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  1. I did get one from the people in Georgia, but haven't had time to try to figure out how to swap them out. My wife and I just moved, we are in a house that had been vacant for a long time, so we've been busy busy busy! I do appreciate the offer, and since you are in Crestview, I might just need to ask for some advice from time to time. I've only had the bike about a year, don't really know what I'm doing much of the time. Thank you!
  2. Man, I appreciate that so much. Let me know. Give me a weight, and your address, and I'll send you a pre-paid label from my job.
  3. I think I'm on the right track. Thanks.
  4. The bike wouldn't start one morning. Called a mechanic, he said the "black box" was at fault, I needed to find another one. He did manage to get me back on the road, with the advice to sell it while it was running. That sounds shady to me. I have half-heartedly been looking for whatever it is that makes it work, not being much of a mechanic. (The Venture was a gift from dad who's too old to hold it up, or pick it back up should the need arise.) Yesterday, beautiful sunny day, it started sputtering, the tach would occasionally go to zero, then jump back to where it belonged. When I got home, I
  5. Well the cruise control doesn't work, because I have yet to replace the speedometer, which started making an awful grinding noise about halfway between Tallahassee and Miami. I'm looking for the brains of the operation. And a speedometer. And a dozen other assorted parts.
  6. I was told that my 87 Venture Royale needs a new brain. I don't know what the central processor is called, it's some sort of black box. Supposedly it controls much of the motorcycle's electronics. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Where can I get one?
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