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A couple questions on fork seal replacement (with progressive springs)

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Hey guys! I've been working away and the Venture, just rebuilt the twinkie and about 3/4 of the way finished with the carb rebuild (get yourself a sonic cleaner, works wonders!).  I'm about to start on replacing the fork seals.  When I initially installed the progressive springs, I decided against using the PVC spacer that was included in the box.  Now that I'm riding 2-up more frequently, i'd like to put them back in during the seal replacement.  It's a 1" PVC spacer correct? What was the length that came with the progressive springs?


Also, I'm going to replace the gaiters on this job as well.  I know the diameter is 40mm, is 7.5 inch of travel going to be enough?


I'm going to look around a little more for some how-tos on the seal installation tool, as I plan to do the seals with the forks on the bike.  If I can't find them I'm going to edit the post and ask some questions about that as well. Always looking forward to the knowledge from you guys on here!



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Thanks for the heads up! I've got one put back together today. I dropped the spring in it, threaded it by hand and then use the impact to tighten it the rest of the way.  Filled it with oil and no leak, so I know it snugged up all the way!


Unfortunately I'm missing the three washers, the two spring washers and the spacer on the roadside fork.  I bought these forks used because the first time I attempted this job, I damaged my inner fork tube. I've put 70k miles on these tubes since purchase, and I see no damage from those washers being missing. It's just strange that they were in the curbside fork which I completed, but not the roadside fork.  I'm not really sure what the purpose of the washers are, but now I'm in the hunt for a set of those. 

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