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  1. That sounds so refreshing. Glad you had a great day.
  2. I finally got my SVTC back. Shop said they could not replicate what I have observed 'stalling'. I even sent them a video of the incident as I tried to do it from the garage before I got it towed and it never acted back up again. This morning, I went to pick it up and rode it back home for at least 20 miles with no problems at all. I was told to simply keep an eye on the situation, because the shop could not replace anything under warranty unless the bike part is not functioning at all. As a consolation, they were able to replace my brake switch as part of the recall. Ride On folks and ke
  3. Same here SpencerPJ. I know things like these happens, but I am very thankful she did not leave me stranded on the side of the road.
  4. Wow. 45 days is really too long to be waiting for a bike to get done. I hope yours is not going to take much longer. As for my SVTC, I expect to get a call from the shop by Monday to tell me what they find out. They said since the bike is already in the shop, they can also do the brake switch recall at the same time. The weather should be perfect riding days next week. At least I still have my very reliable '07 RSV and she'll keep me company all week long. I'll keep you guys posted.
  5. @luvmy40 Try to sign up in qrz.com. The site has a ‘Swapmeet’ section where members can post anything relating to Amateur Radio. You can also post pics of the antenna for potential buyers to look at. Read the rules properly and abide to it, so you will not have any problems posting your items in a timely manner. Site admins keeps a close eye on parts swappers and such. I am pretty active in Ham radio and I’ll be looking for your post as soon as you get the chance.
  6. Two days ago, my SVTC stalled twice a few turns before I reach home base. Not sure why...luckily it did not happen along the interstate. Upon further investigation, I hear gargling sounds right before I start it up. Today, it is headed to the shop for troubleshooting... I am leaning towards a fuel pump. Nice to know the bike is under warranty. Had to use ERA to get it towed.
  7. I say save it just in case...
  8. That is exactly what I had in mind.
  9. @dragonstorm Over the winter months, I did spend a lot of time shopping around on almost all the websites located in the US. They have a lot advertised on their websites, but they did not have the correct size available for me...so I blame it on the ongoing Pandemic I guess. It didn't really affect me so much, because I still have my Joe Rocket leather jacket that I have been using for the longest time now. I told myself, I can wait until late summer and perhaps early Fall to start shopping again...and hopefully, Revzilla and other places out there may have my size. I am planning to tak
  10. Shipping delays and Out of Stock items has been the norm for over a year now.
  11. Is there any possibility for the site to handle 'Live Video' feeds?
  12. @Ken T. Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new to you bike.
  13. All good so far on pinched wires in the long run.
  14. Thank You for the heads up. I know mine is before the new software.
  15. So yesterday, I was so happy to finally ride my ‘07 to work. First time this year after just riding my SVTC due to cold cold temps in the morning. Anyway... I noticed my passing lamps were not working and I had to do something. I really thought it was the fuse, but it turned out to be just a loose contact somewhere between the switch and the fuse holder. I tried my best to secure it with a couple of zip ties and that did the trick. My ride today to work had my passing lamps lit all the way.
  16. I also have the rear spoiler installed on my ‘07 and I think the light emitted is descent for my taste. But with your upgrade lighting, it is for sure the best I’ve seen in. Well done.
  17. Happy Easter to All!
  18. Indeed. Spring is upon us and riding season has begun for most people, but it has not stopped on my end. Have fun riding and ride safe.
  19. Got another chance to ride today, but had to take the SVTC since morning commutes are still pretty chilly. Tomorrow, my '07 will be very happy to finally run for the month. Temperature highs in the 60s and it is looking good.
  20. It looked like everyone had a fun day working on their bike. Thanks for sharing your pics.
  21. I pray for safety to all that are in harms way of the storm. Tornado warnings are in effect right now.
  22. What do you guys mean, when you say "Hard Start'. Just curious.
  23. Last Friday, my wife and I received our first shot of Moderna. Thank God no adverse effects and just like anyone else, the site of injection remained sore for at least a day and a half. So far so good. Now we are waiting for an email for our 2nd shot in a few weeks time.
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