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  1. etcswjoe

    Vogel 2021

    Not sure last time I ever had cheese cruds, glad to have someone else on the site with us, just need to watch out for the squirrels.
  2. etcswjoe

    Vogel 2021

    If you want to throw your tent on 84 with us you are welcome to.
  3. etcswjoe

    Vogel 2021

    84 should show up as unavailable we reserved it all week, look at 80 or 79 right next door. Woodfin's are in 82 Blevins are in 83 Patrick's are in 84 Not sure if 81 or 85 are with us or not.
  4. etcswjoe

    Vogel 2021

    9th -15th might see if I can squeeze in that extra day and leave on the 16th.
  5. etcswjoe

    Vogel 2021

    @WoodyWhat days did ya'll reserve?
  6. Sounds like it might be the kill switch or ignition switch, if you can see if you have voltage on the ignition switch side of the fuse you can eliminate the ignition switch. If one of the switches are bad you may be able to work them back and forth a couple of times to see if they will make contact. Been awhile since I have troubleshot a staring issue but checking these wont hurt.
  7. Do you get the same symptoms when you try to start with the clutch lever pulled in?
  8. Looks like you got a nice classic bike.
  9. I changed out the stock 150/80-16 tire for a 130/90-16 tire last tire change and it handles a little better at slower speeds but I think the 150 did just a little better at highway speeds. This tire has about 12K on it now, the difference to me was not enough to go out of may way to get one over the other.
  10. Look at the back of the engine just above the drive shaft boot, if it is like mine it is covered in road grime.
  11. That is just so wrong but I still had to laugh.
  12. You have to watch out for those retired Navy Guys. Welcome to the group.
  13. I have a set of those, I think they are Klein. I will have to buy a handful of crimp connectors and play around around with them till I get it right.
  14. I have looked at severral diffrent crimp tools ranging in price from $5 to $150, do you have a preffered one that you use?
  15. Don, The Gentleman you have Marked as Joseph is Ricky Marlowe (Rmar).
  16. My first time using them so I guess I will find out.
  17. Puc, It is a piece of heavyduty heat shrink with a band of solder in the middle, slide the two wires into it till they overlap in the middle, heat with a heat gun or lighter untill the solder melts.
  18. etcswjoe

    Bike Pics

  19. etcswjoe


    From the album: Bike Pics

  20. etcswjoe

    Dragon Trail.JPG

    From the album: Bike Pics

  21. I was talking to one of our techs at work the other day and venting my frustrations of soldering the wires on the regulator rectifier, when she asked me "why not use solder sleeves? I have seen them used for years on our shipboard cables but have never used them until now. They were really easy to use and the connections look really clean and sturdy. I am curious if anyone else has ever used them and if so what results have you had? Solder Sleeves
  22. I have one similar just sitting on top of the battery under the seat on my RSV with no issues.
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