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  1. Walked in the shop to a couple bikes taking a nap as Carl would say. My 1st Gen hadn’t been ridden in several years, the tires and air ride finally leaked down enough it tipped to the right and fell on a Honda automatic setting beside it. Luckily I had put a box of Coro-plast (corrugated plastic sheets) between them this week that absorbed the damage. It looked like a good spot to store the box for a few days. The Honda hit the wall, not sure if there’s damage or not yet. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
  2. We are so overrun with deer our laws are loose. $62 gets you a license and 4 tags. One antlered limit, no limit on antlerless. After filling the first 4 tags they’re $15 a pair. No matter how long you cook em the antlers never get tender so I just shoot the ones without. 🤣
  3. A little mathematical equation: 2x.243 +2x30.06=Success 1 more on a different day.
  4. Made the kids drive the wife and food, I took the bike.
  5. That’s awesome. At least they’re behaving.
  6. We live in the out in the sticks so I’m still trying to test coverage, there is no fiber optic or internet offered here so cellphones are our only connection to the world. Verizon has signal here but T Mobile is cheaper, just gotta find out about signal. Thanks y’all.
  7. I am severing my ties with AT&T after 22 years. I am looking at T-Mobile and Verizon as the bigger carriers around here, the smaller companies don't have much coverage here. Any comments about the dealings with these two companies are what I'm looking for. The service wasn't the issue here, it was some underhanded dealing they did that I will not tolerate. Any recommendations?
  8. Believe I’ll smoke a deer ham for Thanksgiving. Between my daughter and me we’ve gotten 5 for the freezer. I’m extra thankful as both kids will be here for the holiday and my 20 y/o daughter still likes to come home to hunt and fish with dad. Can’t beat it. Hope everyone has a great one too.
  9. The weatherman ushered in some freezing temps just in time for deer season, Friday I was riding in a t shirt, Saturday hunting in the snow. Nights down in the teens. We’ll try to finish filling the freezer in the next couple days before the 60* riding weather comes back by Thanksgiving.
  10. Look between the front and rear cylinders on the block. The heat exchanger/Twinkie sets there, it looks like a Twinkie earning it that moniker. There are o rings and seals that can let water/oil mix.
  11. Most common cause is the water pump seal.
  12. Sitting in the deer blind looking at the dusting of snow we got this morning I can’t help but think how it seems like yesterday I was riding the bike down a sunshiny highway. Wait, it was yesterday, 15 hours before this pic it was t-shirt weather.
  13. Been adding miles this week, temps in the high 60’s to mid 70’s. In the 60s today riding in a tee shirt, first snow forecast tonight. Gotta love KY weather.
  14. Yesterday not today, wife said let’s go to lunch on the bike. 3 hours later we pulled in at Loveless Cafe In Nashville. Got in a little rain on the way home.
  15. Hate to hear it. Seems to be too often these days, I lost a close friend this week also.
  16. Some raise the forks in the triple tree.
  17. I’ve had good luck dissolving ABS plumbing pipe in acetone making a glue or putty. Car stereo shops usually keep ABS sheets that can be cut and formed as patches.
  18. I wish I could say it is wrinkle free and perfect but it’s not. A big learning curve around the corners left a few small wrinkles. I redid the lid in one piece to make it look better. Overall I’m pretty happy with it. One day soon I’m going to try to do the filter boxes using the vacuum technique on YouTube.
  19. Points finally arrived today, a couple hours after I finished the new trailer. Got the fuel pump fixed, hooked up the trailer and went on a test ride. My first vinyl wrap results.
  20. Hannigan uses similar scissor jacks in their shop. I believe front and rear.
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