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  1. It’s an E1 but a 94 model, was just rarely used. It’s a custom body build and has miles of wiring. We tried to send it to E1 for a complete rewire/rebuild but they say no. The technology is too old. The local college actually bought it for us because their dorms weren’t sprinkled back then. There was a fatal arson fire in a dorm in 98, that truck pulled students out that day. They then sprinkled all dorms soon after and now are phasing out all high rise dorms.
  2. Good reminder, I tell people losing bolts can cost you your nuts.
  3. Have you checked the neck bearings themselves? Yamaha is known for very little grease there, after I replaced mine it rode like a new bike.
  4. We took a 105’ tower truck out of service recently because of electrical/electronic issues. As it was a custom built truck there are no diagrams or graphics to go by to track the issues. It’s all to do with the ladder movement not the engine. 18,000 miles on it and it’s being sold for scrap. To replace it is $1.3 million, we don’t have the budget so we do without. CORRECTION: they’ll do without, I’m retiring next month.
  5. I still use my phone when I need GPS. Even in the vehicles I use it thru Apple Play instead of onboard navigation.
  6. I wonder how much the set up affects it. I’m running a 150 front Shinko and the Nexen with leveling links raising the rear 1-1/4”. I don’t feel any wobble until over 90mph. I don’t ride like that anymore anyway. It handles great everywhere from twisties to interstate.
  7. Went and installed an old shield yesterday and rode it home. Took the front end apart and found minimal damage to the fairing. One screw hole on the outer broke out around a windshield screw and the inner flanges broke where the shield bracket bolts to it. From what I understand mine was one of the few that hadn’t broken at the bracket bolts. More of the tabs on the chrome strip under the shield broke. Insurance took pics, we’ll see where that goes. Talked to Clearview, they are good on stock so I’ll order the shield soon. Teeth are healing and tightening well, pain has been minimal. Really the worst part is eating canned soup and apple sauce watching wife n kid eat pizza🤣🤣.
  8. The $$$ it’s costing to go so high tech isn’t helping. Most of us older riders want to get away from technology and go relax. I don’t care for all the infotainment, touch screens, glitzy tech on my truck let alone my bike. Go back to a simpler fuel injected water cooled bike we can work on ourselves and drop the prices so more can afford it. It freaks me out when my truck text messages me about oil changes and low tires, I don’t want my bike doing it.
  9. I think having the X-Screen windshield attachment probably made it worse than it could’ve been. It created a an edge for the bird to catch on and pulled the shield out instead of it just glancing off the top of the shield. Think I’m gonna order a Clearview this time. I really like the X-Screen, it did a great job of clearing turbulence and still sat well below my line of sight. As much as I liked it the taste of it in my mouth was terrible. I also broke my helmet shield but being a straight on hit the bike never wavered, just rode it straight out until I found a driveway. I hope I can get a new windshield quickly, we have a trip planned in a couple weeks to celebrate my retirement before school starts and she has to go back to work.
  10. Yesterday Kandi and I took the bike to Paducah to see my chiropractor and get an alignment and tune up on my old back, temps in the 80s and sunny so we took the scenic route home. Didn’t get there. We were tooling along on a two lane 55-60mph not a car in sight when a large bird came out of the ditch into my windshield. All I saw was a blur as it came up and then had a windshield in my mouth. Spent the afternoon getting root canals and temporary crowns put on my front upper teeth. She didn’t have a clue what happened, said she heard a noise, saw something fly over her head ( windshield) and saw me set up straight on the bars. As I was pulling in a driveway she’s asking if everything is ok, told her it broke my teeth as I got off, that’s when she saw we lost the shield. Going back tomorrow to get the bike and see if there’s any more damage. We called the insurance agent today who is a friend of ours and she said she’s done lots of deer hits but never birds, it’s my second bird strike. 35 years ago riding without a windshield or helmet I had a bird break my nose.
  11. I’m running 42 front and rear.
  12. And guess who paid for the wreck repairs. It wasn’t her. She ended up using that tank of gas anyway.
  13. That reminds me of my daughter. I gave her a nice used car for Christmas before graduation, the following summer I took it in my shop to get ready for college trips. $300 fuel pump, $150 battery, $500 tires, full tune up, belt, hoses, etc. you know the drill. 4 days later she wrecked it. Setting in the ER she got mad complaining that she just filled the tank.
  14. I have a Lomax trifold. Flip twice to use 2/3 of the bed or pop the front latches and it lifts out in seconds. I’m very happy with it.
  15. This is why I wanted to get together in May instead of June.
  16. Trucks are crazy right now, luckily I found mine close by last spring. We went all the way to St. Louis a few months ago to get the wife's Jeep. Now I'm looking for a small car for my oldest since we moved her so far away from home. Her's went into limp mode for a few miles on the way to Florida with no warning lights set, it's a 2012 Nissan with 140k on it and I'm getting a little worried about it. Everything I'm seeing is 2500-3000 above MSRP. Used prices are just insane.
  17. Glad everyone is ok. Trucks are replaceable.
  18. That’s a debatable opinion. I don’t use a tender on my AGM batteries but my bike usually doesn’t set months at a time like some. We may have to drink our air in the summer down here but we can ride in the winter.
  19. Congratulations!!!! I’ll be joining the ranks the end of next month.
  20. 🤣🤣🤣 Play nice now. Missed picking on you since you didn’t come see me at the lake.
  21. Did it track straight for you or keep trying to turn back the way it came?🤣🤣🤣
  22. HEEEYYYY, it’s good to see ya back. Been thinking about you lately. Don’t know if you remember but we talked some about my oldest moving off to med school a few years ago, she graduated a few weeks ago. We’re moving her to Gainesville FL this weekend where she’ll be doing her residency in the E.R.
  23. I have a fishing boat and a pontoon we can fish from, as long as the wind is calmer next year.
  24. Glad you got her out. Gotta make some time now and then.
  25. Found another one😱. I was at the boat ramp last week when a young couple pulled in on a Ducati with a near flat front tire. No gear, no helmets. I flagged them down and pointed it out, his response: “ I thought it was feeling a little weird”. 10# by a gauge.
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