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  1. Yesterday, I finally got the chance to replace plugs, final oil drive and coolant. They were all past due for service. Almost 8 years on the coolant, over 10K miles on the plugs. It was so refreshing today weather wise as well as working on my ‘07. Rear tires has been ordered. Took only 3 pics, because I was so into it. 🙏
  2. I'm riding my '07 this week. Even though the weather has been warmer during the days, the early morning rides are cooler. I still remember the day I bought my '07 with only 3 miles on her and the shop mechanic told me as I was about to leave...he said, "Warm it up really good and don't lug the engine."
  3. I've had good experience with DennisKirk and at one point from eBay via a local distributor.
  4. To be honest, I will not buy tires that was not sold in the US.
  5. Pirellis made in China. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. These machines like to run well when warmed up really good.
  7. Pump up your tires close at least closer to the max psi. On my '07, I always keep it at 40 all year round.
  8. Now it looks like a tripod having 2 types of contraption. The legs is orange and the mast is black. hmmm
  9. It looks like a tripod used by civil engineers at a work site. Just guessing...
  10. I am hoping I'll have enough time to do everything I plan to do the week before Memorial Day weekend. I would normally unmount the rear tire and take it to the shop. Another Rear Shinko for the RSV. She deserves the best.
  11. I didn't modify my '07's suspension and I am just like most...I want to keep it the way it was designed. At 5'5", normal Timberland or Red Wing boots does the trick for me.
  12. I agree. Everything else will have to come in this order: Replace plugs, replace coolant, synch carbs, replace final drive oil. Unfortunately I will have to remove my rear tire the last. I just need one nice weekend when I am not called in to work. Normal maintenance for the most part and I am looking forward to doing them.
  13. The pic shows my current tread on my rear tire on the ‘07. If I put it another 2K miles, I’ll be happy. I will have to replace my rear tire this year for sure.
  14. Only you can decide for yourself, but do keep the bike just in case.
  15. Just been riding the RSV and SVTC for the last five days and leaving my other vehicles behind. This dry weather will not last long, but for now it will be more riding to and from work and more.
  16. I am still in the same situation as you, but I've decided to keep my '07 at least right now. I've been riding it more now that the weather has been warmer this time of year. Enjoy your '18 and ride safe.
  17. Congrats! You just gave yourself 591.5 miles of wind therapy.
  18. I've been pretty easy on my throttle and tend to ride a lot more on highways. If I ride my '07 a lot more this Spring and Summer months, I will have to get a new rear tire by the end of 2023.
  19. Awesome! Make sure to take it easy on your first 350 miles or so to scrub the initial layer of your tires then you can ride it like you stole it. Ride Safe.
  20. You will like the Shinko brand. I've already put in about 15K miles on the rear and looks like it will have another 2K. My front Shinko is much newer than my rear and it will last much longer. I have no complaints with the tire. I give this tire two thumbs up.
  21. N3FOL

    Ride Report

    I agree. Do watch for those strong T-Storms.
  22. Rode my SVTC to and from work for the last couple of days. Needed the heat in the morning and it was well worth it.
  23. Here is my take...save enough money for a new 'to you' Venture. It will make you happier.
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