
  19. I thought my foot was healing just fine with hydrocortizone cream for a couple days but after about a week, it got worse. Everywhere I was bitten or stung, a whelp rose up and it itched like crazy. Then I put rubbing alcohol on my foot several times a day for a few days and that helped with the itching and the healing. Those little critters have some potent poison!
  20. January 1973, I saw a used 73 CB750 Honda advertised for $1250 with 800 miles on it. New price was $1499 in the winter and $1799 in the summer in my area. I called the owner and he volunteered to take $1150. I drove out and stood in line to test ride it. Seemed to check out so I gave the guy a check to hold it until the next day. Consummated the deal the next day and started it up to ride back home. When I let out the clutch it made a strange noise. On the ride back I stopped at a country store and bought gas. Before I got home it was running ragged. I was thinking that now I know why I got such a good deal. I replaced the plugs and it made no difference. After a while I filled up with gas again and it ran much better. I got some bad gas. I called the dealer shop and talked about the clutch noise and was told it was dry and to either bring it down and they would disassemble it and lube it or just ride it. I rode it and the noise went away. Seemed the bike was lost in a poker game and the winner traded it for a car at the body shop/used car dealer where I bought it.
  21. Lately, I've been viewing this doctor's videos. This is one that may be worth viewing.
  22. Congratulations! I joke about my Dad. He quit smoking and drinking after all the kids left home!!!😅 For some reason, I never got caught up in the smoking scene. I'm happy I didn't.
  23. https://www.ebay.com/itm/394067688625?epid=1323889502&hash=item5bc043bcb1:g:T3gAAOSwA3JieeT- This is supposed to fit.
  24. Now a youtube video will show up with some mechanic buying that Tacoma from the insurance company and rebuilding it! Ha!
  25. If they give you today's inflated price for that truck you should make out okay until you go buy a new one. I look occasionally at new trucks thinking maybe to replace my old 2002 F150 but not at today's prices. It's going to have to blow up for me to get that much incentive.
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