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  1. Sorry you had to sell and wish yall the best, looking forward to seeing what your next mode of transport is. A flying car would be cool.
  2. Okay, am I the only one that thought IMS stood for Integrated Master Schedule??
  3. Only 24% chance of rain tomorrow.
  4. The ST1800's are nice looking bikes.
  5. Our First Maintenance Day, Vogel and Asheville are the best memories for us, we have meet so many great people and visited some beautiful places. Not Rallys but all of the impromptu get togethers and meet & eats have made for some great times as well.
  6. Now that's an idea but I may need a place to sleep.
  7. Hope all goes well.
  8. It's such a long trip for me but the week before may be better anyway, another thing about the week before is you don't have to deal with all of those trouble making motorcycle riders.
  9. If he does not sell it soon I may have to buy it and you know what that means.
  10. You coming down the week before?
  11. You can control your GoPro via your smartphone and not have to reach it, however I would recommend running a charging cable to it or the battery will drain fast, also have your passenger do the controlling.
  12. I have a ram mount on my handle bars, but I have found on the helmet works best for me.
  13. Instead of fixing the cracks in my right side cowling I am looking to see if anyone has one for a reasonable price. My 99 is one of the purple ones but if I can get one cheap from another year, I would be good with that.
  14. This Joe character sounds like a bad dude.
  15. Who is the member that does carb swaps? Did a search and could not find it.
  16. @Woody Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo – Come join the fun at the Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo
  17. Large flatblade for me as well, just make sure you are not pushing the wires.
  18. That's what I have Bobbi for.
  19. No need to look for the North Star, just look for Skid's cabin. The bad part is I still had to put my glasses on to see it. 👴
  20. She really hates to admit it.
  21. Be good to have you, what spot did you reserve.
  22. When you find out where I am at let me know.
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