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  1. Brewing is a skill. The more you do it, the better you will be. One basic skill comes to mind...."The Skill of Listening. It is not what you want to brew, it's about what the customer/friends wants to drink." Mike Alcorn.
  2. N3FOL

    Nice ride

    That sounds like a very nice ride date on Friday night. Personally, I think 50° is my best riding outside temperature. It sure was unusually warm for the first two weeks of November. Because of that, I am also enjoying lots of ride time and even not using my vehicles for over a week. Today, the rain came back for only a few hours and will be riding again even if temps dip down in the low 30's. @Freebird I am confident you'll still get to ride several more times before the end of this crazy and eventful pandemic year.
  3. Hope to hear from you a couple of days before and after your procedure. Recover fast. I will assume your PT will happen around Spring. Note: Please don't post any gross pictures.
  4. I don't know if you have noticed, the rider honks his horn at the very last minute signifying his intention to 'go - no matter what' so that the other rider and drivers around him won't do anything crazy. Here in the US, we can call it a 'Stunt Maneuver' with dire consequences.
  5. Your jacket looks very nice. I have a similar design that I use for summer riding only. It is a Joe Rocket Mesh jacket in bright orange. @circa1968 What jacket do you use for cold weather? As for my winter jackets, I have narrowed my selection further down to 3 specific models. However, it is really hard to decide since I physically could not try them on before I make my final decision. I really like the Dainese Dolomiti Goretex jacket, but they did not have the size I am looking for....so I requested the vendor to email me once that have my size available. 2nd on my selection is th
  6. @bikerjohn What is the power source of your Bluetooth?
  7. Normandy. That is for sure a keeper. With the condition it was when it was found and to see the finished product is just impressive. The guy in the video truly has skills.
  8. Looks like Shell Rotella dino 15W40 for Spring/Summer and Early Fall and 10W40 Synthetic Oil for Late Fall to Early Spring for the SVTC. I think this is a good plan, since I've read that switching back and forth from Dino oil to Synthetic oil does not cause any problems. @saddlebumWhat 10W40 dino oil brand do you use on your motorcycle?
  9. @luvmy40 I've heard of LeatherUp products and such. I truly believe that leather gear on cold climates is the best way to go. On the other hand, there are several good reviews coming out now that textile jackets are just as good and sometimes better minus the added extra weight. My Joe Rocket leather has been with me for about 15 years also and I think it is time to try something else. I've narrowed down my selection to Alpinestars and Firstgear and Klim.
  10. @saddlebum A snowmobile suit sounds like a great idea. I have not tried something like that since I think it all comes in one piece. Sometimes I ride in cold temps, but did not require anything for the legs. Anything above 55°, I usually do not wear any cold gear below my torso. Thank you for your input.
  11. @saddlebumI’ve also heard a lot of good things about Shell oils from my uncle. He is a mechanical engr and he has been telling me about their vehicles they use to go down in a ‘quarry’. In short...and just like your finding on used shell oils, it gave them significant evidence that Shell motor oil does give good engine protection on their fleet of vehicles. I am now feeling more confident that what I use in my RSV will also be ok to use in my SVTC. Right now, I have 10W40 synthetic in my SVTC which from what I read is better for cold starts this time of the year. 15W40 and 10W40 has simil
  12. I run Rotella 15W40 on my RSV since I bought it new. I think the 15W40 Rotella will work just as well on the SVTC. I'll have to ask around....
  13. I've used Walmart oil on my vehicles with no problems for thousands of miles. I have never seen a SuperTech oil that says motorcycle oil. Is there one for sure? I'll have to make a trip to the motor oil isle on of these days. Now I am thinking of moving from Mobil Synthetic Moto Oil to Dino Motorcycle Oil on the SVTC for my next oil change. Maybe. Just Maybe.
  14. I've been shopping around for a new winter jacket. I currently have a leather Joe Rocket jacket and it has served me well, but it is looking too old on the exterior especially on shoulder area. I was thinking of switching from Leather to Fabric type of jacket. Any recommendations? There is so many selections to consider...
  15. I can be quiet, when I am in a critical thinking mode. 😃
  16. Lately, just riding to and from work. Nothing really far away from home. This trend will continue up to 3 months from now and perhaps beyond that time on my end. If weather breaks for the better for only a day or so during the winter months, I may want to ride farther away from home for some serious wind therapy.
  17. It didn't mention where was the lighter found. Any idea where?
  18. That was a lot of work to restore a lighter. Nice video.
  19. I double checked. Looks accurate.
  20. The pics did not disappointment me. Excellent use of low light and shutter speed and aperture settings, etc. I am impressed...no camera shake. 🙂👍
  21. @cowpucThanks for posting the videos. So nice to learn and see the engine cutaways.
  22. I am glad @Lloyd posted this thread. It reminded me to check my rear shock air pressure. I normally would pump it up around 38-40.
  23. I wonder what it is called on the SVTC and Eluder.
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