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  1. A Valkyrie interstate was what I was looking for but couldn't find within 500 miles me. The ad for my RSV kept coming up so I went and looked, the rest is history.
  2. Dan was pretty tolerant and would have overlooked that newly acquired character flaw.
  3. Our good friend Gill Fisher passed away today, please say a prayer for Gill if you're so inclined.
  4. Wishing you the best outcome Chuck. Prayers that you beat this quickly
  5. It's a real thing in europe!
  6. Looks great Don, I've been wanting to put a Strat wheel on both bikes, I think they improve the looks of the rsv.
  7. here is my gravely and trac vac. The trac vac I have is the big brother to yours. You're going to love it. https://youtu.be/d3ct-_1zN_w
  8. There used to be a shop in S.E. Michigan that did plastic chroming, I don't recall the name of the place.
  9. He is, but I don't think he's making them anymore. If you PM me your contact info I'll forward it to him and he may get back to you..
  10. Whatever the outcome of this trip is, you ain't getting rid of us that easy, motorcycle or not. Safe trip guys.
  11. At least you had somewhere to duck into. I left Skids cabin got as far as Hendersonville on I-26 when the skies gave me a good washin ! 20 munutes of heavy rain . See ya in the morning.
  12. Not sure if my tent made the move, if it did is it possible to pitch a second tent on a site for 1 night ?
  13. I live 65 miles south of the KOA and would like to join everyone for a day ride or two, are there planned rides ? I didn't make reservations anywhere because we are usually in Michigan the week of the rally. Our plans got changed today and I'll be in here for the rally. Day rides are doable since I'm only an hour 15 away.
  14. Great for race cars, a waste of money on a daily driver.
  15. I run a BF Goodrich T\A Radial 155\80 on the rear of my 02 RSV and a 130 commander 2 up front. After much trial and error I settled on 41 psi up front and 45 psi on the rear. Low speed handling and mountain twisty switchbacks are no problem. I have slid the forks up 3/4", replaced the fork springs with sonic straight rate springs with 15W fork oil. Increased head bearing torque by 10 pounds. All this combined , my bike now handles way better than the stock configuration.
  16. Wonderful song Puc . Knee mail sent for mom and you my friend.
  17. Scary tale there! Glad they were able to patch you up. I watched a riding buddy take out a rather large bird with his cheek at 60 mph! The bird exploded into a cloud of feathers and darn near knocked him out, he was able to get the bike stopped safely too.
  18. Congratulations Earl! You'll enjoy not having to live by the alarm clock.
  19. Good for you Chuck! Jeannie and I did the same about 8 weeks ago. Like you, we both feel better. @cowpuccowpuc great to see you posting ! Hope all is well with you and Tippy.
  20. Welcome back! Nice ride ya got there 👍. We love our Hannigan too.
  21. Love the look of those old classics. Have fun with the refresh.
  22. Sorry, we had almost 4" in just over 24 hours !
  23. I'm sitting on my deck drinking coffee and listening to the rain fall, 3" in the past 24 hours and more to come! No riding today 😢
  24. Praying for a positive outcome for you Don. I promise not to cause any trouble while you recoup.
  25. Gps stays in the trunk as backup, I now have my phone in a ram mount on the left side. I use waze for gps and Pandora.
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