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  1. Despite the ups and downs in the weather here in SE Pa, I took advantage of the change and rode the bike to and from work and will do the same again tomorrow which will be the warmest day of the week. Thanks to the heated grips and seat on a 40° temp ride. So folks, it is time to wipe down your bikes and go for a ride. Always be safe.
  2. FWIW, even electric bicycles are starting to pickup. Pricey but nice.
  3. My ‘07 choke stays out and it must stay out until it is time to push it back in after a brief engine warm up. As mentioned before, previous owner must have done something with the adjustment.
  4. Did you ever cross a small river or crossed a flooded road? Just throwing out possibilities.
  5. I bought the plugs from NAPA for a case of 10. FWIW, I’ve been buying plugs from NAPA for several decades including plugs for my ‘07 RSV and never had any issues. So far, I have put on 200 miles on the new plugs and the bike has been running well. I’ll try to feel the bikes 🏍 performance moving forward.
  6. @Marcarl True. I think the plugs are still ok and the bike ran very nice before the change. I could have left it there, but I bought 10 of those plugs a year ago for a little over $2.00 each. I find it easier to change the oil and filter on my ‘07 RSV than replace all 4 plugs. On the SVTC, it is easier to change the plugs than change the oil. 😀
  7. Now at apx 8200 miles and replaced the Oil and Oil Filter on the bike. It took longer than expected even though this is the 2nd time I am doing the oil change, because I struggled to remove that very tight oil filter. I had to run over to our local Home Depot store and picked up a nice Channel Lock plyers specifically designed to grab and hold on to small PVC pipes and small oil filters. Wow, I was so relieved after I started to spin to remove. Pic below is the new filter installed. I also got the chance to replace the spark plugs the same day and I really thought I have to remove the fuel tank all the way. Glad I didn't have to. I simply removed the left plastic cover that I thought housed the left air filter and as soon as that was off...those 2 plugs were just starring right at me. It took me about 30 minutes to replace both plugs and I was done. Now the bike is good for another 4K miles until the next oil change. IMO, at 8200 miles, my plugs needed to be replaced. More pics attached...
  8. @AndyCBR The SVTC is for sure the best bike that I've owned. I love everything about the bike. Even though it is air cooled, the heat emanating is negligible to me. I especially love the ride quality and handling and power of the bike. As for maintenance, it looked a little intimidating to me but the more I read and learn about the bike, working on the bike is so much fun. FWIW, I removed my own tire and reinstalled the wheel all by myself when I picked up a nail a few months ago. So as a DIYer, this bike is for you if you are into it. In one occasion, the bike was idling rough and I had to have it towed to the shop for them to look at...their diagnosis/speculation could be just some bad gas and it never occurred again. To date, it has 8200 miles with no major issues so far. This bike performs very well on cold winter days. The heated seat and grips will make this bike your go to ride in the cold months ahead.
  9. I don't have any experience on Dunlops except, when I had my Kawasaki Vulcan almost 20 years ago. I almost went for a Shinko rear tire, but decided to stick with OEM Bridgestones since it was just $30 dollars more at the time of purchase. For my SVTC, I may stick with Bridgestones in years to come.
  10. I really like the Black Cherry on the RSV.
  11. Lots of rain this morning - no more rain this afternoon, but temps will reach about 60° or so....don't let the cold temps stop you from riding. Gear up and ride safe.
  12. Loving it too over here in SE PA. Warm temps this week in the 60's. Ride Safe All.
  13. @MarshallStone I ride all winter long riding the RSV on not so cold days and the SVTC, when temps drop below 45°. I honestly stopped shopping around for a number of months now but I plan to revisit my shopping online and hopefully take a ride to Revzilla in Philly before the end of the year. Thanks for the link for vikingcycle.
  14. @luffrr Glad you followed your instinct and tell us the story. I always say a prayer every time I ride. Stay safe.
  15. N3FOL

    Ditch Digger

    That is one hell of a workout.
  16. @rbig1 Good Luck on your future endeavors. Be safe.
  17. With the handle bars all the way to the left, you can then turn the ignition to the lock position and pull out the key. If the key will not come out in the lock position, something may be binding it....IMO. As suggested, try some wiggling and some lubrication on the cylinder lock and hopefully it will free the key in the lock position.
  18. Nice find and a Very Nice Ride! Enjoy...
  19. Prayers for your upcoming surgery and a lengthy recovery. Heal well.
  20. Buy it before it is gone.
  21. @saddlebum Nice product! Being LED and battery operated, it should last for a long time if needed in an emergency.
  22. I will also never leave my key on the ignition even if it broke down. If I need hazard lights, I will have to stay close to the bike until help arrives. On the other hand, I don't want the feature of being able to turn on your hazard lights even with the key in the ignition. I just don't want any random person turn on my hazard lights and leave it on.
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