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  1. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all his friends and family.
  2. Sorry to hear this shipmate, we are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
  3. His screen name was Karaboo, I think it was a Navy nickname.
  4. How often do you run across a brand-new 2nd Gen? I may have to give them a call and see what the deal is. 2013 Yamaha Royal Star Venture® S | Blackmans Cycle Center
  5. Come to think of it that is cool, and this place is definitely off the beaten path.
  6. Nice Ink, but a long time in the chair.
  7. I was supposed to meet up with a coworker today and lead him on a ride to get use to his new Goldwing but after waiting for him to show up at the meeting spot for two hours, calling, texting and even going by his house I finally gave up and rode around the lake. I did find a new place to eat so it was not a total loss. I just hope he is not in a ditch somewhere so I can be mad at him, but until then I will be worried until I hear from him.
  8. Nice to have a friend willing to install a boiler, hope you had a good ride and your friend now has heat.
  9. Since tomorrow is National Motorcycle Ride Day where are you riding?
  10. He hauled tail when it started sprinkling 😁
  11. Thanks for asking kind sir. No apparent damage, lots of small debris. I did see a pic where a shrimp boat came up on the beach at Myrtle looking for Skid.
  12. Donated, do not credit my membership please. I have a couple e-gift cards for target would they be able to use them?
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