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  1. I just turn it up. We have cheaper IMC headsets and while the speakers work the bike speakers are better. Maybe higher in headsets are better.
  2. Not a dumb question but yes it’s just the motor oil. Some pull that bolt during oil changes to get that out, there’s not much there so I personally don’t mess with it.
  3. For the top two I’d heavily protect the area and weld a nut on em and back it out with a socket. Just set a nut over the protruding bolt and mig weld inside the nut. The weld heat will release the loctite and they should easily back out. The big question is what caused this and why were they taking it apart.
  4. @djh3 is right, also look at your swingarm bearings. They can also cause a loose front feeling. Fork pressure equal? Or maybe a combination of two or more of those mentioned. My 07 front plants very well. Last thought are you running an OEM size front tire?
  5. I have one I built using Don’s instructions, I didn’t find a spring locally and decided to go with the adapter and jack route. I’ll dig it up before the rally here in May, somebody can leave here with it.
  6. The Buddy Rich cable only ties the helmet wired mic into the system to allow phone calls while riding. The audio out will allow gps voice to go over stereo. Audio in I assume will let you stream music if plugged into your phone.
  7. To use the mic in you’d need a mic splitter cable, I don’t know of anyone still building it. Audio out would plug in the aux input for the stereo. The splitter known around here as the Buddy Rich cable was only available from Buddy or Edsets.com as far as I know.
  8. The hop n skip don’t bother me, it’s the 168hrs in the last 13 days getting to me. I can’t even make it he 8 miles to Ky Lake.
  9. Right state, wrong lake. Wish I could make it over to drown a worm with you but it’s 225 miles and they’re trying to work us to death. Make it down to the rally in May and we can scare up some cats in Ky Lake. It’s a good bass n crappie lake too.
  10. Don’t put aggressive pads on the rear, they lock way too easily. I run organics on the rear.
  11. Is this the Canadian version? I know of a guy up there that rides in circles and U turns. Come to think of it though he rides one of those three legged things, not a venture. 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Carl=Less words???? Should we move this thread to the joke & humor page?
  13. When troubleshooting always start by fixing any known problems first. Quite often two mild symptoms can combine to throw your thinking way off.
  14. David, I did my 1st gen it wasn’t bad. Haven’t had to dive into my 07 yet. Did have the forks off for head bearings, it wasn’t terrible.
  15. Wife n I got in a 100 miler Saturday, left it set Sunday to do a little fishing. Rode into work today to enjoy these cool fall mornings. I’ll ride until early November, put her up for the winter break that we call deer season (16 days) then hopefully find enough warm winter days to keep it exercised.
  16. Better watch that skydoc fella. He’ll have you running like a bat outta hell n stopping on a dime. 🤣
  17. I’ll start with #3&5. If your cooling system is working correctly check the vents in the lower fairings, they control airflow into the cockpit area. I never had leg heat issues on my 1st gen. I haven’t seen much luck with a single carb swap in the posts I’ve read, get the carbs right and keep em clean and that thing is a rocket. I’m sure some of the 1st gen gurus will be around soon to give better info, I’ve moved to a 2nd gen as I like feet forward bikes. Welcome to the site, you won’t find better info anywhere to keep her going, best $12 investment you’ll spend on the bike. I suggest you ask over in the Watering Hole or 1st gen sections to get better response.
  18. Running only on choke usually means carb cleaning or rebuild. Dying in gear, was your sidestand down? Check sidestand switch. If it tries to Lurch forward when put in gear check clutch fluid level/bleed clutch.
  19. I have no experience with the 3rd Gen but us 2nd genners are always looking at different ways to cover the chrome gas caps because of the sun glare reflecting off it. Would a chrome lid cause the same issue on an SVTC?
  20. @Carbon_One are you still making the jack adapters? I’m making one for a local this week but have no interest in selling them. I’ll keep sending people your way.
  21. Hey Steve, I’ll be in the shop this week, should have some steel laying around to whip one out. It won’t be painted but it’ll be cheap, we can meet up one day and meet over a coffee or something.
  22. How much air you running in the shock?
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